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How To Make6 Ppt



Cómo hacer una presentación (en inglés)

Cómo hacer una presentación (en inglés)

How to make a ppt with Microsoft PowerPoint



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  • READ
  • 0º There are two ways for turning up Microsoft PowerPoint. This is the first way: This is the order we have to continue to start the program
  • 0º This is the second way:
  • We can choose four options: - Autocontent wizard: To c reate a new presentation by prompting you for information about content, purpose, style, ... - Design template: To c reate a new presentation based on one of the PowerPoint design templates supplied by Microsoft. - Blank presentation: To c reate a new blank presentation using the default settings for text and colours. - Open an existing presentation. We are going to choose the blank presentation.
  • END: If you already know what you want on your slide, it is a very good idea to choose one of the pre-designed layouts from this box, but if you don’t know, you can insert what you want in your Presentation anytime you desire. We are going to choose Blank Slide, and then, we can insert all the elements what we need..
  • Title bar: here is the title of the file Menu bar: all functions are distributed in the pull-down menus in the menubar: File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Presentation, Window, Help. We can see many toolbars: - Standard toolbar: here are the most important functions we can use; - Formatting toolbar: for make format all the elements we want to insert; - Drawing toolbar: To draw squares, circles, arrows, lines... where we want - We can activate the display of other toolbars from the View menu and we can put them where you want. In Status bar: we can see the number of slide. The screen is divided into several panels: on the left, the outline window; at the botton, the notes window;and the slide window is in the middle. Also, we can open another window on the right for some specific applications . We can change screen views: 1º Switches to normal view , where you can work on one slide at a time or organize the structure of all the slides in your presentation. 2º Work in outline view when you need to organize the structure of your file. 3º Switches to slide view , when you can work on one slide at a time. 4º Displays miniature versions of all slides in the presentation. 5º Runs your slide show in a full screen, beginning with the current slide. 6º We can see rulers too, that we can form from view menu.
  • 0º One tip: when you install Microsoft PowerPoint, for default, the software shows only your most recent menu selections, but you can see all choices if you click the double-headed arrow at the bottom of the menu list, or hold the mouse over the menu for a few seconds. END: Also we can use the rapid way of these functions by means of the key of control and one more key as you can see.
  • 0º Also, we can use the most important options from the standard toolbar. 1º You can see non-visible buttons if you click the double-headed arrow on the right from the standard toolbar.
  • You can format your slide to make it look as you like by means a background colour, picture, or a design template : 1º Click on Format menu at the menu bar, and 2º click on Blackground option. This way the background box appears on the screen.
  • 0º This is the order we have to continue to change the background: 1º …
  • When you want to insert a slide similar to another one, the best way is to duplicate it
  • Also, we can insert a text box from the Insert menu.
  • Steps 1 to 5 are very similar for insert other Pictures, Objects, Movies, Sounds, Charts, WordArt, … And this is how it shows the picture.h
  • READ ...
  • Where is the: 1º Title bar 2º Notes window 3º Menu bar 4º Standard toolbar 5º Formatting toolbar 6º Slide window 7º Drawing toolbar 8º Outline window 9º Status bar 10º Screen views 11º Ruler
  • In the standard toolbar we can find all these buttons

How To Make6 Ppt Presentation Transcript

  • 1. HOW TO MAKE A PRESENTATION with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 2. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create profesional-looking presentations and slide shows for use in the school. This presentation can help you to make a slide show with Microsoft PowerPoint and may solve some of your problems, but it is a very good idea to use the Help Files that come with Microsoft PowerPoint, or go to Microsoft’s web site.
  • 4. 2º Point the mouse on All Programs menu 3º Point on Microsoft Office submenu 4º Click the mouse on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2º 3º 4º 1º Click the mouse on start button 1º
  • 5. After that, a screen pops up asking if you like to create a New Presentation or Open An Existing Presentation . We can turn it on making double click on the Microsoft PowerPoint icon on the desktop:
  • 6. Autocontent wizard Design template Blank presentation Open an existing presentation
  • 7. After you select Blank Presentation a window pops up asking you to select the layout of the first slide: Title Slide Bulleted List Two Column Text Table Text and Chart Chart and Text Organizational Chart Chart Text and Clip Art Clip Art and Text Title Only Blank Slide
  • 9. Standard Toolbar Menu bar Title bar Drawing toolbar Formatting toolbar Elements of PowerPoint window Outline window Status bar Notes window Slide window Screen views Normal view Outline view Slide view Miniature slides Slide Show Ruler
  • 10. More importants options from Menu Bar 1º Click on File menu 2º New… presentation 3º Open … a presentation 4º Close the current presentation 5º Save presentation 6º Print presentation
  • 11. More importants options from Standard Toolbar New Presentation Open Presentation Save Presentation Print Presentation Paste Undo New Slide
  • 12. How to make a background on your slide 1º 2º
  • 13. 1º Click here to choose the color background 2º Select the color background 3º Click Apply button to change the current slide 4º C lick Apply to all to make the changes to all of your slides 5º You can preview your selections before committing to them by clicking on Preview 6º We can add other background fills: - Gradient - Pattern - Texture - Picture 7º Finally, we must click OK button
  • 14. How to duplicate a slide 1º Click on Insert menu 2º Click on Duplicate Slide submenu
  • 15. How to insert a text box on your slide 1º Click on text box icon in Drawing bar 2º Click on slide where you want the text 3º Format the text like you want 5º Make colors of text, fill, border, line, ... 4º Write the text
  • 16. 2º Point on Picture submenu 3º Click on From File … option 4º Click on file name of box of Picture insert 5º Finally we click on Insert button How to insert a picture on your slide 1º Click on Insert menu
  • 17. This way, we can insert many pictures and photos:
  • 18. How to insert an text box on your slide 1º Click on File menu 2º Click on Save as… option 3º Put the name what you want in the chess box 4º We can save the presentation in way of slide show directly How to save your slide show 5º Click Save button
  • 20. Joins with arrows every functions with his menu 1) Ruler 2) Save 3) Slide Transitions 4) Blackground 5) Copy 6) Object 7) Options A) Insert B) File C) Edit D) Presentation E) Format F) View G) Tools
  • 21. Standard Toolbar Menu bar Title bar Drawing toolbar Formatting toolbar Outline window Status bar Notes window Slide window Screen views Say the elements of PowerPoint window Ruler
  • 22. Why does it serve this button?
    • Blank Slide
    • Copy
    • New Slide
    • New Presentation
  • 23. Why does it serve this button?
    • Insert File
    • Find File
    • Open File
    • Create Folder
  • 24. Why does it serve this button?
    • Save Presentation
    • Find Slide show
    • Format File
    • Create Slide show
  • 25. Why does it serve this button?
    • Insert Sound
    • Send a mail
    • Save File
    • Print Slide show
  • 26. Why does it serve this button?
    • Save in portable PC
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Save File
  • 27. Why does it serve this button?
    • Redo
    • Undo
    • Previous Slide
    • Draw Arrows
  • 28. Why does it serve this button?
    • New Folder
    • Open File
    • Insert Picture
    • New Slide
  • 29. That's all, folks!