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Production diary

  1. 1. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production IG4 Final Major Project Production Diary PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including Possible Contingency Plans If Problems Anticipated) Mon W/B 06/12/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Started on the final major project ideas generation task. Completed the mindmap and tagxedo part. Start on the moodboard and pinterest part of task 2. Mon W/B 13/12/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Finished task to of IG4 and completed the proposal form. Started on the script for my pitch. Finish the script and complete the presentation of images ready for my pitch next lesson. Mon W/B 20/12/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Pitched my final major project idea. n/a Mon W/B 10/01/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Created a survey for my target audience to complete in order to get feedback on my idea. Get people to fill in the survey ready to analyse next lesson. Mon W/B 17/01/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Analysed the results of my survey as part of task 4 for IG4. Analyse other magazine covers and double page spreads. Mon W/B 24/01/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Produced the layout designs for the front cover and double page spread of my magazine using Adobe Illustrator. Experiment with the different fonts for the typography of my magazine. Mon W/B 31/01/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Started to write the article for the double page spread of my magazine. Completed the article for my magazine Mon W/B 07/02/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Use the layout design for the double page spread and start to create my own. Added the article in the columns and the title for the article above Completed the risk assessment, take test shots and start to take pictures that I can use in my double page spread Mon W/B 14/02/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Finished all of the details for my double page spread in terms of page numbers and tweaking certain elements and also added my picture to it as well Take pictures for my contents page of my magazine Mon W/B 21/02/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Completed the contents page. Added the image, text (articles, page numbers and details of the different stories). Made final adjustments to the double page spread and take pictures for the front cover of the magazine Mon W/B 28/02/13 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Started to create the front cover using the template I designed. After playing around with the composition, the layout is different Take more pictures for the front cover so I have a variety to choose from
  2. 2. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production IG4 Final Major Project Production Diary to how I planned it Mon W/B 07/03/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Completed the front cover of my magazine by adding the articles, barcode, masthead and main image and other little details. Finalise the front cover and set up a closed facebook group to get people to discuss the quality give me feedback of the overall product. Mon W/B 14/03/14 (Detailed Weekly Summary) Evaluate the final product and discuss the things I could have improved, how I thought I managed the project and the quality of the overall product. N/A PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK (Including Possible Contingency Plans)