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Plantobuy enables consumers & retailers around the globe to get together based on intelligent matching of needs, offerings & timing. Plantobuy utilizes social networks in a unique way enriching consumer’s decision making process with an invaluable feed: advice from ‘people you know and trust’.

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  1. 1. No part of this document may be reproduced. Intelligent Markets S.A. owns patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights in this document and the presented products. This document does not give you any license to these patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property. An innovative SOCIAL COMMERCE service 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Executive summary April 2013, Intelligent Markets S.A.
  2. 2. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Social commerce platform Targeted offers, social advice & highly related, rich-media content with full anonymity the concept Consumers Our users: Millions of interconnected users planning buys & searching for better offerings, new deals, new devices or services Corporations, Retailers Our customers: retailers & corporations across a wide range of products and services, from small shops to megastores and service providers. Typically interested in subscription services for intelligent, interactive advertisement
  3. 3. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 the concept Consumers: a new type of SHOPPING ADVISOR A free service for consumers offering a range of new capabilities:  Social advice feed, integrating Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email  Targeted & Personalized offers, according to their buying plans  Highly-related, rich-media content, including ‘interactive’ ads Retailers: a powerful CAMPAIGNING PLATFORM Includes ‘offers factory’ and advanced functions enabling a retailer to:  Target customers according to their buying plans  Get promoted via personalized offers, video ads, product sponsorships  Achieve significant social-media effects  Get feedback, insight & analytics on each promotional activity View intro (consumers) View intro (retailers) A new SOCIAL COMMERCE platform promoting effective communication (a) between consumers and corporations (b) among consumers via the ask.your.networktm concept 1. Consumers register their buying plans & gather social advice/ opinions 2. Retailers target anonymous buying plans, with offers & promotions 3. Consumers trigger communication with retailers
  4. 4. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Starting now with more than 3,500 active buying plans! current state
  5. 5. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Current state & short-term plans Full commercial beta: 05/2013 The complete platform, including retailers self-service admin portal. Retailers will be able to register and perform actions such as:  Buy, renew & manage subscriptions  Create & manage campaigns & offers  Monitor user’s activity, analyze performance & feedback UK release: next phase Execute marketing plan for expansion in the UK market:  Specialized social campaigns, targeting UK residents  UK Sunrise program for local retailers  Perform direct mail campaigns  Establish key-partnerships with megastores & malls View our team-video The company: Intelligent Markets SA (founded 08/2012)., the first service to be released, is currently available to consumers in open-beta mode and to retailers via the Sunrise program (Greece & Cyprus).  Version 1.0 implemented  Company Established  Full launch: 05/2013 Intelligent Markets SA, with Initial capital €60,000 Released on 22/03/2013 in open beta mode, Greece & Cyprus Full version including admin portal for retailers and corporations For more info about the company and the team please browse
  6. 6. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 At a glance Objectives 1 2 3
  7. 7. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Differentiation & innovation points is a social commerce service and more; much more. (a) The ASK.YOUR.NETWORKTM concept A powerful social utility enabling consumers to gather opinions, comments & ideas from people they know and trust. With a click of a button, a user can ask (a) Facebook users (b) Selected Facebook friends (c) Twitter followers (d) specific friends via e-mail or any combination of the above. The process is easy and fun, resulting in easy-to-read purchasing hints, statistics, recommendations & trends. (b) Personalized OFFERS In absolute contrast with the *deal* range of services, does not reproduce junk offers. We believe in personalization and intelligent content delivery. enables highly targeted/ personalized offers on exactly what you need, when you need it and with full anonymity. Our users will be able to select the offers they find interesting and unveil personal data only to the retailers they select. (c) WIDE RANGE of products/ services enables registration and administration of virtually any buying plan across a large number of heterogeneous categories (more than 200). In practice this means that consumers can do actual purchasing planning & budgeting for all personal, family and small business related expenses. also acts as a management tool for scheduling & administering spending. (d) RICH, INTERACTIVE ADS Users get access to an ‘endless’ feed of rich video content, including ads, all highly-related with the actual/ selected plan. redefines the advertising model known so far: users are being served with highly- related ads, they can watch only those of interest, and they can submit feedback to the advertiser! Anonymously!
  8. 8. Intelligent Markets SA // April 2013 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Expansion planning ObjectivesWe are in search of funding in order to execute our aggressive marketing plan, proceed with further product development, and quickly expand across Europe. More specifically, funding is required in order to: (a) Proceed with further PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Plantobuy already incorporates a range of innovation points regarding prices, social advice, ads and personalized offers but there are more to introduce: we do have a large queue of additional functions/ packages/ applications across a number of devices which will keep us way ahead of any competition. Parallel development is required and thus we seek funds for outstanding scientific/ engineering personnel. (b) Expand across Europe, gradually become a GLOBAL SERVICE We support this scenario by design – our IT architecture and expensive choices made, ensure we can easily scale to support exponential user-base growth. Scalable software and intelligent processes are already there – expansion is only a matter of hardware and human resources. (c) Support MARKETING & ADVERTISEMENT PLANS Advertising in both online & traditional media is essential. targets an heterogeneous user-base which can be communicated more effectively using combination of media platforms.
  9. 9. George Krasadakis Founder, Head of product development 21 Aigialias & Chalepa | 15125 Marousi | Athens, Greece T: (+30) 215 5208485 | F: (+30) 215 5208484 | | 19080633-269f-463f-ad78-7b98802425f2 Contact Intelligent Markets S.A. Online consumer information and marketing platforms EL800423477