Seminar 101: Introduction to Outreach and Fishing


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by Peter Lee

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Seminar 101: Introduction to Outreach and Fishing

  1. 1. Introduction to Outreach & Fishing 2010 European New Generation Leadership Forum Seminar 101 Peter Lee (Bonn UBF)
  2. 2. Before Getting Started
  3. 3. I. Challenges of our time Ex.) Student Volunteer Movement 1910: 4338 volunteers 1950s~1960s: sent out Facing a New Era of Post-War generation 1886: SVM begins 1966: dissolution
  4. 4. I. Challenges of our time University Bible Fellowship Outreach and Fishing!! Ca. 3000 missionaries to ca. 100 nations ? 21st Century Challenges: *Outward: Post-modern generation 1961: UBF founded *Inward: Change of Generation
  5. 5. II. Understanding UBF‘s success 1. Focus on the word of God Bible Daily study Bread Testi- Put into mony Practice
  6. 6. II. Understanding UBF‘s success 2. Great strategy Disciple Making through 1:1 BS World Mission through Laymen
  7. 7. II. Understanding UBF‘s success 3. High spiritual quality Healing & Bible Teachers Transformation Global Leaders Bible Study, Loving Care Common Life, Bible Conferences
  8. 8. II. Understanding UBF‘s success 4. Mechanism to Reproduce Discipleship Transformation: Training Bible Teacher Healing Fishing & outreach 1:1 BS
  9. 9. Part I. Definition of Outreach and Fishing
  10. 10. I. What is Outreach? By definition, outreach refers to all our efforts in our daily lives to share the gospel and invite others to Christian life.
  11. 11. II. What is Fishing? “Come, Follow me, I will make you fishers of men.” (Mt 4:19)
  12. 12. II. What is Fishing? In UBF, “Fishing” is going out to fishing ground (often campus) and inviting students to Bible study, often by sharing the word of God on spot.
  13. 13. Part II. Necessity & Importance of Outreach & Fishing
  14. 14. I. Fishing is a natural If gospel(Jesus) is living and working in one’s life, it is a natural process to share the grace of Jesus with others.
  15. 15. II. Why go Fishing?  Example of Total Fertility Rate  To maintain our workforce young and dynamic  Fishing is fundamental for reproduction
  16. 16. II. Why go Fishing?  Organization without reproduction will perish
  17. 17. II. Why go Fishing?  Example of Total Fertility Rate (TFR) TFR: average # of children born to a woman in her life time
  18. 18. Go fishing to II. Why go Fishing? hand down our ministry to the  Example of Total Fertility next generation Rate (TFR) Need at least 2 children to keep a nation‘s workforce
  19. 19. Fishing from a new Part III: Perspective
  20. 20. I. I am not Born for fishing Uhm..I don‘t have talents for fishing
  21. 21. I. I am not Born for fishing Do you have talents for inviting others? No 95,00% Yes 5,00%
  22. 22. I. I am not Born for fishing You can do it. You just need to try!
  23. 23. 2. Fishing is not effective Is the fishing the Am I just right way? wasting my time?
  24. 24. 2. Fishing is not effective Fishing is meaningful, just by scattering the seed of the Gospel. God will let the word of God grow and bear fruit.
  25. 25. 3. Fishing is done on campus only Everywhere we Fishing Ground go
  26. 26. 4. Fishing has no strategy Effective fishing should have a strategy!
  27. 27. Misconceptions Fishing is difficult Fishing is Doubts ineffective Unbelief
  28. 28. Break the Mold Fishing is difficult Fishing is Doubts ineffectiveEnjoy Fishing! Unbelief
  29. 29. Part IV. Strategy for effective Fishing & Outreach
  30. 30. Fishing is foundation 1:1 Bible Disciple Fishing Study Making Motivation Worship Service / Bible Academy Bible Conference / Outreach Programs
  31. 31. I. UBF‘s Successful Fishing Principles
  32. 32. 1. Fishing as a spiritual battle Pray before fishing. Ask for the power of the Holy Spirit.
  33. 33. 2. Two by Two Two by two, we can be more confident and courageous.
  34. 34. 3. Outreach Programs Worship Sports Night Study Other Fellowship Activities 1:1 Bible Study
  35. 35. 4. Would you give me a drink? • Students are ready to help us • Ask for help and delevelop realtionship
  36. 36. 5. Visiting • Students are usually free and relaxed when they are in their dorm room • You can visit again
  37. 37. 6. Don‘t give up • Pray without giving up • Call and visit
  38. 38. 7. Practical obedience to Jesus • Fishing is not business or hobby • It is obeying Jesus „Feed my sheep.“
  39. 39. II. Strategy for effective fishing
  40. 40. The odds… 3% Positive response 0.3% Steady 1:1 Bible study Bible Student per year, if you 1 go fishing twice every week (Source: Fishing and Outreach, David Kim)
  41. 41. The odds…
  42. 42. Strategy 1. Make use of existing relationship
  43. 43. 1. Make use of existing relationship Relationship is a God-given opportunity Neighbors Classmates Family/ Co-workers Friends @ Work
  44. 44. Strategy 2. Make great first impression
  45. 45. 2. Make great first impression (1) You have three seconds Body Language Demeanor Mannerisms How you are Dressed
  46. 46. 2. Make great first impression (2) Physical appearance matters
  47. 47. 2. Make great first impression (3) Disarming Smile Smile breaks down emotional defenses
  48. 48. 2. Make great first impression (4) Be open and confident Stand tall Smile Eye contact Hand Shake
  49. 49. Strategy 3. Develop Conversation Skills
  50. 50. 3. Develop Conversation Skills (1) Small talk goes a long way Gather quick Find a topic Remain in information topic
  51. 51. 3. Develop Conversation Skills (2) Leave a room of curiosity Listen > Talk Avoid “teaching” “Come and see”
  52. 52. 3. Develop Conversation Skills (3) Inspector‘s method Concentration: don‘t miss the details Rule the situation by questioning Active feedback Ability to analyze as a whole Give chance to say “NO”
  53. 53. Strategy 4. Practical Strategies
  54. 54. 4. Practical Stategies (1) Create a natural situation
  55. 55. 4. Practical Stategies (2) Be a friend in cafeteria
  56. 56. 4. Practical Stategies (3) Create multiple encounters Name/ Week Date Time / Location Multiple encounters raises the possibility for the students to accept Bible study.
  57. 57. 5. Be equipped as a Bible teacher (1) Develop 10 min. BS (2) Memorize some verses (3) Share your personal grace
  58. 58. What is most essential? (1) Possess the personal grace of Jesus (2) Shepherd‘s heart for lost souls (3) Remember your identity as a Bible teacher
  59. 59. Conclusion
  60. 60. Conclusion • Jesus raised 12 disciples and gave the Creat Commission • In this 21st century, we are greatly challenged in spreading the gospel.
  61. 61. Conclusion Be Jesus‘ Witness Ca. 3000 missionaries to ca. 100 nations 21st Century Challenges: *Outward: Post-modern generation 1961: UBF founded *Inward: Change of Generation
  62. 62. Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”