Storm Thorgerson was an English graphics designer and photographer, best known from working
with bands like Led Zeppelin, ...
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Historical photographer analysis


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Historical photographer analysis

  1. 1. Storm Thorgerson was an English graphics designer and photographer, best known from working with bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Biffy Clyro. The photograph I have chosen to analyse is one from a Pink Floyd Album Cover. I chose to analyse this particular photograph because I think its different and not what you’d expect to see on an album cover for a band like Pink Floyd. The picture is of many, hundreds, of hospital beds all in rows going as far back until you can’t see anymore. They have been placed on the beach which looks weird and eerie, as its not something you would normally see. When you first look at the picture, you are drawn to the beds. This can be interpreted as leading lines because the audience’s eyes are drawn to follow the beds all the way to the back. The camera angle is also effective because it’s at eye-level. This gives the viewer of the photograph a true perception of the situation, if they were actually there, that’s what they would actually see from their point of view. The photograph has been cut at the front only showing the bottom half of the beds in the foreground. This is because it makes the illusion that the beds go back miles and miles behind the photographer and it doesn’t just start there. The photo is very sharp and you can see the elements in the picture very clearly. The quality of the picture is professional. Other photography techniques haven’t been used in the picture because just using leading lines is simple and effective for this photograph. This is because if Storm Thorgeson used Depth of Field some of the hospital beds would be blurry and it wouldn’t look as effective as a photograph in whole. The mood and feeling to the photograph is very natural. This is with the natural outdoor lighting as this image was shot in sunlight. Using natural sunlight makes the photograph more effective because the photo gets darker in some places where the sunlight isn’t hitting, like the far left of the image. The light also highlights the hospital beds. I particularly like this photograph because its simple but effective. I can tell that a lot of time and thought has gone into the shooting of this album cover and I think its definitely paid off because there are no footprints visible in the sand at all and it must have took a very long time to set out the beds. I also like this photograph because it only uses one camera technique, leading lines, and it doesn’t need anymore to improve the quality or meaning of the image.