Fbi case gap international & win tv theft 2011


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A Target of Corporate Crime Tells his Story /Gerard Ange' ~ FBI Case: ICC# I05071411389175

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Fbi case gap international & win tv theft 2011

  1. 1. FBI Case: ICC # I05071411389175My Name Is Gerard Ange This Is the story behind the story of WIN-TV.I am a victim of theft. I am here by necessity, fighting forces much larger than us. !Wehave been trying to understand the last six years and wondering why both the FBIand DOJ had done nothing on our case. Only to witness in the last few months evenmore very strange illegal behavior and odd rulings in court as we were systematicallyand openly denied our constitutional right to an attorney and then to a trial.When I was made aware of FBI Whistle Blower Sibel Edmonds case and about theseTurkish Business interests and operatives with government connections to the USDefense Department .. LINK TO FBI Video Deposition: http: //ow.ly/3V83l .That information was a turning point for us!!! That has opened our eyes and given usthe answers to all our questions of WHY and WHO and the reasons behind why thesepeople were allowed to get away with what they did to usGap International, a Turkish/American company based in Pennsylvania, with self-claimed [ Deep Government Connections ]HERE IS A LINK TO THEIR CLIENT LIST:!http://www.gapinternational.com/clients.htmlI was born here but, today I dont even feel like citizen anymore. Judge True who wasmysteriously substituted into our case, replacing the Honorable Judge Barbara Miller,took all that all away from all of us when he ruled his own twisted version of the lawby first, denying our right to our attorney and then demanded that I represent my owncase in court as Pro Se. By doing that Judge John M. True III denied our right to trialand right to equal justice under the law. 1
  2. 2. After six years of hell in our search for Justice.... First Watching our TelevisionBroadcast businesses G.A.P. International and then two months later afterdiscovering the first theft, The Defendants Targeted our WIN-TV Television Networkintentionally in a Second Attack ~ destroyed $50 million in First Round Funding andour cash flow. My once perfect credit now - Ruined... My bank accounts - Liened... Mycorporations are now all - in Default. We never could have imagined that someonewould commit such bold theft(s) against us, in Plain site of the FBI and then steal allour email to & from our investors... trying to destroy both our businesses until... it wastoo late.Today, I find myself looking back after six years of living this nightmare. It seemedthat the only thing that I had left after the theft, was this one thing... My deep (butfalse) embedded belief that "in the end, that Justice would prevail." With that belief injustice, I moved forward spending over $100,000.00 in legal fees over the last sixyears in our search of justice..But unknown to us, the ultimate theft was yet to happen...This was like a bad movie unfolding in front of our eyes... It all started when a newJudge, Judge M. True III was "mysteriously" substituted into our case just before ourJury trial was set to begin. Judge True replacing our original Trial Judge; theHonorable Barbara Miller. Judge, John M. True III took all that all away from us whenhe ruled his own special version of the law by (first), denying our Constitutional Rightto our attorney and then (second) ordered that I represent my own case in court asPro Se. " I told Judge True "That I couldnt do that because first, I am not an attorneyand (Second) that we already had an Attorney-!" Judge True III replied: [quote] "That ifI SAID THAT YOU would have to represent yourself in court - Then... thats exactlywhat you will have to do!... So, Deal With It-!!!!" . [end quote]. By doing that JudgeJohn M. True III denied our right to trial and our right to equal justice under the law.One thing I know very well after six years of living in hell... That it is one thing beingrobbed like we were and seeing our businesses intentionally destroyed and thenwatch as everything we all had worked so very hard for so many years to build ruined. But, the real crime here is when you do the right thing and expect something thatwhat was promised to you as a right from birth. A pillar of your belief in America isthen systematically stolen from you. As it was with us with our case after six longyears of our search for justice for the crimes committed against us. A long journeythat ended in the theft our civil rights and the denial of equal justice under the law bythe person we looked to for help. After three hearings to have our trial attorneyrepresent us at trial. we won the right to have our attorney represent us in trial. Twominutes after that victory ~ Judge John M. True III then under strong protestproceeded (without our attorney present) ordered that all damages against the 2
  3. 3. Defendants be dismissed. = by doing that… Judge John M. True III intentionally killedour case.BUT, THE QUESTION IS: !What kind of people, would find it so important tointentionally destroy the lives of so many people... What kind of people, aftercommitting the first theft then would openly attack our WIN-TV corporation 2 monthslater~without fear of the Law? What kind of people, would openly destroy acorporation dedicated in giving "All Indigenous Peoples" A Voice. http://ow.ly/3gfhoWhat kind of people, would destroy our future, and my life ~ in order to get ~ a stupidwebsite domain name? gapinternational.com > OR , MAYBE WAS IT MORE THANTHAT?WHEN CORPORATIONS CAN USE OUR COURTS AS A TOOL TO SUBVERT THEFABRIC OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, RIGHTS THAT PROTECT ALLCITIZENS. THEN... WE ALL LOSE.Gerard Ange’Envoyé de mon iPhone !----------------------------------!Gérard Angé !President CEO,!G.A.P. International Satellite Broadcasting Inc.,!G.A.P. International News Service, !LIVE-WEB Mobile Broadcasting, !WIN-TV Corporation, !WIN Foundation 501c3 !3879 Magnolia Drive, !Palo Alto, California 94306 !Voice: (415) 306-2525 !eFax: (415) 962-4113!Gerard_Ange@win-tv.net!http://www.win-tv.net!http://LIVE-WEB.US!http://www.youtube.com/user/gerardange !http://my.media-match.com/gerard.ange!http://www.linkedin.com/in/gerardange!http://twitter.com/gerardangeThe FBI Case and the theft: http://ow.ly/1pUOQPowerpoint & Videos : http://ow.ly/1pUTw 3