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Guest Posting Opportunities and Resources
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Guest Posting Opportunities and Resources


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Guest Posting Opportunities and Resources, Tools and Samples by Geromme Talampas

Guest Posting Opportunities and Resources, Tools and Samples by Geromme Talampas

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. By: Geromme TalampasTwitter: @gdtalampasWebsite:
  • 2. Guest Posting Opportunities What is Guest Posting? How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities? 10 Basic Guest Posting Guidelines Guest Posting Resources
  • 3. Guest blogging can be a great way to help build up your brand, earn recognition, and even get some great links back to your site. When guest blogging its important to study your audience so that you can produce the best content possible. Exceptional content is often heavily shared and that has huge potential value for your site.
  • 4. 1. Write a great Content2. Search for Blogs in Google3. Contact Webmaster4. Build Relationship5. Submit Guest post
  • 5. 1. Be real – use your real name! (Link it to your personal Social Media profiles if possible)2. Aim for advanced readers – Whatever topic you choose, look for savvy content rather than basics, unique viewpoints rather than stating of the obvious, analysis rather than news coverage.3. Word Count – depending on the rules and guidelines of the site that you are looking. Make sure to post at least 500 word article4. Formatting – Here are some formatting tips that you need to consider • Send your posts as clean HTML documents • Use bulleted formats • Divide your post into short, easy-to-skim paragraphs • Use subheadings for each meaningful point and mark them with h2 tags • Emphasize your main points by making them bold • End your post with a powerful conclusion and an open question to engage readers and encourage comments5. Put/Add Related Images – (please) give due credit (read: link) to authors of visuals you’ve included in your guest post. Creative commons licensed images are ok, so are embedded pins and images that you’ve purchased.6. You may include self-promoting Links (depending on the rules and guidelines of the site) – you may insert it in the articles itself or in author’s byline.7. Promote the post and reply to comments – Once your post goes live, let your social network know about it too! Mention the website in your tweets and posts, and they will be more than happy to repost and retweet.8. Come back again (be their regular contributor)9. Talk/communicate to them nicely. – Make them feel that you are eager and interested to contribute to their website.10. Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet
  • 6. 1. Do not include URLs in title or post summary2. Do not include personal information such as home number or residential address3. Do not include affiliated program links or copyrighted contents. If copyright contents are used, they either Must be in property of author or with permission4. Do not repeat same keywords in your every post
  • 7. •••••• Google•
  • 8. • guest post • “The following guest post”• “guest post” • “Guest Blogging Spot”• “about the author” • ”Become a Guest Blogger”• “write for us” • “Want to Write for”• “blog for us” • ”Contribute”• “guest blog for us” • ”Submit News”• “guest blogger” • ”Suggest a Post”• guest blogger • “Become an Author”• guest contributor • ”Become a Contributor”• “guest contributor” • “Become a guest author”• “Add Guest Post” • ”Guest post by”• “Submit Guest Post” • ”Guest Contributor”• “Guest Bloggers Wanted” • “This is a guest article”• “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts” • inurl:profiles/blog/new• “Become a Contributor” • list of sites that accept guest posts• “Contribute to our Site” • “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”• “Become a Guest Writer” • “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”• “This guest post was written” • List of websites that accept guest posts• “This guest post is from” • “We accept guest posts”• “Now Accepting Guest Posts” • “We accept guest blogs”
  • 9. Hello, I am <your name>, from <your place>. I am interested in guest blogging for Finance blogs, and since they are my areas of expertise I have experience in the same. I am looking for guest blogging opportunities and would love to write for your site. Your website has high-quality content with niche. I would be obliged if we could build a good partnership.I would like to provide a free content for your website. I am sure it would be an interesting addition to your site and build value for your blog and I would like to ask for one permanent backlink to my website within the content. My contents are original, copyscape-free with useful and relevant information that would match your site’s style of writingPlease let me know if you are interested, you can check out my previous work here I can also provide royalty free images if required.Thanks and kind regards <your name>
  • 10. More about Guest Posting:••• @gdtalampasWebsite: