Magazine cover presntation finished


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Magazine cover presntation finished

  2. 2. This is a popular music magazine, NME. It has the same target audience as my own magazine and features the same genre of music; indie/rock. The target audience for this magazine are young adults both male and female. NME magazine is published weekly and on average, each issue sells around 23,000 copies.
  3. 3. MASTHEAD & SELLING LINE The logo is used as the masthead of the magazine. It is displayed in the top left corner of the page, which is a typical convention of music magazines therefore it appeals to the target audience. As the name of the magazine is abbreviated to NME, the words is stands for is displayed just below. This is effective because it is informative and tells the audience the actual name of the magazine. The appearance of the title is bold and clear which stands out. This helps because the size and colour of the masthead is big and bold enough for it to stand out on a news stand and it will be eye catching to the target audience as its easy to recognise. The typeface of the mast head is simple which makes it overall effective. As the target audience for the magazine are both males and females, a simple font is the best to use because it isn't too masculine or feminine.
  4. 4. MAIN IMAGE This particular issue features Florence Welch, the face of the band; Florence and the Machine. She is a well known, successful artist in the music industry and is the main feature of the issue. This is why she is displayed across the whole of the front cover. This issue was released in April 2010. This is a good time for the artist to be featured on the cover of a magazine following her success in 2009 of her album ‘Lungs’ peaking at number one in the UK and number 2 in Ireland. The album sold over 100,000 copies in the UK. She was also playing at Reading and Leeds festival in the summer of 2010 which is why featuring in NME magazine is good promotion for the upcoming music festivals.
  5. 5. COVER LINES & MAIN SELLS The text placement has been well thought out. As the main feature is Florence Welch, they have displayed ‘Florence’ in a large, bold font which is clear to see. They have also used a quote from the interview with the artist and featured that above the ‘Florence’ text in a white colour which stands out over the top of her red hair. I think the way the text has been used and is simple and effective. The colour of the text is black and white, its not too much or too busy on the page and its easy to read. This is appealing to the target audience because its not over bearing in any way. The text has been placed out of the way of the image in some way. The image is a close up shot and the text is placed on her hair instead of her face, so the audience can see the picture better.
  7. 7. In terms of appearance, this magazine looks brighter and more colourful. This is because the target audience for this magazine are younger females who are interested in the pop genre. The images are more edited onto the page as there are over 15 pictures on the front cover, not like music magazines like NME and Q, who only usually feature no more than two images on the cover. Top of the pops follow a colour scheme and house style of pink white and yellow which are all lively colours when used together and even on their own. The composition is more rough and not as edgier than NME, and is more busy and hectic on the page. The type face is also different to NME. There are different fonts used on the cover which may be confusing and make it look not as professional and consistent. COMPARISONS
  8. 8. For my own magazine, I would definitely like to take ideas from NME rather than Top of the Pops. I think NME’s house style was simple and effective rather than Top of the Pops, which was busy and confusing. When thinking about my own magazine, I would like to use simple colours like black and white, and one pop of colour to make it unique like red. The language I will use will be simple so its easy for the target audience to understand. And I will use no more than two fonts on my cover. IDEAS FOR YOUR OWN MAGAZINE