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Online media usage is not a characteristic of Generation Y or Z, just those that are online.

Online media usage is not a characteristic of Generation Y or Z, just those that are online.



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Generation Virtual Generation Virtual Presentation Transcript

  • Generation X, Y, and Z… Or V by Livingston Communications ©2008
  • The Digerati: Statistics and Studies
    • 1.2 billion people expected to be online by 2011, Gartner
    • 93% of teens are online regularly, Pew Internet (2007)
    • 80-90% of boys and girls have social network sites, Kansas City Star (2008)
    • More ambitious, brand conscious and tend to move jobs more often than previous generations, FreshMinds Talent & Management Today (2008)
    • 20% of teens regularly have sleep problems due to night time text messaging exchanges, Jan Van den Bulck of the Catholic University of Leuven
  • Game Changing Devices View slide
  • The Digerati: Me, Myself and I
    • 500 photos on Flickr
    • 100 self made videos of… me!
    • A Facebook profile feature 150 tagged photos of me, w/ maybe you
    • A blog about me!
    • I talk, visualize, show people things like:
      • My school life (later it will be work)
      • The causes I care about
      • My girl/boyfriend
      • And just about anything else!
    View slide
  • Voyeurism or Reality?
    • Community peering means more to digital native
    • Being online is simply their reality
    • Personal brand management happens
    • Reality Check: Brick and mortar version of everything online
  • Generation V
    • The new online content creating, IMing, voyeuristic generations (Y/Millenial, part X, and now Z) defies common concepts
    • Gartner dubs this new always on generation – V for virtual
    • Two-way conversation has become the norm
    • Online access occurs via many media
      • PC/Laptop
      • Mobile
      • Game Consoles
      • TV
  • Three Aspects of Generation V
    • They don’t necessarily get the underpinnings of technology, it’s just what they use
    • Overwhelming desire to participate in online communities, more importantly, global communities
      • Occurs through user generated personae
      • New media content creation enabled interaction, avatars
    • Meritocratic environment: collaboration, "we" is more powerful and valuable than "me,” yet me seems to be pretty important to recognize
    • Source: Adam Sarner is a principal analyst at Gartner
  • What Is This New Media Anyway?
  • The Old Way
  • The Old Way
  • Social Results Using the Old Way
  • Social Results Using the Old Way
  • Examples
    • Wal-Mart Astroturf
    • Home Depot
    • Chevy Tahoe CGM
    • Coke Mentos
    • JetBlue
    • Whole Foods’ Mackey
    • Sony's ThreeSpeech
  • Heart of the Matter
  • Chemistry: Inherently Organic, Social
  • The Bad, The Ugly and The Good
  • Two Way Changes Everything !
    • Bye-Bye Control!
    • Ethics and Transparency
    • Attitude: Community versus Audience
    • Mandatory Participation: Engage!
    • Attitude: Build Value for the Community
    • Inspiring Content Wins
  • Examples: Facebook
  • Examples: Twitter
  • Examples:
  • Examples: Nokia Mosh
  • Examples: QuickSilver and Dell
  • Examples: Goodwill and ED
  • Bored? Get Ready for Part II!
  • It’s A Virtual Party!
  • Image Credits from Flickr Creative Commons
    • Game Changing Devices – by Edan
    • The Old Way - Spin: Beepola,
    • The Old Way – Control: Maddie Digital
    • Social Results – The Old Way : Troy
    • Social Results – The Old Way: Malingering
    • Heart of the Matter – Central Park Sheep Meadow by New York808 -
    • Two Way Conversation – Chemistry by GioJL
    • Bored by Wajakamek
    • Creative Commons by Laughing Squid