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By George Zhou …

By George Zhou
A presentation of the the emerging market for social media in China.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. China And its Internet Revolution
  • 2. Since China’s existence
    • Its culture and infrastructure have been ravaged through conflict
  • 3. Only in the past few decades has China been able to Attempt to reclaim its glory in the industrial and technological world
  • 4. Through rapid industrialization and development, China is on its way to being a world superpower.
  • 5. “ Everything that happens in the West is happening on steroids in China,” – Sam Flemming, Founder of CIC in Shanghai Image by VioletInk, Flickr
  • 6. As you would have guessed... This change is happening to China’s social networks Image by Black Cloud Imagery
  • 7. Today, there are nearly 400 million internet users in China Source: Internet World Stats China 2010 And the number is growing by 10 million every month! Image Source: Microsoft Office Clip Art
  • 8. Compared to the US , which only has 240 million users... Image Source: Microsoft Office Clip Art Source: Internet World Stats USA 2010
  • 9. China has a great potential for growth.
  • 10. Of the 400 Million Users...
    • There are:
    • 221 million bloggers
    • 272 million IM users
    • 265 million online gamers
    Image Source: Elmiurry, Flickr
  • 11. And Yes, Are all censored in China. Source: Merritt Colaizzi, Social Media in China
  • 12. So how is social media growing so much? Image Source: QuoinMonkey, Flickr
  • 13. Enter: BBS (Bulletin Board System) China’s Heart of Social Media. Image Source: QQ website
  • 14. BBS sites such as: Allow users to upload images , videos , and more on an anonymous forum. Image Source: 51 website Image Source: QQ website
  • 15. Information is circulated essentially Through word of mouth. Image Source: J-P De Clerck
  • 16. Similar to our Social Media, BBS sites are linked to numerous Chinese equivalent sites like Facebook and Youtube . Image Source: Ogilvy China
  • 17. These equivalent sites are quite different than their counterparts. Image Source: Pulsarwallpapers
  • 18. BBS is becoming so popular, Most sites have created virtual currency so users can trade online content.
  • 19. Now, Tencent is an example to the West… Of how to Monetize Social Media. Image Source: Ad Solver Blog
  • 20. China’s technological capabilities are rapidly growing And the Chinese people are embracing every aspect. Pretty soon the Western world will be the one struggling to keep up…