Strategies on how to make facebook fan page more interactive


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  • For those who want to engage your Facebook fans easily, check out this simple tool called Tint ( .

    It lets you aggregate any social feed (even social feeds you don't own) and lets you embed it into your Facebook page, giving your fans dynamic content to engage with.

    Check out how this Facebook Page did it with inspirational quotes by aggregating from 'StartupQuotes':
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Strategies on how to make facebook fan page more interactive

  1. 1.  The point of a Facebook fans page for your business should be interactive with the audience at their level. To do this, simply sign up for a Facebook fan page and leave it at that just is not enough. In fact, with few interactive features on its Web business Facebook fans can start connection to a higher level than ever with their target audience. The idea is to keep them involved and coming back for more. Here are some strategies to make Facebook Fan Pages more interactive to users:
  2. 2.  Custom welcome pages provide a nice transition for your Facebook page.
  3. 3.  This type of Posts generates more than double the amount of Comments as ―non- question‖ Posts.
  4. 4.  One surefire method to keep people visiting you Facebook fan page would be to offer specials and discounts in your Facebook fans. This can be achieved in the special tab designed solely of these offers or it is possible on the Welcome page. Whatever tab you select you employ to generate these offers, it ought to be built to be popular with a person’s vision and yes it ought to be fresh. And therefore you must make new offers and discounts available often.
  5. 5.  Who doesn’t prefer to win something? Running various contests on your own Facebook fan page is a great method of getting fans wanting more. Develop a Contest tab where one can run monthly contests to your fans. Share something promising small to the winners and earn the contests fun. Consider redesigning your Contest tab often to hold it fresh and match everyone contest. This makes to get a well- rounded and fun buyer experience.
  6. 6.  Study shows that Facebook engagement rates spike on Wednesday, 8 % above the average engagement rate.
  7. 7.  Engagement is 17% lower during ―busy hours‖: 8am-7pm.
  8. 8.  Brands who posted 3 or more times in a day had 25% lower like rates and 42% lower comment rates—overall having a 29% decrease in engagement.
  9. 9.  Facebook is the leading platform for brands to connect to consumers. It is important for brands to share effective Facebook Wall Posts to maximize their marketing efforts and increase fan engagement. Engaging Facebook users with unique social content is not exclusive to Fortune 1000 companies and omnipresent entertainment properties. It can be accomplished by any business, in any vertical. That’s what Facebook is all about – making the world a smaller place, by facilitating the process by which people and brands connect and share.