2013 mobile recruiting taking stock


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In February 2013, we wanted to once again see how stakeholders (recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, etc.) were able to use their mobile devices...to do what? 40 major competitive firms (out of 100) responded

2013 mobile recruiting taking stock

  1. 1. Mobile Enabled? How Is It Evolving in 2013?
  2. 2. In 2011 CareerXroads asked Colloquium membersto share Mobile practices…not much was happening:
  3. 3. Last month (February,2013) we asked [2] interns to go to each of the500 companies on the FORTUNE 500 list and complete the following:From a Mobile perspective I....19.3% ...can see the Company Careers pages that have been re-designed for a smartphone or tablet device without a problem.43.8% ...can search for jobs using a smartphone or tablet.10.0% ...can apply using a smartphone or tablet.53.4% ...could do none of the above.
  4. 4. Then 3 weeks ago (February, 2013) we asked Colloquium members to share how far Mobile recruiting practices have evolved in their firms. 40 firms responded
  5. 5. Can you measure the traffic to your career site resulting from mobile devices? No 41% Yes, but our site is not mobile. 21% Yes, < 10% traffic from mobile. 5%Yes, traffic is 11-20% from mobile. 26%Yes, traffic is 21-30% from mobile. 3%Yes, traffic is 31-40% from mobile. 5%Yes, traffic is 41-50% from mobile. 0% Yes, > 50% traffic is from mobile. 0%
  6. 6. If you could measure ALL of the 2012 hires that were primarily a result of mobile recruiting , would you attribute at least one hire to mobile? NO 61.5% 38.5% YES
  7. 7. If more than a single hire, estimate where your hires (%) from mobile recruiting activities to be...
  8. 8. Your Staffing Leaders… ...have delivered offer letter/ content using mobile. 8% ...are currently working w vendor partners > mobile use 55%...traffic can be tracked to (and within) company career site. 30% ...can do none of the above 35%
  9. 9. …ALL have smartphones. 41% …[many] have subsidized orCompany supplied smartphones . 54% …receive text updates from recruiters. 5% …permit recruiters to call wherever they are to expedite. 38%Your Hiring Managers… …access and send new reqs. 8% …are trained- policy, sm, etc. 28% …are asked if competitors are 3% calling them on their phones. …check status of open positions. 13% …none of the above. 21%
  10. 10. … are trained on policy, sm etc. 38% Your Recruiters…. …Any js can call. 36% …Finalists can call. 59%…ALL have smartphones. 54% 3% …can do none of these things.…Can’t work w/o one. 46%…SP Subsidized. 38% …share openings 46% 31%…SP Supplied. via social media. …distribute 0% openings to job boards. 13% …access/search ATS. …access Facebook 41% Fan page & interact …access company intranet 36% …access Co. Careers pages 54%
  11. 11. 21% …apply w previously saved profile.Your [m] Prospects ...apply from scratch. 15% & Candidates… 15% ...mobile "codes" drive traffic. ...are targeted via mobile ... mobile opt-in promotion 8% w/o external help. 3% within job postings. ...are targeted via mobile 8% …jobs delivered via phone, text etc. 23% with external help. 15% ...Career App- iPhone or Android46% ...can text, call, chat w recruiters. 15% ...customized landing pages. 51% ...can navigate/search careersite 0% …surveyed re talent pool. 13% ...have agent supply jobs via text. 23% ...can [option] fwd to email. 18% ...follow recruiters on Twitter. 15% ...can check resume status. 21% ...can do none of the above.
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