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Bonn UBF 30th Anniversary / Presentation on God's Vision through Disciple Making by Peter Lee

Bonn UBF 30th Anniversary / Presentation on God's Vision through Disciple Making by Peter Lee



Bonn UBF 30th Anniversary / Presentation on God's Vision through Disciple Making by Peter Lee

Bonn UBF 30th Anniversary / Presentation on God's Vision through Disciple Making by Peter Lee

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  • 30 yearsago M. Peter and M. Sarah cameto Bonn asMissionaries, toraiseupdisciplesof Jesus among Bonn University Students.
  • And 30yearslater… today..WeseethatGodhas *blessedthedisciplemakingministry in Bonn. Commemorartingthe 30th anniversaryof Bonn UBF, i wouldliketothinkabout, howit was possibletoraiseupdisciplesof Jesus in Bonn. Itusworthwhile, especiallyforour N. G tolearn, whatthemilestonesforthedisciplemakingministryare,Becauseitisnowourjobtocontinuethisdisciplemakingministry.
  • Nowletuslookatthebuildingblocksofdisciplemakingministry in Bonn.Here I haveomittedtheOnetoOneBiblestudy, becausetheBiblestudyisobviouslythemostimportantanditis all familiertomostofyou.
  • The Bible students were greatly moved through the motherly and fatherly love of the missionaries, and opened their hearts for the word of God.For example, M. Sarah did stinky laundries of her Bible student, and that opened his heart to realize Jesus’ love and sacrifice for him.
  • ThemissionariesoftentooktheirBiblestudentsto a roadtriparound *Europe, whichtookseveraldaystoabout a week.On theroadtherewere *Biblestudiesanddeep personal convesationsandjoyfulfellowship
  • Through such a journey, themissionariesandtheBiblestudentscoulddevelop a *deep personal relationship.*1 weekof such ajourney was equivalentwith 1 yearofBiblestudy, gettingtoknowtheirBiblestudents‘ lifeandtheirprayertopicsveryintensivly. * The Discipleship Journey was veryshort, but it was an intensive spiritual fellowship
  • *The Missionariesbuilt avesselofprayer in themoriningwith a clearpriority, andtheyencouraged also theirBiblestudentstojoin in prayerandcometo Jesus pesonally.Through theearlymorningprayer, theBiblestudentscouldlearntopracticallycometo Jesus in prayerwithpracticalprayertopics. Morever, theearlymoringprayeranddailybreadhelpedthemissionariesandthebiblestudentsto live in a *spiritual balance, byhearingthewordofGodandGod‘svoicebeforethedaystarts. * Early Morning prayerhelpedtheBiblestudentstodeveloptheir personal relationship toGod.
  • ForthemostoftheBibleStudents, theirgreatestchallengesare *theirstudiesandexams.Afterwards, *getting a Job andliving a selfsupportinglifeis a greatchallenge. Then *gettingmarriedbecomes an issue. The missionarieshelpedtheBiblestudentspracticallycopewiththesechallengesbyfaith. *ThisisthemostimportantandpracticalstepfortheBible Student togrowas a discipleof Jesus, bylivingaccoridngtothewordofGod in theirpracticallife. *Through this, theycouldgrowasmenandwomenoffaith!
  • Andthemissionariescoworkedtogether. *When 1 BiblestudentcametostudytheBible, all themissionariescameandasked*hisname, *andasked „howareyou“*Whatisyourmajor?*where do you live?Andanothermissionariesgoes „howareyou?“Through theco-workingtheBiblestudentisoverwhelmed, that he istreatedas a *heavenly Prince orHeavenlyprincess.
  • In summary, wecansaythattheGodof Bonn UBFWorkedmightlythroghtheBibleCentredcommonlife.
  • Thenwhycommonlife?We live in a *post modern societywithoutGod‘sword.*Biblestudy, SundayworshipserviceandsomeBibleconferenceshavetheir *limits in helpingthestudentsto live practicallyasdisciplesof Jesus, Becausethey live in a godlessenvironmenteveryday.
  • Fromthebeginningof Bonn UBF themissionareishavebuilt a *commonlife. Theylivedtogether in order to live with Jesus as Jesus‘ disciples. Andthey *invitedtheirBiblestudentstotheircommonlife. Throughthebiblecenteredcommonlife, theBiblestudentscouldexperienceGod‘sword in a dailybasis in theirpracticallives. Moverover, throughthesacrificiallifeandservingofthemissionaries, theycouldlearnabout Jesus personally.
  • So, whatconsist a commonlife? *Theyeattogether*Sing together
  • Celebratebirthdaytogether
  • Sometimestheygo do theirhairtogether.
  • But mostof all, theystudiedthewordofGodtogehter,*Andprayedtogether.
  • But thecommonlife was not easy.*Therearealwaysconflictsbetweensinners.
  • Andmuchsacrificeandgivingup a private life was needed. In a sense, commonlife was likepilgrimage on a narrowroad. *But throughthistheycoulddeepentheir personal relationship with Jesus. *Theycould also stay fit in spirit in order tofollowtheexampleof Jesus in theirpracticallife. *throughthe open housechurch, theheartsofmanyyoungstudentscouldbeopened, whocouldgrowasdisciplesof Jesus.
  • So in this sense,The commonlife was the power station, throughwhichthewordofGodcouldgrow in power in theheartsofmanystudentsandspread out toCampuses in Bonn and Germany.
  • Then,whatisthevision WE canhave?
  • Through the 30 yearsofDisciplemakingministryofourpioneers, Wecangainconfidenceandknow-howfordisciplemakingministry in ourgeneration.As Godworkedmightlythroughthe 1:1 BS, Biblecenteredcommonlife,Early morningprayerandpracticallivingbyfaithandco-working, God will workthroughthese also in ourgenerationtoraise Jesus disciples.
  • Wecanhave a visionforourdisciplemakingministry,*In our Generation,*In 360 Campuses in Germnay*fn all 17000 Campuses in EuropAnd also for*sending out 100,000 missionarestothewholeworld.
  • Whenthe *wordofGodgrows in power in theheartsofyoungpeople, thannumerous *Disciplesof Jesus will beraised also in ourgeneration,*and Germany and Europe will bespirituallyawackend!

Bonn UBF 30th Anniversary / Presentation on God's Vision through Disciple Making by Peter Lee Bonn UBF 30th Anniversary / Presentation on God's Vision through Disciple Making by Peter Lee Presentation Transcript

  • God‘s VisionthroughtheDiscipleMaking in Bonn UBF
  • Disciplesof Jesus in Bonn
    30 YearsLater…
  • I. The Building Blocks
    Disciple Making
  • I. The Building Blocks
    1. Fellowship of Love
  • Fellowship of Love
  • I. The Building Blocks
    2. Discipleship Journey
  • Discipleship Journey
    Road Trip around Europe about a week
    Bible Study, Fellowship
  • Discipleship Journey
    Deep personal
    1 Week Trip =
    1 Year Bible Study
    Intensive Fellowship
  • I. The Building Blocks
    3. Early Morning Prayer
  • Early Morning Prayer / Daily Bread
    Spiritual Priority
    Practical Faith
    Spiritual Balance
    Relationship toGod
  • I. The Building Blocks
    4. Living by Faith
  • Living by Faith
    Have Faith in God!
    Job & Self Support
    Studies & Exams
  • I. The Building Blocks
    5. Co-working
  • Co-working
    Where do you live?
  • II. Godof Bonn UBF
    Common life
  • Common Life: Why?
    Post modern Society
    without God‘s Word
    Bible Study
    Bible Conference
    2~3 x / Year
    Daily Life
  • Common Life: How & Where?
    Common Life
    Post modern Society
    withoutGod‘s Word
    Daily Life
    Daily Life
  • Common Life
  • Common Life
  • Common Life
  • Common LIfe
  • Common Life : Conflicts
  • Common Life: Pilgrimage
    Deepen Relationship with Jesus
    Spritual Fitness
    Raiseup Jesus‘ Disciples
  • Common Life: Power Station
    Common Life
    Power Station for
  • III. Vision
    New Generation
  • Vision
    Confidence and Know-how for Disciple Making Ministry in our Generation
    1:1 Bible Study
    BibleCentered Common Life
    Early Morning Prayer / Living by Faith
  • Vision
    Vision fordisciplemakingministy
    In our Generation
    In 360 Campuses in Germany
    In 1700 Campuses in Europe
    Sending out 100.000 Missionaries
  • Vision
    Jesus‘ Disciples
    God‘s Word
  • Acts 19,20
    „ In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power“