M. Howell - GeoTweetDeck - Geomob October 2010


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  • * I am lead mobile developer at TweetDeck
    * Didn’t do the iPhone app though
  • * 2 month beta
    * 30,000 beta testers
    * Working on it most of this year, with one other guy
    * Widely well received
    * Quite honestly awesome, you should download it.
  • * So anyway today I am going to talk about social GEO services and how we use them in TD
    * Mobile app centric
    * Though you could do it with HTML, but apps are proving popular on mobile devices
    * There are 4 commonly known ones
  • * You activate it on your phone and it runs continuously
    * So you have to figure out where friends are
    * One friend who delivered goods in a van left it running so friends could appreciate how many miles he drove every day
  • * Opt out rather than opt in approach
  • * Very pretty
    * Slow to appear on non-iOS
    * Slow to release useful API
    * But embraced explicit check-ins
  • * Leading, probably
    * Explicit check-ins
    * Prepopulates your friends from Twitter and Facebook
    * Badges, leaderboards, competition!
  • * Very new, so who knows
    * I don’t yet know anyone who uses it much, or thinks it’s anything special
    * But considering userbase, it’ll be impossible to ignore, even if it sucks
  • * 4sq seems to have “won”
    * So we decided to integrate Foursquare in preference to the others
  • * I’m this cool, and these are the cool places I go. Somewhat.
    * Serendipity (people would turn up, I’d check after leaving work, less need for formal arrangements)
    * Follow me on 4sq
  • * Socially acceptable checkins (work, daily coffee)
    * On twitter you unfollow people who only tweet about their breakfast
    * Socially acceptable venue creation (mum’s house, your house)
    * Overshare, holidays
  • * We focus on Foursquare, but are bringing FB soon
    * We’d support everything if we had the manpower and it wouldn’t ruin the UI
  • * Better with more context
  • * Walking directions map (encourages you to get places late!)
  • * Spent a lot of time here, lots of info without crowding
    * Android makes it hard
    * Uses “window of interest” approach
    * API limitations. Can’t get top 20 venues across zoomed out area so zooming out sucks
  • M. Howell - GeoTweetDeck - Geomob October 2010

    1. 1. GeoTweetDeck They have GEOSTUFF on the Internet now.
    2. 2. Hi, I’m Max Howell
    3. 3. A Winner?
    4. 4. How Do People Use It?
    5. 5. Foursquetiquette
    6. 6. Can’t wait to party! Hoxton Bar and Grill Crap! That hurt! Homerton A&E
    7. 7. //TODO • Disambiguation • Auto-checkin • Geofencing
    8. 8. Ta, Muchly @mxcl