The title of the double page spread is the name of
the star profile of my magazine. This is because it
would attract the t...
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Double page spread evaluation


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Double page spread evaluation

  1. 1. The title of the double page spread is the name of the star profile of my magazine. This is because it would attract the target audience as they might flick through the magazine and see her name. It is also a convention of other music magazines. I chose to use white and red colours because they stand out amongst the grey background.This picture is of ‘Lily Ware’. I featured her on the double page spread because this is who the article is about. I decided to spread it to fit one half of the double page because it looks more exciting than having a plain white background throughout. I edited the picture to suit the mise-en- scene of the magazine. I took a quote from the interview and enhanced it on the page. I did this because it’s a typical convention within magazines and also using a quote from the interview will give the reader a taster of the interview and be persuaded to read the article. I’ve added borders to the pictures to make the pictures stand out more on the page. It is also aesthetically pleasing to look at and will appealing to the target audience. I have used columns to separate the article. This is because this is something that every magazine does with their articles and it’s a convention. It also looks neater and it’s easier for my target audience to read. I have separated the questions to the answers in the interview by colour. This makes it easier for the audience to read and understand and also makes the page look more colourful as it brings more red to the page. I decided to crop this picture up into three different parts. I decided to do this because I think it looks more effective and different to anything I’ve seen in a music magazine before. I added page numbers and a website at the bottom to make it look professional and consistent to a music magazine.
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