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Jim careey


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Life way of Jim Carry

Life way of Jim Carry

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  • 1. Jim Carrey
  • 2. Contents
    Childhood and Youth
    Interesting Facts
  • 3. Childhood and Youth
    James Eugene Carrey was born January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Canada. His parents were Kathleen Currie (nee Oram), singer , and later a homemaker, and Percy Carrey, a self-taught saxophonist, and an accountant. Jim has an older sister Pat and Rita, and older brother John. Jim grew up in a Catholic family. His ancestors were French, and initially his name sounded like Karre . When Jim was 14 years old, his family moved to Scarborough, Ontario, where he spent two years attending Blessed Trinity School in North York. The following year he studied at the Institute Aginkortskom, and then briefly attended high school Norsvyu (general Jim spent three years in the 10th grade).
    Financial problems in the family began when Jim was in high school. When his father was fired from his job, the whole family had to move to Scarborough, where Percy has found a job in a factory security guard "Titanium wheels" in a suburb of Toronto, produces steel rims and tires. There also had to work and the whole family Carrie. After school, Jim and his sisters and brother had to get out, wash floors and toilets. At this time, Jim becomes a closed child. Remembers the actor himself:
  • 4. I went to school and fall asleep in class.I did not want to be friends with his classmates because of my problems seemed small and only a few minor .Jim's mother, Kathleen, suffered from a form of neurosis: hypochondriac syndrome - she attributed his symptoms of various diseases. Therefore, it is sometimes considered a crazy mother .
    When the family decided to quit this job, she had to live in a camper Volkswagen. After Percy got a job, the family moved to Burlington, Ontario. Here he lived for 8 years, attended the High School Eldershot and in 1979 founded the group "New Wave» «Spoons». Here he also worked in a steel mill Dofasko. In February 2007, in an interview «The Hamilton Spectator» Kerry said that if his career in show business is a headache, then he still would have worked in a factory Dofasko.
  • 5. Careers
     Start careerEven as a child was Jim's favorite hobby antics. Even then, he amused classmates, relatives, parodied Brezhnev and Jack Nicholson. At age 11, Kerry sent 80 skits on the show, Carol Barnett, but received no response. In 15 years, Percy led by Jim Carrey in a comedy club Yuk-Yuk in Toronto. His first appearance was a disaster, he was booed and did not act within two years. Kerry says
    My father took me to a place called "yuk-yuk" in Toronto as soon as I turned 15 and I did a number that we wrote together. I went to the scene, and I remember the owner of the club, standing backstage with a microphone and bubnyaschego: "very boring, terribly boring, terribly boring ..." or something like that. I was on one of these as they're called, polyester suits and the audience practically threw me rotten eggs.Only in 1979, Jim decided to speak again. This time he waited for success. He began to speak at the club under manager LitraysaSpivak and in February 1981 became a major star of the club. One critic of the newspaper «Toronto Star» called Kerry "a real star that goes into the light." Kerry created his stage persona, based on the image of his idol Jerry Lewis [6]. In the early 80's, Jim moved to Los Angeles and began to speak at "Comedy Store". There he was noticed by a famous American comedian Rodney Dangerfield and invited him to open up their performances. Since then, Kerry began to pay attention to television, and tried to pass the audition for the program «Saturday Night Live» NBC's 1980-81 season of the year, but was unsuccessful (Jim still got it, but later, in 1996). Joel Schumacher gave him a play in the film capital's taxi drivers, but it did not work out. Basically, Kerry parodying celebrities. He enjoyed success with the public, and in 1984 the magazine «People» named him one of the best young American parodists. His first starring role on television was the role of SchipaTarkenton, an animation producer, in a children's animated series "Duck Factory". Kerry's career went uphill, and he decided to invite the Los Angeles of his parents. However, the program closes after 13 weeks. He had to keep parents and build a career. In the end he had to send parents home. Work was not, and mother's health deteriorated. Jim began depression. He regularly attended various plays, and in his spare time, sculpted sculpture multpersonazhey. Jim stopped to tour and disappeared from the scene for two years. Playing supporting roles on television, he became acquainted with comedian Damon Veyansom. He later co-starred with him in the movie "Earth Girls Are Easy." and when his brother Damon, Keenan began to gain the actors in the comedy show "In living color" TV Fox, then invited him Jim. In the program, Kerry was one of two white actors. The most famous characters of his skits became a masochist-safety inspector, Bill Burns and female bodybuilder Vera de Milo. The program went on air from 1990 to 1994.
  • 6. The first roleIn 1983 Jim made his debut as an actor in the film "Rubber Face" directed by Glen Salzman. In the same year he starred in "All in good taste" and "Mountain Kupper," directed by David Mitchell in the role of Bobby Toda. Two years later, Kerry got his first starring role in "Once Bitten" Howard Storm. In this film he played Mark Kendella, virgins fell in love with the Countess-vamp. Critics of the film is not rated. A year later, in 1986, Jim starred in the movie "Peggy Sue Got Married Francis Coppola" in the role of Walter Goetz. The next two films, "Death List" in 1988 and "Pink Cadillac" in 1989, where he played Johnny Skuaresa, he met with Clint Eastwood, who said the novice comedian at a club where he performed and parodied celebrities, including and Eastwood. In the movie "Earth Girls Are Easy" by Julian Temple, Jim has played a major role, Uiploka - an alien who has fallen to the ground. The film received good reviews of Film Critics
    In 1991, Kerry persuaded the producers to trust his own show and appeared on the screen with "unnatural act of Jim Carrey." In the same year he starred in "My nerves are stretched to the limit." In 1992, Jim starred in the TV series "Life on Maple Drive" and the cartoon "Tiny spider ', voicing fighter insects
  • 7. Filmography
  • 8. Interesting Facts
    1.Hight Jim - 187 cm 2.His favorite color - green 3.Jim - vegetarian. 4.Praktic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 5.Since 2004 Kerry officially has dual citizenship: USA and Canada. 6.Jim donates money to charity, mainly in the treatment of seriously ill children.7.Jim early in his career wrote a bad check to himself for $ 10 million. 8.In 1997 Kerry joined the list of most beautiful people in the world according to the magazine «People» 9. Kerry has his own star on the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto.10.In wax museum Madame Tussauds is a wax figure of him. The figure indicates a microphone, which changes the voice as it does in the movie, Jim. 11.Ofitsial site Jim won Webby Awards as the best official web page in 2010. 12.Jim twice visited Moscow .13.One of the Kerry's favorite pastimes is riding on his motorcycle. 14.Favorite musical group Jim is Cannibal Corpse.
  • 9. The end