Recreation tourism vision2025 final (1)


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Clemson Class Project May 2012

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Recreation tourism vision2025 final (1)

  1. 1. Pickens County Triathlon
  2. 2. Introduction of our Team: Keri Palma James Simiren Ole Nampushi Spencer Benton Catalin Baciu Dustin Cullen Tom Orban Sarah Caneup Stephanie Dankel Rickey Taylor Sally Becker Rob Jeffcoat Dalton Freeman Corico Hawkins
  3. 3. Overview of Proposal Initial Ideas Why we choose the one we did Our plan  What (3 routes)  Where (Six Mile)  How (Donors)  Who (Any community citizens)  When (Spring or Fall???) Sponsors Vision2025 Goals our Proposal Meets Challenges we may face
  4. 4. Our Goal Tocreate a triathlon and Cultural Festival that unites Pickens County and promote, tourism and recreational activates in the area.
  5. 5. Goals  A Planned Community  PC1: Promote lakes, mountains, and natural resources for tourism and recreational use. Pickens is the gateway to mountains and lakes.  PC 13: Build greater cooperation and collaboration between Clemson University, Southern Wesleyan, Tri-County Technical College, Pickens County School District, and the communities in Pickens County.  PC 18: Ensure future community planning addresses the needs for green space, walkable communities, public parks, recreation, biking/walking paths, and youth activities.  A Working Community  WC 12: Support small business development and growth.  A Healthy Safe Community  HC 1:Preserve healthy lifestyles, natural resources, readily available recreation, and safe communities with low incidence of crime.  HC 5: Promote healthy lifestyles by providing education and initiatives on proper nutrition, exercise, and wellness.  A sense of Place  SP 3: Preserve the small town feel, the sense of rural character, and the overall sense of community,  SP 4: Develop enhanced access to lakes and rivers to provide walking trails and recreational activities along waterways.  SP 15: Create a countywide alliance that supports and markets the arts and cultural activities.  An Educated Community  EC 7: Build a close partnership between communities and educational institutions.
  6. 6. Proposed Site
  7. 7. Triathlon Type Event DistanceKids of Steel Swim 200 m13 and Under Bike 5 Km Run 2.1 KmCost to Participate: $15
  8. 8. Triathlon Type Event DistanceSprint Swim 750 m18 and Older Bike 20 Km(Or with parent Run 5 Kmpermission) Cost of Participation: $30
  9. 9. Triathlon Type Event DistanceOlympic Race Swim 1.5 Km18 and Older Bike 40 Km Run 10 KmCost to Participate: $40
  10. 10. FestivalLocated at the end of the race Local Bands Local businesses (sampling) Food Vendors Kiddie Events (Arts and Crafts)
  11. 11. How We Contacted The Community  Called/Emailed/Visited Local Businesses with the following proposal: To whom it concerns, We are a group of students from Clemson University. In our class we are collaborating with the Pickens County Vision 2025 team on a project. Our groups focus is improving tourism and recreation opportunities in Pickens County. Our group is proposing to the Pickens County vision team to start an annual county triathlon/festival. The triathlon would offer an event for youth, beginners and immediate participants. For ones that are not competing we plan to promote the local businesses and cultural with a festival that includes music, food and games. Our group wants to scan the county and see what organizations would be interested in being involved in an event like this if it were to happen. The event is NOT planned its just a proposal right now. If your (organization, business, group) does these kind of events or would be interested in being part of this could you let us know. We are looking for organizations, groups and businesses that could donate (time, money, buy a banner, have a stand selling product, etc.), volunteer or actually be a part of the triathlon/festival.
  12. 12. Sponsors Platinum  Silver  $1000 or Above  $200-$499  Will Receive:  Will Receive:  Business Banner  Business Banner  Advertising on T-shirt  Advertising on T-shirt Prime Location   Bronze  Audio Recognition at Ceremony  $200 and Under  Will Receive: Gold  Advertising on T-shirt  $500-$999  Will Receive:  Business Banner  Advertising on T-shirt  Audio Recognition at Ceremony
  13. 13. Local SupportLiberty Business Clemson Liberty Bell Restaurant  Trehel Corporation Yank’s Place-yes and willing to donate $$ or cater  Tom Winkopp Relator/Developer, LLC Smokey’s BBQ  Campus Outreach Liberty Recreation Office Closed Tony’s Pizza  Excel Rehabilitation and Sports Enhancement Little Bistro Nino’s Italian Easley Business Pancho’s  YMCA Easley Hot Diggity Dog  The Starving Artist CaféCentral  Push It Fitness Market Street Deli and Café  Michael’s Pizzeria  Rip 24/7
  14. 14. Advertisement for Triathlon Facebook  Check us out!  Craigslist  0.html Free T-shirt/Water Bottle with registration
  15. 15. Challenges It May Face… Weather back up plan Getting Participants Will businesses who said they were interested really help? Finding volunteers (medical personal, water distributors, and security)