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Foss4g it-2011 (english)



Presentation for FOSS4G 2011 IT on GeoServer

Presentation for FOSS4G 2011 IT on GeoServer



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Foss4g it-2011 (english) Foss4g it-2011 (english) Presentation Transcript

  • GeoServer, The Open Source Solutionfor the interoperable management of geospatial data Ing. Andrea Aime, GeoSolutions Ing. Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions
  • GeoSolutions GeoSolutions GeoServer Introduction  User Interface  Security  Administration  OGC Services  Extensions and Additional Modules
  • GeoSolutions Founded in Italy in 2006 Expertise • Image Processing, GeoSpatial Data Fusion • Java, Java Enterprise, C++, Python • JPEG2000, JPIP, Advanced 2D visualization Supporting/Developing FOSS4G projects  GeoTools  GeoServer  GeoBatch  ImageIO-Ext  uDig Focus on  Consultancy (agencies, large private companies, etc…)
  • GeoServer GeoSpatial enterprise gateway  Java Enterprise  Management of raster and vector data Standards compliant  OGC WCS 1.0 - 1.1.1 (RI)  OGC WFS 1.0 - 1.1 (RI)  OGC WMS 1.1.1  OGC WPS 1.0.0 Google Earth/Maps support  KML, GeoSearch, etc..
  • ---------- ---------- ---------- --------- PNG, GIF ---------- Shapefile ---------- --------- WMS JPEG ---------- 1.1.1 TIFF, Vector files 1.3.0 GeoTIFF SVG, PDF PostGIS Styled KML/KMZ Google* maps OracleDati e servizi H2 Shapefile DB2 WFSv* GML2 GeoServer SQL Server GML3 MySql DBMS GeoRSS WFS Raw vector GeoJSON 1.0 e 1.1 data CSV/XLS ArcSDE WFS WPS 1.0.0 GeoTIFF Servers WCS ArcGrid GeoTIFF 1.0 GTopo30 ArcGrid 1.1.1 Raw raster Img+World data GTopo30 Img+world GWC (WMTS, KML superoverlays Mosaic Raster files TMS, MrSID Google maps tiles WMS-C) OGC tiles JPEG 2000 ECW,Pyramid, Oracle GeoRaster, … OSGEO tiles
  • GeoServer User Interface
  • Integrated Security Spring Security RBAC on layers and services Built-in version with simplified rules namespace.layer.mode=role1,role2,... A name, or * to r: read The roles that will mean “any” w: write be authorized to access the data under this rule
  • GUI: security configuration
  • Security Developments in 2.1 Security Management at the feature level (record in DBMS)  read and write filtering Hide sensible attributes Discriminate visible areas on a per-user basis Rules for services and layers Server side framework available, open source implementation needed!
  • RESTConfig Programmatic configuration of layers via REST calls  Workspaces  DataStores/CoverageStores  Layers and Styles Exposing internal configuration to remote clients  Ajax-JavaScript friendly “Core” Module since 2.1 Integrated Security
  • RESTConfig Automatic Configuration Styles of recurring flows of data Javascript clientGeoBatch GeoServerServer side Desktop scripts Mass app publishing of Layers Layers Publishing
  • WFS Dissemination and filtering of vector data WFS 1.0 and 1.1 support with transactions Formats:  GML 2, 3.1 e 3.2  GeoRSS, GeoJSON  Shapefile (zipped)  OGR (configurable) Extensions  CQL  WFS 1.0 with on-the-fly reprojection
  • Complex Feature* Application/community schemas Complex Features  Attributes as sub-features  Attributes as list of features  Tree-like structure Heterogeneous data sources INSPIRE!
  • WCS* Raster data dissemination  Raw raster data useful for analysis, no maps!  Support for TIME and ELEVATION (via ImageMosaic plugin) WCS 1.0 e 1.1 Output formats  GeoTiff, ArcGrid  GDAL based formats* Extensions  ELEVATION as band management*
  • WMS 1.3.0 e SE 1.1 WMS 1.3 support (INSPIRE) Basic support for SLD 1.1 and SE 1.1 Full support for SLD 1.0 Many rendering extensions available!
  • WMS – Dynamic symbolizers
  • WMS – raster symbolizerRaw 256Data Colors 65536 Colors
  • WMS – Advanced Styling GeometryFilter Functions Transformations Drop Number Shadow Formatting
  • Advanced Projection Handling Management of dateline Change and map-wrapping Cutting unreprojectable geometries
  • Rendering transformations On-the-fly data transformations Calling WPS processes from SLD docs Optimized for performance
  • Rendering transformations Point feature extraction from two band raster data (e.g. Wind(u,v)) Computation of direction and module from SLD
  • ImageIO-Ext Support JAI ImageIO Extension Plugins:  BigTiff*, netCDF-CF,GriB1,MatFile 5, HDF4  JP2000 (Kakadu)  GDAL 1.7.3 GDAL integration via ImageIO-ext  JPEG2000,MrSID, ECW  BigTIFF, ERDAS Image, HDF4
  • GeoWebCache Integration  Direct calls to GeoServer GeoServer rendering engine  Support for layers modified through WFT-T GeoWebCache  Support for various tile protocols  GMap, Gearth  OpenLayers, VEarth, Bing  Speed-up factor 10/100  Disk quota supportPersistent raster/KML tile cache
  • WMS* Cascading  GetMap and GetFeatureInfo Cascading  Suppport for reprojection on-the- fly  GUI based mass import of remote layers
  • WPS* WPS 1.0 Official Extension Raster and Vector data support High performance processes development (raster/vector statistics, raster/vector format conversions and more) Integrated WPS  Automatic publishing of results in WPS  Embedding WPS processes into SLD styles
  • WPS: demo builder
  • WPS* Deficiencies  Asynchronous requests  Missing request limits enforcements (e.g. input/output maximum dimensions) Wish list:  Scripting (Jython, GeoScript)  Sextante, IDL, JGrass (Grass?) integration  Improved robustness  Jiffle (jai-tools) based raster algebra
  • Cross-Layer filtering “querylayer” community module “Find all sites within 100 meters from roads” Single CQL filter with WMS: DWITHIN( the_geom, collectGeometries( queryCollection(roads, the_geom, INCLUDE) ), 200, meters)
  • The End Questions?