Mamma trailer anlysis


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Mamma trailer anlysis

  1. 1. The establishing shot of the trailer is opened with a man walking with a stick through the woods. This establishes the setting and gives of the connotations of desertment and isolation. The next scene we see is where we are met with the antagonist. This looks like some form of creature and looks almost rustic and old. The wall paper pattern is extremely nostalgic and dirty looking. This tells us as well as the narrative over the clip that their living conditions were considerably bad.
  2. 2. The next scene we are met with a couple. Due to the narrative we understand that this couple are hoping to adopt the featured children whom have been stranded in the wilderness for quite some time. In this clip we can see the children in a Childs room being assessed on their actions and behaviour. The children shown are far from normal children and their actions are especially uncommon. This is shown in the second picture, the child has a very emotionless expression on her face and is crawling in a strange position.
  3. 3. In this scene there is a direct scene from the movie where the male says “I'm your daddy's brother, remember, uncle Luke” This establishes that there is some connection between the child and man. After hearing this, the child automatically grasps the man and embraces him in a passionate hug. This immediately shows a sense of comfort and love. The next scene we see a court room with the narrative reading “In a loving family environment Victoria and Lilly have a real chance at a normal life.” This short clip establishes that these young girls have been adopted/ took into care by the couple.
  4. 4. The next scene we see is of the younger child cowering behind her sister. We only see one half of her face which therefore represents hidden identity and fear. Her hand is clasped to her sisters arm which shows she is frightened and ultimately ‘does not want to let go.’ The next scene we see the child resisting her mother and ultimately slapping her. This shows a lack of control and authority.
  5. 5. The next clip features the image of the girls facing the wall and the younger one reaching out as though to grab it. The narrative over the clip reads “They talk to the walls.” This leaves us asking why do they talk to the walls, is there a haunting in the walls? It ultimately leaves the audience wanting more. The child also says ‘mama’ in a eerie voice almost whispering it, this creates a sense of creepiness. The next shot is of the older child in a therapists office. The therapist asks ‘will you tell me about mama’ in which she replies no. She is frowning with her eyes closed to show an uncomfortable question and the fact she will not talk about ‘mama’ leaves the audience asking why.
  6. 6. The next scene is of the mum about to open the closet in which the child replies ‘don't go in the closet.’ This is a typical idea of horror films as there is always the cliché of something jumping out or something hiding in there. The next scene we see is a man screaming it utter fear of this creature facing him. This over the shoulder shot focuses on the males face but also introduces the antagonist without giving too much away. The creature is rustic and of a darker tone. The hand is blackened at the fingers which are spread apart as if preparing to grab the man.
  7. 7. The shot featured shows the child on the kitchen worktop kneeling down almost as if to pounce. We can see the child is in her pyjamas however her face is hidden in darkness. Prior this scene the screen is black so once the lights come on the audience is shocked not only by the sighting but the mothers shocked reaction. This gives the audience that scare they have been building up for. The next scene we see the child screaming ‘Mama! You promised’ This quote for me was the most memorable, and the most recognisable with the trailer. The use of the word ‘you promised’ is often said to mothers, and here I believe we get a real sense of mother and daughter relationship.
  8. 8. The next scene shows a mother in bed where she says ‘Victoria, whats under the bed’ We then see a close up of the mum screaming as though Mama has attacked her. This leaves the audience thinking questions such as; “What happened” “Is she ok” It leaves the audience wanting to complete the story and find out more. The last picture shows the ‘Last scare’ It shows the younger daughter smiling back at the camera. In the background we see some sort of figure almost floating as though possessed. We hear in the background ‘Don't look at her’ then the figure flies in the direction of the child with open arms. This leaves ua wondering what will happen if you look at her, will you be able to be saved once you look at her?