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Explaining my choices   front cover
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Explaining my choices front cover



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  • 1. This is the logo and name of my magazine. I have chosen this as my masthead because it is conventional within music magazines. I chose to use a box in the background because I think the red makes the white ‘M’ stand out in the foreground of the masthead. I have included a barcode in my magazine cover. This is because every magazine cover features a barcode, issue number, price and date. I think this helps to make my magazine look more professional. After taking a range of different photographs for my front cover, I decided on using this as my main image. I chose this because I thought it would look better in black and white as it would make the other elements of my magazines stand out. I think the quality of my picture is good and you can clearly see what the image is. I had to crop the image therefore the orientation changed from landscape to portrait. I only featured these three articles on my cover. This is because I could concentrate on the three and make them look effective on the page. If I added any more articles, the page would be too crowded and it wouldn’t look as professional. I positioned them on the left, just under the masthead, in the middle spread across the width of the page, and at the bottom. I positioned them here because it makes the photograph of the singer more obvious and visible. If I could change anything about the front cover of my magazine, I would change the typography of the bottom article (Reading & Leeds). I think the different fonts make it look not as professional as you wouldn’t find different fonts on a music magazine front cover. The colour of the ‘paramore’ text also isn’t very clear so I would change the colour of that.