Kids emotional intelligence
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Kids emotional intelligence



Teaching my children about

Teaching my children about
emotional intelligence



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Kids emotional intelligence Kids emotional intelligence Presentation Transcript

  • Kids EmotionalIntelligenceTeaching my children aboutemotional intelligence
  • Hi,My name is George, and I have 2 lovely kids whokeep me on my toes and also give back to me in ahuge way. Many other parents are curious as to howI raise my kids to be so free, caring, and happy(most of the time), and as much as it is about myinfluence, I do believe there is some underlyingmystery out in the universe, that is not to besolved, but to be understood.The biggest gift I have given my children is toteach them about emotional intelligence (E.I.).Its more than just being positive, its about themunderstanding their feelings, and hot to controlthem. And what their feelings are for. All feelingsare there to teach us something.Ive put together some great resources that I use,and you can to. If I have left any out then pleasefeel free to contact me directly and I can add themin.With love,George
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