Building Online Communites Before During After

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  • 1. Building Online Communities | Before During & After
  • 2. What Telligent does Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Business Intelligence and Analytics Small and Medium Business Solutions
  • 3. • Telligent Snapshot • Setting The Stage – The New Customer Profile • Technology Is Driving Change • Planning & Sustaining Online Communities
  • 4. The New Customer Profile Shift: > Programmer focused to “Biz Power User” focused • Different skill sets emerging. Social computing is now part of the workflow and vernacular • Needs to manage content on a global scale inside and outside the firewall • Must understand how to digitally engage • Needs to understand push and pull mechanisms (RSS vs. Newsletter) • Offline and online Integration know-how is a must • Is a media company – like it or not
  • 5. B2B • Dealer And Supplier Extranets • Sales Enablement / Collaboration Portals • Sponsored Blog And Media Networks • Social Commerce / Shopping • Idea Management • After Market Communications And Post-Purchase Support B2E • Internal Communications (executive and PM blogs) • Innovation and Idea Management • Enhanced SharePoint Capabilities (Self-Service) • Wiki (Information Publishing, Departmental Process) • Knowledge Management Portals and Expertise Location C2C • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) review sites • Forums, Groups and external collaboration
  • 6. • Plan Your Community Around A Purpose • Find The Influencers Or Brand Advocates • Consider A Platform To Generate Media & Manage Your Program • Inventory Your Social Media Assets (find your creators, capture your digital assets, digitize and rejuvenate other usable content)
  • 7. • Prioritize Your Business Objectives And Pick Your Target • Start Small And Build Incrementally • Set Realistic Goals And Expectations • Identify Your Partners ( IT,vendors,alliances,PR) • Develop a Community Roadmap • Develop a Marketing Plan To Drive Adoption & Participation
  • 8. • Have A Plan To Drive the Conversation • Develop a Measurement Approach • Recruit A Community Manager & Blend w/Joiners, Participators • Lay Out Long-term Goals (Future Topics,Content,Staff)
  • 9. Thank you! • Email: • Blog: •