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Evaluation for thriller opening

Evaluation for thriller opening






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    Evaluation for thriller opening Evaluation for thriller opening Document Transcript

    • Evaluation for my thriller opening sequenceIve have decided to have my thriller opening sequence use popular conventions suchas having the non diegetic sounds to add to suspense and drama. It also starts with aparticular event of panning the street to make it look like someone is looking for aparticular house.Another convention of titles is that usually the most important film companies oractors in the film are shown first in the credits. I have decided to have the credits atthe beginning of the opening sequence showing the important characters and filmcrew then panning around the streets. At the beginning and at the end of the openingsequence I have decided to fade the credits in and out also I decided to use a font tomake it look like the name of the film was smeared by makeup. Best of friends beginsthe story with the protagonist Natasha.Camera movement - Tracking and Pan Shots is what I used in the beginning of thrilleropening, particularly the first character this is where the camera tracks a certainperson at certain points and doesn’t reveal who the person is. Zooming in and out notgiving too much away.
    • Framing of shot - I used close up and over the shoulder shot, greatly used in bothforcing in on the 2nd character looking at a pacific image and also the close up ofknocking at the door, to build suspense and mystery in the beginning. Long shotshave also been used by tracking the characters from behind to set the scene and showthe audience where the action was to be taking place in the upcoming events of thesequence.Camera angles- Low levels of framing and the high angles at certain points showdifferent levels of importance of the characters, the high angle is used mainly to showthose in a powerful. There are both main characters in the beginning so they bothhave a high importance in the film, which seems to have the majority of power andthis, is shown through the camera angles.
    • Mise en scene - The general location used in the thriller movies Ive studied dependson the story of the movie themselves therefore I decided to have my thriller openingin a quite street and in a house in the middle of the day which shows the contrast anddoesn’t make the audience think its scary straight. Lighting is a key aspect used inmost of the films such as in some parts of my film I have made it dark to make theaudience think something is going to happen and the in others I have made it have abright affect showing that that it’s a happy time for instance the picture with the girllooking at it makes a happy moment, this shows I have used different lighting but fordifferent reasons. I chose the characters to have causal and normal teenage clothes onto make both characters look normal.Editing - Cuts become a commonality this is usually because multiple things arehappening that we’re unaware of and the jump cuts fill us in, they allow us as theaudience to make assumptions on what the story or characters will be like I have usedthis at the door when the two girls are speaking together. While the jump cuts are builtup they eventually draw to a close; however the cutting rate seems to increase whichultimately seems to lead to a miniature climax of the introduction. Here shows all thedifferent cuts in the opening sequence and the diegetic sounds.
    • Here is the diegetic sounds that I have including into my opening.Here it shows the non-diegetic sound that I have also included into my openingthriller.Sound – In my opening sequence I decided that after researching different films that Iwould only have a bit of non diegetic music playing in the background to create acertain atmosphere at the beginning at write of the end of the sequence when the nameof the film comes up to leave the audience thinking. We also used dialogue, to givethe audience an insight to the characters motives or their relationships with the othercharacter. Silence is very thought provoking and does well to build up tension, whichseems to be a strong convention for thriller films.
    • Who would be audience for my media products?They figured the intended audience for The Roommate is too young and naive tothink it could be so unoriginal. The latter explanation seems more fitting since this isone movie that fails to give the audience any credit. I chose my film advert to bepresented in a young girl’s film magazine like slant as shows different filmadvertisement for young adult girls.Slant Magazine is a publication that features reviews of movies, music, TV, DVDs,theater, and video games, as well as interviews with actors, directors, and musicians.The site covers various film festivals like the New York Film Festival.I think that this film magazine is appropriate for my media product because it is ayoung girls film magazine 15 and over and there are what the audience age ranges. Ithink that it will get more girls to watch it as they see themselves in it with friendshipproblems over boys. They also have an online publication, which will also help advertmy film as a lot of young girls are mainly on computers and using the interest nearlyevery day.I have also looked at another film magazine that I think is appropriate for my thrilleropening sequence and it is called ‘girls life’. This is aimed at the age group I thinkthat my audience would be.
    • Best of friends was set, but even more so, its a naked representation of beauty as thekey to attaining everything, and something to be wanted with murderousstubbornness. Natasha and Charlie who used to be best of friends until Charliedecided she wanted to date Natasha’s ex boyfriend Sam.If attractiveness is this vapid, its also what apparently gets Natasha into stalkertrouble with her ex boyfriend and best friend, who takes one look at fetching Charlieand immediately decides that being her BFF is the only goal worth attaining.Making sure Charlie doesnt lost from her side, however, is a difficult task forRebecca, who soon finds herself having to, including other things.Best of friends begins the story with the protagonist Natasha going round supposedlygoing round for a girly chat though looking more like she is straight off the catwalk.At this point we should probably assume she’s nervous or apprehensive and awkwardas she doesn’t know a soul but if she is we get no visual clues. She then where shegets an instant boyfriend who was Natasha’s boyfriend, followed by Natasha attitudechanging and being 2 faced and making out as though she is happy about it soon afterher attitude hen changes becoming obsessive and jealous behaviour rears it’s uglyhead. Charlie must soon face facts that her best friend leaning heavily towards theobsessive and unhinged category. Only she doesn’t so much face it as casually refer toit and seems less terrified and more just slightly miffed.