ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program


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ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program

  1. 1. ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (ABB LEAP) for stator windings of high voltage rotating machinesABB_brozura_A4_LEAP_blue_final.indd 1 11.10.10 13:26
  2. 2. ABB LEAP facilitates the management of machine maintenance ABB LEAP is much more than just a package of inspections: it is a systematic approach to maintenance management. The materials and components of electrical machines are subject to thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical stresses. Strength This leads to a process of degradation as materials lose Premature strength over time (blue curve). failure Failure Operating stresses – both steady state and transient – are also present (red curve). At the point where the two curves cross, Stress failure becomes imminent. Time ABB LEAP provides the information needed for timely action to re-position the red and blue curves. Appropriate maintenance can help to re-draw the red, and possibly even the blue curve, preventing premature failure and extending the life of the machine. What makes ABB LEAP special is its ability to track the development of defects over time. As a result ABB LEAP can be directly integrated into a maintenance plan. 90 Analysis is performed at four levels depending on the opportunities 75 for data collection over the machine’s lifetime. Confidence level 60 45 30 15 0 Basic Standard Advanced Premium ABB LEAP levels 02 | ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (ABB LEAP)ABB_brozura_A4_LEAP_blue_final.indd 2 11.10.10 13:26
  3. 3. ABB LEAP offers real benefits – Optimizes maintenance planning for electrical machines – Supports efforts to extend machine lifetime, boosting Return On Investment – Facilitates decision making for long and short term maintenance and run-replace decisions, even when data can only be collected once – Minimizes downtime at lower risk levels – Provides inputs for life cycle cost estimation ABB offers a package of DC (PDCA) and AC (Non-Linear Insulation Behaviour, Partial Discharge and Tan Delta & Capacitance Analysis) measurements, to assess the condition of the stator winding. Polarization-Depolarization Currents UVW PHASE Pol-Depol Currents (microAmp) 100 10 1 0,1 0,01 1 10 100 1000 Time (sec) Instantaneous Capacitance Variations @ 8 kV 120 CAPACITANCE (Arbitrary Units) 100 80 Strength Premature 60 failure 40 Failure 20 0 Stress -20 -40 Time -60 -80 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 Time (msecs) U - Phase V - Phase W - Phase UVW - Phase Partial Discharge Pattern 5.2n 1107 5.0n 4.5n 4.0n 3.5n Amplitude (C) 100 Counts 3.0n 2.5n 2.0n 10 1.5n 1.0n 500p 0.0 1 0 60 120 180 240 300 360 Phase ( ) ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (ABB LEAP) | 03ABB_brozura_A4_LEAP_blue_final.indd 3 11.10.10 13:26
  4. 4. Contact us © Copyright 2010 ABB. All Rights Reserved We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this document without prior notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written ABB LEAP brochure EN Rev B 2010 permission of ABB.ABB_brozura_A4_LEAP_blue_final.indd 4 11.10.10 13:26