How We Lost Equal Justice Under The Law


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On August 04,2009, Judge John M True III on behalf of Gap International, a company based in Pennsylvania, with self-claimed "Deep Government Connections" dismissed our case against the Defendants, stopping our six year attempt at trying to get a Jury trial.

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How We Lost Equal Justice Under The Law

  1. 1. HOW WE LOST EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW... WIN-TV, A JUDGEMENT FOR DI SMISSAL On August 04, 2009, Judge John M. True III on behalf of Gap International, a company based in Pennsylvania, with self-claimed [ Deep Government Connections ] dismissed our case against the Defendants, stopping our six year attempt at trying to get a Jury trial. I was born here but, today I don't even feel like citizen anymore. Judge True who was mysteriously substituted into our case, replacing the Honorable Judge Barbara Miller, took all that all away from all of us when he ruled his own twisted version of the law by first, denying our right to our attorney and then demanded that I represent my own case in court as Pro Se. By doing that Judge John M. True III denied our right to trial and right to equal justice under the law. 1
  2. 2. After six years of hell in our search for Justice.... Watching our Television Broadcast businesses G.A.P. International and our WIN-TV Project all intentionally destroyed by the Defendants. My once perfect credit now-Ruined... My bank accounts-Liened... My corporations are now all-in Default. All of my good friends and family that believed in WIN-TV and invested in me and, what we were doing. We never could have imagined that someone would commit such theft(s) against us, and then steal all our email to & from our investors... trying to destroy both our businesses until... it was too late. Today, I find myself looking back after six years of living this nightmare. It seemed that the only thing that I had left after the theft, was this one thing... My deep (but false) embedded belief that "in the end, that Justice would prevail." With that belief, I moved forward spending over $100,000.00 in legal fees in the last six years in our search of justice.. But unknown to us, the ultimate theft was yet to happen... In the last six years I was in front of many fine Judges that I respected. But now, out of nowhere a new judge appeared, a judge that was substituted into our case as our trial judge “Judge Barbara Miller" disappeared. Like a scene from a bad movie from the first moment I was in front of Judge True he seemed hell-bent on one mission. A mission to destroy our case! I then watched him on April 10th reversing Judge Millers decisions and destroying our case after six years... Right in front of our eyes... It just didn't seem real! This type of stuff isn't supposed to happen. One thing I know very well after six years of living in hell... That it is one thing being robbed like we were and seeing our businesses intentionally destroyed and then watch as everything we all had worked so very hard for so many years to build ruined. And then to find myself... to end up almost homeless where I am today, is totally devastating. But, the real crime here is when you do the right thing and expect something that what was promised to you as a right from birth. A pillar of your belief in America is then systematically stolen from you. As it was with us with our case after six long years of our search for justice. A long journey that ended in the theft our civil rights and the denial of equal justice under the law by the person we looked to for help. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO US? Because Gap International ( of Philadelphia wanted our property to "Brand" their Company, and they felt that they needed our property, "our domain name " to do that. 2
  3. 3. THE BIG QUESTION IS: What kind of people would find it so important to intentionally destroy the lives of so many people and destroy both our corporations, our future, my life ~ in order to get ~ a stupid domain name? ( WHY? ) WHEN CORPORA TIONS AND CEO' S CAN USE OUR COURTS AS A TOOL TO SUBVERT THE FABRIC OF OU R CONSTITUTIONAL R IGHTS THAT PROTECT A LL CITIZENS. THEN... WE ALL LOSE. Gérard Angé Gérard Angé President CEO, G.A.P. INTERNATIONAL World Indigenous Network Corporation ( both California Corpotations ) For more information: 3