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Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
Gps tracking
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Gps tracking


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. What would it mean for your business to know…
    • Real time location and activity of every vehicle
    • Current status of each vehicle
    • History of daily vehicle activities
  • 2. Benefits of GPS tracking: field assets
    • Decrease fuel consumption
    • Reduce accidents
    • Monitor and control speeding
    • Decrease insurance premiums
    • Reduce mileage
    • Security for mobile assets
  • 3. Benefits of GPS tracking: productivity
    • Time card validation
    • Reduction of overtime
    • Elimination of unauthorized vehicle usage
    • Accurate information for job costing
    • Rapid ROI
  • 4. Benefits of GPS tracking: customer service
    • Respond quickly to customer questions with precise, real-time information from the field
    • Ensure accurate customer billing
    • Locate and dispatch closes vehicle to important jobs/emergencies in seconds
    • Build up your reputation for fast, reliable customer service
  • 5. Benefits of GPS tracking: field workers
    • Elimination tedious, time-consuming paperwork
    • Job security
    • Proof of work done well and on time
    • Liability protection
    • Personal security in case of accidents / theft / trouble on road
    • Reduction of wasted time due to traffic or getting lost
  • 6. Ways that GPS Tracking may add a couple of hundreds per vehicle to your pocket every month
  • 7. A company which uses a fleet of vehicles is presented with an Expensive and Important problem:
    • Their vehicles and drivers may exhaust 90% of the resources and liability of the company
    • Many companies only know what their vehicles and drivers are doing and where they are for sure about 10% of the time.
  • 8. So how do you make sure that you are realizing the greatest return on your investment?
  • 9. Option 1 – hire a supervisor
    • This person would…
    • Ride along with all employees at all times
    • Monitor “real-time” vehicle and driver activity
    • Create report with all of their collected data
    • Transmit all information to necessary parties
  • 10. Problems with option 1
    • You would have another employee which would cost probably at least another US$30,000
    • They can only be one place at a time, so you would need someone for every vehicle
    • The could nor monitor many “real-time” problems and report those issues
    • They would not have the ability to monitor many components of the vehicles like the mileage
    • The could only be so accurate with their tedious data reporting
  • 11. Option 2 GPS tracking
    • Over the past few years technology and affordability has combined to offer a tremendous alternative solutions to a very real problem….
    • Here is how a GPS tracking can transform your business…
  • 12. Two main ways
    • Increase revenue
    • Reduce cost
  • 13.
    • Increase revenue
    • Increase productivity
    • Win more clients
    • Retain current clients
    • Reduce cost
    • Lower fuel bills
    • Cut payroll cost
    • Reduce vehicle war/tear
    • Decrease overall liability
    • Eliminate billing credits
  • 14. Let’s explore there individually…
  • 15. Increase vehicle productivity
    • Employees know they are always “on the clock”
    • Eliminate frivolous stops
    • Increase number of: service calls / appointments / stops
  • 16. Win more clients
    • Great “closing” tool to separate yourself from all competitor who don’t use a GPS tracking
    • Look more knowledgeable about your staff and their productivity providing guaranteed service
    • Appear more professional through investment in cutting edge technology
  • 17. Retain current clients
    • Provide better customer service to your clients through instant and accurate location details of your employees
    • Produce feature-rich reports the provide solid proof of service and valued-add
    • Reduce response time for service calls through improved routing and dispatching
  • 18. Lower fuel bills
    • Create and enforce speeding policy to realize better fuel economy from your vehicles
    • Eliminate idling by always knowing the status of your vehicles (1 hour idling = 2 gallons of gas)
    • Eliminate any unauthorized driving: nights, weekends, breaks lunch
    • Using dispatching tools to decrease fuel usage
  • 19. Cut payrolls costs
    • Eliminate all billed minutes that were not actually worked
    • Reduce accounting cost by creating virtual timecard reports using geofences
    • Potentially reduce having to pay expensive over-time wage if they weren’t truly earned
  • 20. Reduce vehicle wear/tear
    • Eliminate all unauthorized driving:
    • (nights, weekends, break, lunch)
    • Use routing tools to cut down on unnecessary mileage driven
    • Use dispatching to find closes vehicle to a client location
    • See real-time traffic and know what areas of town to avoid, thereby reducing “windshield time”
  • 21. Decrease overall liability
    • Know that your vehicles are not going places that would tarnish your reputation
    • Eliminate “off hours” liability exposure
    • Use speeding policies to avoid unnecessary accidents and negative attention in the community due to speeding
    • Have always “live” anti-theft protection in your expensive vehicles- provides peace of mind
    • May be able to reduce vehicle insurances and employees worker’s compensation policies
  • 22. Eliminate billing credits
    • Be able to work accurate and current information as to when and where your fleet is working.. no way to say “you weren’t here”
    • Eliminate credits due to customer complains of lateness if you provide “on time guarantee”
    • Gain clients trust through proof of service using GPS tracking
  • 23. Why will your drivers want this?
    • If they are already doing their job correctly – they finally have a way to prove their value
    • They will appreciate that other drivers can’t take advantage of the company since they aren’t doing so
    • They never have to worry about feeling responsible about their vehicle being stolen “on their watch”
    • Help lost drivers figure out where they are and where to go
    • Better chance of them keeping their job if their company is fiscally stronger due to eliminated unnecessary cost
  • 24. The bottom line
    • Real-time field information = increased PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITS
    • GPS tracking ia a management tool, not “big brother”
  • 25. So now you know what we can do for you… Would you like to see how we do it?