ComArena Business Quiz Final


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Finals of Business Quiz conducted as a part of ComArena, an inter-collegiate management fest conducted by Dept of Commerce, St Thomas College, Pala.

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ComArena Business Quiz Final

  1. 1. ComArena’13Business QuizFINALISTS
  2. 2. Jeydev C S Niranjan SNational university of Advanced Legal Studies, Cochin.
  3. 3. Rijilal A M Gautam PDCSMAT, Vagamon
  4. 4. Francis Kurian Thomas MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam
  5. 5. Ananthu Ravi Bony RajuCET, Trivandrum
  6. 6. Rikesh Bhattacharya Leo Francis NIT, Calicut
  7. 7. Rules & Regulations Round 1 & 2 Infinite bounce round. Order will reverse in the second round. 10 Marks for each correct answer. No negative marking for wrong anwers. Quizmaster’s decision will be final and binding.
  9. 9. 1The name of this Japanese sports equipmentcompany, is an acronym of a Latin phrasewhich translates to "Healthy Soul in a HealthyBody“. Since 2007 there has been a largeremphasis placed on this acronym, and itstranslation has been truncated for advertisingpurposes to "Sound Mind, Sound Body".This company is now the official kit supplier toAustralian and Pakistan National CricketTeams.
  10. 10. 2What is freemium?
  11. 11. 3 Austrian Philharmonic British Britannia Canadian Maple Leaf Chinese Panda Malaysian Kijang Emas Russian Chervonets Russian George the Victorious Swiss Vreneli French Napoleon Australian Nugget South African Krugerrand American Eagle.
  12. 12. Gold Bullion Coins
  13. 13. 3Punchtantra - Value Statements for Managing Life &Business Situations is a book authored by two corporateprofessionals, P C Balasubramanian, Director, MatrixBusiness Services and Raja Krishnamoorthy, Director,Talent Maximus. On whose life is this book based?
  14. 14. 4In 1861, two brothers, George and Richard took overtheir father’s business and moved their factory fromBridge Street in central Birmingham to a greenfield site toallow for expansion. When the Bridge Street factorybecame too small, George had a new vision of thefuture. Why should an industrial area be squalid anddepressing?’ he asked. His vision was shared by hisbrother Richard, and they began searching for a veryspecial site for their new factory. The brothers then founda new place for their factory and renamed the place.They built houses, playgrounds, pools etc for the workersand families and called it as “Factory in a Garden”. Laterin 1908, they launched a brand named after this livingcum factory area, which is still in the market.
  15. 15. 5The Wall Street Journal coined a term whichmeans inducing a person to disclose his personaland intimate details publically by establishing arapport with him. This term is coined after thename of a celebrity.
  16. 16. Oprahfication
  17. 17. 6He was an Indian traveller, surgeon and entrepreneurwho introduced the Indian curry house restaurant inBritain, and was the first Indian to have written a bookin English. He also established "shampooing" baths inGreat Britain, where he offered therapeutic massage,and was one of the most notable early Indianimmigrants to the United Kingdom of Great Britain andIreland.
  18. 18. Sake Dean Mahomed
  19. 19. 7The current logo design of this company is intended to emphasizeflexibility and simplicity while conveying a dynamic andinnovative image through the ellipse, the symbol of the universeand the world stage. The openings on both ends of the ellipse areintended to illustrate the companys open-mindedness and thedesire to communicate with the world.The basic color in the logo is blue, the color that the company hashad used in its logos for years. The blue color symbolizes stabilityand reliability, which are precisely what the company wishes toaccomplish with its customers. It also stands for socialresponsibility as a corporate citizen, a company official explained.The construction branch of this company built these skyscrapers -Burj Khalifa, Petronas Twin Towers, Taipei 101.
  20. 20. 8He was a director of V. D. Swami and Company andengaged in international trade and engineering erectionand construction. He was the president of InterPro Globaland the chairman and managing director of ProleaseIndia, engaged in transaction processing. He thenfounded Talent Maximus a company engaged in payrollprocessing and temporary staffing in India. Which Indiancelebrity’s business interests are explained here?
  21. 21. Aravind Swamy
  22. 22. 9For the first time, a handmade tool from micro andsmall and medium enterprises in India has beenregistered for a geographical indicator (GI) tag. The toolis made of metal scrap by a community of workerswhich has been making the product for more than threecenturies. Name this product which is the last one fromIndia to be dubbed Geographical Indication Tag.
  23. 23. Meerut Scissors
  24. 24. 10He was the first American billionaire, adjusting forinflation he is often regarded as the richest person inhistory. He bought an 18 acre plot in New York whichhe later donated to UN, and the site was used forconstructing UN headquarters.He is also the founder of University of Chicago andfunded the establishment of Central PhilipinesUniversity. Identify the billionaire.
  25. 25. John D Rockfeller
  27. 27. 1Name brand/product created by Morris Michtom inspired bythis political cartoon by Clifford Berryman in TheWashington Post on November 16, 1902.
  28. 28. Teddy Bear
  29. 29. 2Identify the personality or the organisation startedby him.
  30. 30. K P Hormis, Federal Bank
  31. 31. 3 Identify.
  32. 32. Sara Mathew,Dun & Bradstreet
  33. 33. 4 Name the Venture.
  34. 34. 5 Identify this annual award given for innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communication.
  35. 35. 6 Identify the organisation.
  36. 36. 7 Identify.
  37. 37. 8
  38. 38. 9 This is the logo of a business venture started with a meager capital of Rs 80 in 1959 in Gujarat.
  39. 39. 10
  40. 40. State Bank of India
  42. 42. RULES• 4 questions on Buzzer.• 10 points for the correct answer, -5 for the wrong one.• Questions exclusively on Indian business.
  43. 43. 1 This village in South India is the birth place of Bhoodan movement initiated by Acharya Vinoba Bhave. What makes this place more famous is the weaving industry there. Weave there is popularly known as ikkat or tie and dye weave. The uniqueness lies in the transfer of design and colouring onto warp and weft threads first and then weave them together. The fabric is cotton, silk and sico - a mix of silk and cotton. Increasingly, the colours themselves are from natural sources and their blends. This place is popularly known as Silk City.
  44. 44. Bhoodan Pochampally
  45. 45. 2 What was introduced for the first time in India, by Sir James Wilson in 1960, in order to meet the losses sustained by the Government on account of the Military Mutiny of 1857?
  46. 46. Income Tax in India
  47. 47. 3Identify this organisation which is the worlds largestdiamond exchange located in Mumbai, India
  48. 48. 4 Identify this Padma Bhushan and Order of the Polar Star Award winner.
  49. 49. Baba KalyaniChairman and MD, Bharat Forge
  50. 50. The ComArena Round
  51. 51. RULES• 8 questions on buzzer.• 5 points for the right answer, -5 for the wrong.
  52. 52. C Identify the advertiser.
  53. 53. OName the consumer electronic brand established as "MircElectronics" in 1981, by G.L. Mirchandani and VijayMansukhani in Mumbai.
  54. 54. ONIDA
  55. 55. MMalcolm Glazer, the president and chief executive officer of FirstAllied Corporation, a holding company for his varied businessinterests, most notably in the food processing industry. He isfamous all over the world for another reason.
  56. 56. A
  57. 57. Reji Abraham
  58. 58. R Identify the Non-profit organisation from this picture.
  59. 59. Rugmark Foundation
  60. 60. EThis web portal was started by Microsoft and later spunoff as a multi-billion dollar company because it was "nolonger about software intensive technology" and theywere "concerned that they would not do their best atthis”.Now this website is the official jersey sponsor for matchofficials at the Barclays Premier League, The FA Cup etc.
  61. 61.
  62. 62. NHis famous Annual Budget speeches had humble beginnings in1958 in a small hall of an old hotel called Green Hotel in Bombay.It was aptly said that in those days that there were two Budgetspeeches, one by the Finance Minister and the other by him, andhis speech was undoubtedly the more popular and sought after.“Who is this famous personality?
  63. 63. Nanabhoy "Nani" Ardeshir Palkhivala
  64. 64. A Name the Indian company based in New Delhi, started in 1979 by Anil Moolchandani.
  66. 66. RULES• Connect the visuals to a common theme.• 15 points for the right answer.• -10 for the wrong answer.• Only one attempt per question.
  67. 67. Elon Musk
  68. 68. ARCUATE
  69. 69. Now everyone can fly
  70. 70. Tony Fernandes
  71. 71. Business @ the Speed of Thought
  72. 72. 1. There are three questions in this round.2. For each question you will be given three clues regarding a person/magazine/company one by one. If you identify the person/ company /magazine on the first clue you get 20 points and minus 10 points for a wrong answer.3. In case no team attempts the question on the first clue second clue will be given. The correct answer on the second clue fetch you 15 points and minus 10 for the wrong one.4. The third clue follows if no team attempts the question on the second clue. For the correct answer it is 10 points and minus 10 for the wrong answer.
  73. 73. 1This Indian ad film maker is also the guru of theEnglish Theatre in India and is famous for his Theatreproductions like Evita, Jesus Christ the Superstar,Tuglaq, and his latest, Broken Images, which wasinvited to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DCrecently.He was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award forTheatre by the Sangeet Natak Akademi.
  74. 74. 2His best seller book on Advertising entitled “A DoubleLife” is prescribed in business schools.Currently, he is the CEO of AP Advertising Pvt. Ltd., thewell-known Image and Communications Consultants,who have provided consultancy services to a number ofnational and multinational companies, as CreativeAdvisor.
  75. 75. 3Known as the Brand Father of Indian advertising, has built over100 brands and created Lalitaji for Surf, Cherry Charlie for CherryBlossom Shoe Polish, the MRF Muscle Man, the Liril girl in thewaterfall, the Kamasutra couple, Hamara Bajaj, the TV detectiveKaramchand, the Fair & Handsome brand, etc
  76. 76. Alyque Padamsee
  77. 77. 1This company was formed by the merger of two companiesin March, 2001.The first company which was originally known as ‘DolcificioLombardo’ was founded by two brothers Ambrogio and Edigio inLainate, a township outside Milan in 1946.The second Company was started in 1900 in Breskens by Izaak ,taking over his grandfather’s business.
  78. 78. 2In July 2006, the merged company acquired 100% stake in ChupaChups, a family owned Spanish Group famous all over the worldfor its chupa chups and Smint brands.
  79. 79. 3 This Company owns brands like Mentos, Alpenliebe, Center Fresh, Happydent etc.
  80. 80. 1This magazine was started by DeWitt Wallace, whilerecovering from shrapnel wounds received in World WarI. Wallace had the idea to gather a sampling of favoritearticles on many subjects from various monthlymagazines, sometimes condensing and rewriting them,and to combine them into one magazine.Now this Magazine is published in more than 70countries, with 49 editions in 21 languages. It is alsopublished in Braille, digital, audio.
  81. 81. 2“Life well shared” is its slogan since 2008.The Indian edition is published by the India Today Groupunder licence.
  82. 82. 3The logo of this magazine is a picture of a “Pegasus” inwhite background.
  83. 83. Quiz by:George Kakkuzhiyil Jithin Xavier Lino GeorgeManuel M Mathew