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  • 1. Goo Goo DollsIris
  • 2. Introduction The establishing shot is of a telescope, this immediately related to one of Andrew Goodwin’s key features. ‘There is frequently references to the notion on looking’.
  • 3. Performance based It becomes apparent quickly that this is primarily, a performance based video with elements of narrative as soon after the notion of looking it jump cuts to the band. This will also meet the demands of the record company by showing images of the band.
  • 4. Location The band are performing in a dark tunnel, lit by only a few lights. This gives us the impression that the song may be emotional and have meaningful lyrics.
  • 5. Meaning? One line in the song is ‘I don’t want the world to see me, because I don’t think that they’d understand’. I think this means that he is looking at a girl through the Telescopes, but if anyone saw him they wouldn’t understand.
  • 6. Binoculars Another notion to looking.
  • 7. Narrative The narrative side of the video shows a man in a tower moving from telescope to telescope. It appears he is watching a girl or someone he loves. He then gets frustrated and moves to the edge of the tower, citizens look up but he does not jump.
  • 8. Iris - Film In the music video the band is shown high up in skyscrapers, watching the lives of people through telescopes. Nicolas Cage is seen throughout the video. This theme supposedly reflects on what the angels do in the film ‘City of Angels’. There are also scenes from the film throughout the video depicting scenes where the character Seth Is falling in love and deciding whether or not to give up being an angel
  • 9. Ending At the end the lead singer walks away, this could suggest that he is willing to give up everything to be with the girl.