Yoga Maditation


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Yoga Maditation

  1. 1. LADNUN - THE LAND OF SPIRITUALITY Where in the world for golden sands touch silver palaces. When does the echo of a faraway song float with the rare legacies of chivalry and courage. Where's the seamless view, a timeless picture from the love story of you dreams. Rajasthan, of course! But very travel-connoisseur has a secret. 'The true spirit of Rajasthan abodes its villages.' And nowhere is it charming hamlet called Ladnun! God obviously loved Rajasthan, but his partiality towards this small town is unmistakable! From the rhythmic tongas to the silent meditations, from the half-hacked never ending sands to a clear blue sky, from the enigmatic story-telling forts to Temples with age-old legends, from the longest moustaches to the loudest peacocks, its all here! Though the dusty bylanes of the town, you will find awe-inspiring mansions with enigmatic chronicles. the modest appearing royal fort has imbibed unparalleled blood and courage to stand to this day. When the Tonga turns towards the temples, the legend and the sheer belief that they stir amongst the locals will intrigue and inspire you... far beyond the moment. Ladnun is not all sands. It's a story... elating engrossing and exhilarating!
  2. 2. JAIN VISHVA BHARATI The Jain Vishva Bharati campus is like an oasis in the deserts of Rajasthan, beautified with green stretches of gardens & roads with rows of shady trees. The Jain Vishva Bharati and all meditation centers have neat & clean fully facilitated boarding & lodging. One & all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour & country can come & enjoy the inspiring texts & experience mental peace and overall inner consciousness. Jain Vishva Bharati, a body that belongs not to any group or community but to those curious intellects who have a loving, sharing and caring heart welcomes you with open heart to come and enjoy its peace and also awaken your spirituality in the process. EXCURSIONS TAL CHHAPAR
  3. 3. When 5000 deer warmly play host to you, you know you are in Talchhapar, India's largest deer sanctuary. Sit, back relax and enjoy their hospitality. Remember to take photographs with them... it will be one memento you will truly cherish. SALASAR
  4. 4. Hundreds of years ago, an idol of Lord Hanuman is said to have emerged in Salasar. A temple was soon built by the animated villages. The legend soon spread that every wish sought at the temple was granted true. Today, millions of devotees visit the temples every year with hope and prayers.
  5. 5. MANDAWA Visit some charming chapters of history amidst the centuries-old forts and palaces... or sit back and celebrate the revered Rajasthani Hospitality. Before you slip you Swiss tent, do appreciate the gracious folk dances.