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Research into similar magazines and posters
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Research into similar magazines and posters


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  • 1. Research into similar magazines and posters By Georgia Ioannou
  • 2. The dark red used for themasthead ‘EMPIRE’ highlights the Empire Magazine The words ‘Worlddarkness of the film, as well as Exclusive’ makes thelinking in with the horror genre, as film seem successfulred is associated with; danger, and EMPIRE have anblood, fear and hell. The font is exclusive about it,easy to recognise. meaning it can’t be read anywhere else. This is also a good way of promoting the film. The subtle use of the Jokers colours ‘purple’ and ‘green’ makes the issue stand out and is eye catching. The text looks it has been scribbled on and almost looks as if it’s meant to look vandalised. The word ‘Plus’ implies that there is more to come in the magazine, but the main focus is ‘The Dark Knight’ and everything else is just an extra. The main image is taken from the film ‘The Dark Knight’ itself. It is a very powerful image that entices the audience and potential readers in.
  • 3. Fangoria MagazineThe masthead ‘FANGORIA’ is The main image is fromred which goes with the genre the film ‘Black Swan’of the magazine. The ‘F’ and Having the image cover‘A’ are extended and point the whole pageinwards, this links with the highlights the fact thename of the magazine as it is this issues main article ismade to look like fangs. about that film. Information about other articles that will be in the issue. This gives the reader a teaser as to what is to come. Making them want to buy the magazine. Images of scenes from films that are being released are here to entice readers to buy the magazine and read on further. The pictures are on a film reel, which may attract the older audience who remember when films were shown this way in cinemas.
  • 4. Friday The 13th Film Poster The colours used are very dull. This reflects the mood of the fim. The only colour used is The main picture is an red for the blood dripping off outline of the killer the knife. This creates an holding a knife, with impact and makes your part of the setting and attention get drawn in to it. what we can only assume to be the victims inside. The film title ‘Friday The 13th’ is a date that is associated with bad luck. By this being the film title, you can automatically assume something bad is going to happen, and it is the horror genre. The font used for Friday The 13th looks as if it has been scratched out. This could imply that the victims have a hardThe credits are in small print at the escape and are clingingbottom of the page. These establish on to everything theywho is starring in the film as well as can in order not to getwho wrote, produced and directed
  • 5. The Last House On The Left Film Poster The main image is an isolated house, surrounded by trees.The word ‘house’ in the This is a setting paradigm and isfilm title has been made typical of the horror stand out. This is There is a white glowdone by it being red and surrounded the house whichhaving the effect that could imply that it is part ofblood has been the psychological/supernaturalsplattered over it. The sub genre.fact that this is done onthe word ‘house’suggests that, that iswhere theincident/killing/ willhappen.The colours used arevery dark, therefore The credits at the bottom ofimplying the mood of the page show the actorsthe film. and production crew.