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300th anniversary powerpoint

  1. 1. 300thAnniversary Activities
  2. 2. An analemma is a piece of art conceived by Dea Archbold and Kurt Art: Analemma Holsapple, both of whom are descendants of the first settlers of Germantown in 1710.This piece of art is created byrecording the spot where the tip ofthe shadow of a twelve foot polefalls at the same time of day for all365 days of the year.
  3. 3. Seminar•Hank Z. Jones; professional genealogist known for hisextensive work with Palatine genealogy.•Rev. David J. Webber; genealogical research withexpertise in the history of Palatines to America.•Philip Otterness; Professor of History and PoliticalScience, Warren Wilson College; Author of BecomingGerman: The 1709 Palatine Migration to New York.•Alice Clark; Palatine DNA project, will talk about findings and future plans.
  4. 4. MusicGala ConcertReformed Church in GermantownSunday October 3, 2010, 3:00 PM• Maestro Harold Farberman; composer/conductor and long-time Germantown resident premieres a new concert work commissioned for voice and instruments• Donna Diehl, Conductor; 18th century hymns sung by the Southern Columbia Community Choir• Performances by other groups and soloists
  5. 5. History Preservation• Oral histories; recorded interviews with Palatine descendants will be available for viewing at the Germantown Library• Reviewing church and history department documents• Long-term cataloging project• Digitizing pictures• Lindner mapping project
  6. 6. Archeology Project• Researcher Christopher Lindner, Ph.D., archaeologist in residence at Bard College• Archeological excavation of artifacts at the Maple Avenue Parsonage• Artifacts are on display at the Germantown Library• Field & lab school for students and teachers• Exhibit designer, Scott Guerin
  7. 7. Germantown Library The following Library activities/programs related to the Parsonage archaeology project have been arranged. • Monthly reports on progress. •Public visits to the Parsonage, one when the Bard anthropology department is at work •Visits by groups of Germantown Central School students•A slide presentation during the tricentennial celebrations about archaeological research on our early history
  8. 8. Publications• “Ginny’s Book”; publishing of a story of early life in Germantown, written by Virginia “Ginny” (Miller) Sherwood. •Walter Miller’s “History of Germantown” reprinted
  9. 9. 2010 Garden ClubCalendar has been published
  10. 10. Commemoration of the PalatinesA memorial plaque commemorating the Palatines has been acquired. Dedication ofthe plaque is scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd at the Germantown Parsonage.
  11. 11. Palatine Oktoberfest• Friday, October 8th, 5-11pm ; A wagon parade down Main Street, honoring local businesses, farmers, and GCS students. The early evening parade will end at Palatine Park where participants can join in the Oktoberfest, enjoying plenty of food, cider, perhaps a bonfire (NYS Permit pending) and music.• Saturday, October 9th, 11 am to 11 pm; Oktoberfest continues at Palatine Park with music, free tractor and horse drawn wagon rides, many displays, food vendors, crafters, farm exhibits, petting zoo, fire displays, an evening teenage dance, rides, childrens games, sales, history exhibits, German food sales and fireworks.• Sunday, October 10th, 11 am to 7 pm; Oktoberfest continues with German Oompah Band, a visit from our friends at West Point Military Academy, and all of the events from Saturday will continue. (less the teen dance and fireworks) FREE ADMISSION AND PARKING SEE YOU ALL AT PALATINE PARK; ALL WEEKEND “WHERE THE HUDSON VALLEY COMMUNITY AND FRIENDS COME TOGETHER”
  12. 12. Germantown Central School Projects related to the Palatine settlements of 1710 •Elementary Drama Production of a Palatine play on October 1st. •Learning about life in 1710; passages from Ramsey/Miller book •Discussions about Palatines •“Then and Now” visual display; including maps, artistic works and essays •Poetry writing on the Palatine topic •Field trips to the Parsonage archeological dig •Broadsides (one page newspapers) and dioramas depicting life in 1710 •Visual timeline of Germantown •Palatine survey of family members; visit to the Parsonage History department •And more, including music and art projectsActivities will generate projects to be displayed at the Palatine 300th Anniversary
  13. 13. Miscellaneous• Banners for telephone polls have been hung• Historical exhibit of Palatine family artifacts at the 300th Information Center (Art Space in Germantown)• History Photos to be projected on the salt garage wall during the Oktoberfest.• Tree Planting project – Boy Scouts• Commemorative stamp cancellation honoring the 300th Anniversary, available for a limited time.
  14. 14. • What is the Palatine Packet?A newsletter published by the • Why the name “Packet”?Germantown History Department and the From the mid-17th century, boats or shipsSaugerties Historical Society to help called “packet-boats” traveled regular routescelebrate the 300th anniversary of the between Europe and the New World.landing of Palatine refugees. • Where to find the Palatine Packet Current and back issues are distributed online free through the web site; www.germantownnyhistory.org Mail copies are available through subscription at the Packet’s bargain rate, $10 for 300 years, by mailing a check to: Packet Circulation, 129 East Camp Rd, Germantown, NY 12526
  15. 15. Calendar of Germantown 300th Anniversary Events Friday, October 1, 2010 Talks to students at Germantown Central School on Palatine history by Henry Z. Jones, historian/genealogist, and David Jay Webber, historian/Palatine descendant and GCS graduate. Presentation of a Palatine play at Germantown Central School Saturday, October 2, 2010 9am to 3pm with lunch break: Seminar at the Reformed Church inGermantown on aspects of Palatine history and the arrival of the Palatines in Germantown. Speakers: Henry Z. Jones, David Jay Webber, Philip Otterness, and Alice Clark Reservation desk opens at 9:30 am. 3pm to 4:30pm: Seminar speakers available to discuss genealogy with seminar participants
  16. 16. Sunday, October 3, 2010 8am to 9:15 am: 300th Anniversary breakfast, hosted by the Christ Lutheran Church (Viewmont)10am Ecumenical church service at the Christ Lutheran Church in Viewmont celebrating the church’s 300th Anniversary 3pm Gala concert at the Reformed Church in Germantown - Maestro Harold Farberman; Commissioned work for voice and instruments based on church hymns - 18th century hymns sung by the Southern Columbia Community Choir, Donna Diehl, conductor - Performances by other groups and soloists
  17. 17. Friday, October 8, 2010Early evening: Wagon parade along Main Street of floats saluting localbusinesses and organizations, farmers, and GCS students; ending at Palatine Park with food and refreshments. Kick-off of the Palatine Oktoberfest; including food booths, crafters, music, community bonfire. Free admission and parking. Saturday, October 9, 201011am Opening ceremony of Palatine Oktoberfest and Harvest Festival: remarks by a distinguished guest followed by daylong family activities, music, international foods, craft vendors, demonstrations, dancing, free horse and tractor-drawn wagon rides, and more. Free admission and parking. Fireworks & Teen Dance to close the day Sunday, October 10, 2010 11am Oktoberfest and Harvest Festival continues: Previous day’s activities plus an oompah band; highlighted by a visit from our friends at West Point Military Academy 7pm Closing ceremony
  18. 18. Germantown 300th Merchandise• Sweatshirts • Ball caps• Polo Shirts • Tote bags• T-shirts • Buttons Order forms available at www.germantownnyhistory.org
  19. 19. For more information Town Hall: 50 Palatine Rd Germantown, NY 12526 518 537 6687 Ext.308 Committee: P.O.Box 63 Germantown, NY 12526www.germantownnyhistory.org Germantown 300th Committee Nadine Rumke Chair Larry Osgood Treasurer Nan Eliot PR & PressPower Point created by: Devin Overington