A Short Introduction to HTML5 web works for Blackberry

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A Short Introduction to HTML5 web works for Blackberry OS 10 and earlier version

A Short Introduction to HTML5 web works for Blackberry OS 10 and earlier version

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  • 1. INTRODUCTION TO HTML5WEBWORKS - BLACKBERRY By George Murage @juuchini on Twitter murage@juuchini.com
  • 2. What is ?HTML5 is ‘loosely’ defined as a mix of:• HTML (which has been evolving)• CSS (style sheets)• JavaScript• JQuery• SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).. at times
  • 3. What HTML5 aims to achieve• Pull anything in your app (videos, large pics)• Similar experience on all browsers• Run well on low power devices• Create apps quicker by utilizing existing assets• Allows run on BB10, BB PlayBook OS, OS7 and all others
  • 4. What do you need?• A Ripple Emulator (chrome extension) – 11mb• BBWebWorks SDK – 9mb• BB10 Dev Alpha Simulator and a VM to run it in – 400mb and 73mb (VM not necessary)• Learning resources in GitHub http://github.com/blackberry/WebWorks- Samples
  • 5. How the Sim looks on a VM
  • 6. Wanna Distribute your Stuff?• PlayBook requires the AppWorld• For all other devices can be distributed on using websites, ftps, direct download and desktop manager
  • 7. Accessing your APIs• A whole range of APIs can be accessed some being;1. Motion2. GPS3. Media4. Messages (SMS and notifications)5. Phone GSM functions
  • 8. Creating UR App ()How
  • 9. BlackBerry 10 and Ripple• Ripple is a chrome extension• Has multiplatform support ie BlackBerry PlayBook OS, OS 7 and earlier as well as BB 10 OS• Allows you to build and sign BlackBerry Apps
  • 10. You need to visit• https://developer.blackberry.com/html5/ for a lot more information• Business Insider Insights into HTML5 http://www.businessinsider.com/html5-vs-apps-why-the- debate-matters-and-who-will-win-2012-10
  • 11. Thanks George Murage@juuchini on Twitter murage@juuchini.com