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  • Video pulled as FA didn’t think people were ready for it yet.
  • Former NBA basketball player – came out in 2007 feels the FA is to blame. Rather than blaming the Fans
  • How did I justify them? They are open questions, also allowed for an ‘other’ box so people could leave there opinions and comments. They also provide solid answers aswell.
  • Peoples responses are very open minded, people are unsure on how the REST of the public will see them and treat them.
  • This question was ideal for the zeitgesit as it is on topic at the moment, with the anniversary of john fashnau’s and the campaign for anti-homophobia by the FA.
  • Final presentation

    1. 1. FT1302 Networks and Connectivity Georgia Wing U1102253
    2. 2. ResearchHomosexuality in English Football Area Justin Fashnau 14 year anniversary Zero-Tolerance for
    3. 3. HypothesisQuestion : “Should gay footballers speak up?”My Hunch? “Yes they should” (accessed 23/2/12) (accessed 23/2/12)
    4. 4. Evidence Valid and relevant evidence• Video• TV/Adverts• Interviews• Newspaper Articles (online) Football Association(2010) „Lets kick homophobia out of football‟ April 19 [Online] Available at: ature=BFp&list=PL952046D1C3DB707F (accessed 21.2.12)
    5. 5. EvidenceNewspaper ArticlesGordon Taylor (2010): “homophobia not high on football agenda” For a interview with BBC Sport Football (2010) Taylor believes “that football crowds are not yet ready for this sort of campaign.” …"Its not a straightforward issue and it would be unfair to ask an individual player to back a campaign like this in case they got targeted by football crowds," he said. taylor.jpg (accessed 23/2/12)
    6. 6. EvidenceNewspaper ArticlesJohn Amaechi (2012): “reactive FA responsible for homophobia” Interview with BBC Sport(2012) “But Amaechi says the FA should stop pointing the finger at others and accept it is to blame.” … "Then they sit in their boxes and their boardrooms and all the attention is deflected away from them.”
    7. 7. QuestionsQuestions to ask my network• Open• Neutral• Provide qualitative and quantitative data• Open for discussion and opinions
    8. 8. QuestionsSurvey Questions“Do you think gay footballers “Do you watch/play football?” should speak up?” Do you think the FA should do more to help support gay footballers?Do you think it would affect their career opportunities? Would your opinion change of a footballer if they came out?
    9. 9. NetworksWhat is a networker?Raymond, M (2003) describes a networker as a “deviant- butalso a connector, a doer, and engager,Somebody who brailes the culture along consilient lines‟someone who listens, observes, records, andinterprets but across a number of key interlocking socialcultural environmental economic and scientific areas”.Types of NetworksHierarchicalCollaborativeDistributive Networks
    10. 10. NetworksMy NetworkMapping my ownnetwork:DistributiveCollaborative
    11. 11. Benefits Of NetworksUsing my Networks Diverse networks – more diverse the greater the network will be. Expanding networks – targeting social networks, groups Blog - Limiting Factors – not enough weak ties.
    12. 12. ResultsAnalysing Survey ResultsNew findings –• People feel it is not relevant for footballers to „come-out‟• 87% of peoples opinion would not change of a footballer• That there should be more support from the Football Association• 63% of people believe it would effect their career opportunitiesGood quantitative resultsQualitative data – peoples personal comments
    13. 13. Survey ResultsWould Your opinion change of a footballer if they came out? Other 2% YES 11% Do you think it would affect their career opportunities? Other NOT RELEVANT 4% NO 87% 7% NO 26% Do you think the F.A should do more to help YES support gay footballers? 63% Other 5% NOT RELEVANT 18% NO 15% YES 62%
    14. 14. Survey Results Qualitative Results Peoples additional comments on questions1. Do you think gay footballers should speak up? “I think its a very personal decision, and 5. Do you think it would effect although in an ideal world it wouldnt affect their career opportunities? their career prospects or how the public perceive them, the sad reality is that many “I dont know exactly footballers may feel there is increased why, but I feel it would hold pressure on them or a stigma that gets them back in such a attached to them.” heterosexual sport.”6. Do you think the FA should do more to support gay footballers? “There is a drive to stamp racism out of football, there should be an equal drive to stamp homophobia out of football (eg similar to the current rugby initiative in America with Ben Cohen)”
    15. 15. What is a Zeitgeist?Dictionary Definition The dictionary defines the word ZEITGEIST as: “the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.” The „spirit‟ of time is ideal, current news issues and in the public eye, allowing for relevant responses. (accessed 23.2.12)
    16. 16. What worked well?Positives NegativesSurvey TwitterNews Articles FormspringBlog FacebookFacebook Diversity of network More weak ties
    17. 17. ImprovementsAreas of improvementAreas to consider if I was to complete this module again:• Target Student Union groups, L.G.B.T• Visiting a football game, ethnographic research• Infiltrate into other networks• Create a more diverse network• Be more organised with my blog
    18. 18. QuoteRaymond, M (2003)“Insight comesafter knowledge, and knowledge afterinformation and data” Raymond, M (2003) The Tomorrow People. London: Prentice Hall
    19. 19. Books BibliographyRaymond, M.(2003) The new rules of engagement, in Raymond, M. (ed.)TheTomorrows People, London: Prentice Hall VideoRaymond, M (2010) ‘The Trend forecasters Handbook ‘ London : Laurence King Author Unknown (2012) New Anti- homophobia in Football film Available at:News Websites homophobia.aspx (Accessed:21.2.12)Author unknown (2012) Ipswich Town backs Justin Fashnau anti-homophobiacampaign BBC News [Online] Available at at Thomas, G. (2011) The inspiring Garethengland-suffolk-17078657. Accessed 20.2.12. Thomas shares his story. Interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres for The Ellen Show, 4thAuthor Unknown (2012) New Anti-homophobia in Football film Available at: February. Available at (Accessed:21.2.12) : _hNVrA&feature=player_embeddedMagowan, A (2012) John Amaechi says reactive FA responsible for homophobia BBCSport. Available at: Accessed22.2.12Weathers, H (2009), British Lions rugby legend Gareth Thomas: Its ended mymarriage and nearly driven me to suicide. Now its time to tell the world the truth -Im gay , The Daily Mail, available at : Accessed 22.2.12Owens, N (2009), Ex-Lion Gareth Thomas reveals he is gay BBC Sport,Available at 22.2.12