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3 2 geo exam feedback 2013
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3 2 geo exam feedback 2013


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 3 . 2 – T O U R I S M D E V E L O P M E N T Level 3 Geo Exams 2013
  • 2. Overall Comments  The questions required some reading and selection of key words.  Both questions were about the effects of TD  Students who planned, wrote a better answer.  Students who included specific information achieved at a higher level. You must include specific info to achieve higher than a 2  Maps must be appropriate to the question not just a pre learnt one.
  • 3. Question One  This question was about how the temporal variations of the process of TD have resulted in variations in the environment.  This means you need to talk about how tourism development has changed and how these changes have affected the environment.  This was more than just the story of how tourism happened in the setting
  • 4. Question One  So …  You needed to discuss how tourism development worked in two (or more) different times  And  How this affected the environment
  • 5. Question one  The Map needed to show a change in the environment between time 1 and time 2  The map needed to be annotated or labelled to show the effects on the environment.  There were some excellent maps done. See if you can find one in your class to have a look at.  Good maps got a double tick.
  • 6. Question One  So the answer should have included  The effects you should have talked about were.  More building, new attractions built, landscape changes, pollution of lakes and rivers.  Also you needed to talk about concentration or agglomeration of features and some dispersal too.
  • 7. Question two  This question was about the effects of TD on the people and place.  Economic (e+-), Social (s+-), Environmental (en+-)  The effects need to have been linked to a specific place, group, person or amount of money. So not just ‘lots of jobs’ but ‘1 in 4 jobs in Rotorua are the result of TD’
  • 8. Question two  The good answers were well structured with paragraphs for each type of effect.  Students who tried to include Hawaii struggled as we have not covered this yet.  Make sure you understand how the locations are affected by TD
  • 9. Question two  The Map had to show the effects in ONE location (RTQ) so you had to label on the map where the effects were seen/occurred.  Good maps used a colour coded system to show types of effects and labelled them as positive or negative.  There were some excellent maps done – see if you can find one in your class – good maps had double ticks.
  • 10. Revision and Internals  If you want to do the big event internal (RnV) please tell your teacher today. We need this info asap.  The first Monday of the holidays will be internal assessment catch up day. If you want to redo an assessment – let us know by Friday and be here on Monday at 10am.
  • 11. Revision  The second Monday of the holidays we will have a revision morning.  9am till 1pm in R86  You bring biscuits – we will bring coffee and tea and hot chocolate.