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What's new in GeoServer 2.2
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What's new in GeoServer 2.2


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Slides describing the new features

Slides describing the new features

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Whats new inGeoServer 2.2 Andrea Aime GeoSolutions Justin Deoliveira Opengeo
  • 2. Web Map Service (WMS)
  • 3. Time and Elevation
  • 4. Time/elevation for vectors● Single time (instant) support● Interval validity support by selecting two attributes● "Current" time always up to date● Currently investigating integration with measured geometries and dimension based slicing
  • 5. Time/elevation for rasters● Image mosaic with time/elevation attributes in the tile index● Tile index in shapefile or database● Automatic extraction of time/elevation from file names via regular expressions
  • 6. Time and Elevation...&request=GetMap &time=2001-08-01T18:00:00Z/2001-09-01T00:00:00Z ...&request=GetMap &time=2003-08-01T18:00:00Z/2003-10-01T00:00:00Z
  • 7. Animated Time and Elevation...&request=GetMap&time=2001-08-02T10:00:00.000Z,2001-08-02T16:00:00.000Z,2001-08-02T22:00:00.000Z,2001-08-03T04:00:00.000Z,2001-08-03T10:00:00.000Z,2001-08-03T22:00:00.000Z,2001-08-04T04:00:00.000Z,2001-08-04T10:00:00.000Z,.......2001-08-07T16:00:00.000Z,2001-08-07T22:00:00.000Z,2001-08-08T04:00:00.000Z,2001-08-14T16:00:00.000Z,2001-08-14T22:00:00.000Z,2001-08-15T04:00:00.000Z,2001-08-15T10:00:00.000Z,2001-08-15T16:00:00.000Z,2001-08-15T22:00:00.000Z&format_options=gif_frames_delay:200;gif_loop_continuosly:true&format=image/gif;subtype=animated But... why limit animations to just to time and elevation?
  • 8. Rendering transformations
  • 9. Rendering transformations Contour lines
  • 10. Rendering transformations Extract points, show elevation
  • 11. Rendering transformations Heat maps
  • 12. Rendering transformations Surface interpolation
  • 13. Rendering transformations Point clustering
  • 14. Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • 15. WFS 2.0 Paging...&request=GetFeature&startIndex=5&count=6&...
  • 16. WFS 2.0 Stored Queries<wfs:CreateStoredQuery> <wfs:StoredQueryDefinition id=bbox> <wfs:Parameter name=AreaOfInterest type=gml:Polygon/> <wfs:QueryExpressionText returnFeatureTypes=topp:states> <wfs:Query typeNames=topp:states> <fes:Filter> <fes:BBOX> <fes:ValueReference>the_geom</fes:ValueReference> <gml:Envelope> <gml:lowerCorner>${x1} ${y1}</gml:lowerCorner> <gml:upperCorner>${x2} ${y2}</gml:upperCorner> </gml:Envelope> </fes:BBOX> </fes:Within> </fes:Filter> </wfs:Query> </wfs:QueryExpressionText> </wfs:StoredQueryDefinition></wfs:CreateStoredQuery> ...&request=GetFeature&storedQueryId=bbox &x1=-180&y1=-90&x2=180&y2=90
  • 17. WFS 2.0 Extended Operators<fes:Filter><fes:PropertyIsEqualTo> <fes:Function name="strMatches"> <fes:ValueReference>name</fes:ValueReference> <fes:Literal>name-f002</fes:Literal> </fes:Function> <fes:Literal>true</fes:Literal></PropertyIsEqualTo></fes:Filter> <fes:Filter> <foo:strMatches> <fes:ValueReference>name</fes:ValueReference> <fes:Literal>name-f002</fes:Literal> </foo:strMatches> </fes:Filter>
  • 18. Web Processing Service (WPS)
  • 19. Asynchronous calls
  • 20. Security
  • 21. Authentication
  • 22. Authentication LDAP
  • 23. User Groups
  • 24. Passwords
  • 25. Referencing
  • 26. NTv2 and NADCon support● Support for high accuracy datum changes based on datum shift grids● Error down from 4m (if youre lucky) to few centimeters ○ NTV2: canadian grid shift standard, used in Europe and Australia too ○ NADCon: american grid shift standard● Support for official EPSG grid files● Ability to add your own custom ones (work in progress)
  • 27. Reprojection console● Reproject single point or geometries● Check what exact transformation is being used
  • 28. Un-referenced data● Serve unreferenced data: ○ CAD data (floor plans and the like) ○ large photos● Made up new code to handle such data: EPSG:404000
  • 29. Data access
  • 30. Database level security
  • 31. WFS sorting and paging● Available in all WFS versions (in 1.0 and 1.1 as a vendor param, startIndex/maxFeatures)● Native, most efficient in spatial databases● Emulated in all other data sources (suitable for smaller data sets)
  • 32. New experimental OGR store● OGR: rich set of readable formats● Does not need special bridge libraries (uses BridJ to connect to native lib)● Slower performance than native Java formats, suitable for smaller data sets
  • 33. Image collection store● Publish collection of non georeferenced images via WMS (eventually time varying)● List and search provided off band as a separate tool● One layer, select image with CQL_FILTER
  • 34. Virtual Services
  • 35. Services
  • 36. Settings
  • 37. Styles and Layer Groups
  • 38. GeoWebCache
  • 39. Cached Layers
  • 40. Services and Settings
  • 41. GridSets
  • 42. Scripting
  • 43. Scripting ScriptExtension Hooks App WPS Process WMS Format JSR-223 WFS TX Event
  • 44. Scripting
  • 45. GeoScript
  • 46. Thanks!Questions? http://geoserver. org