Rebuilding Montserrat hm, ab, sh, lb
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Rebuilding Montserrat hm, ab, sh, lb



about school work on rebuilding montserrat

about school work on rebuilding montserrat



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Rebuilding Montserrat hm, ab, sh, lb Rebuilding Montserrat hm, ab, sh, lb Presentation Transcript

  • Rebuilding Montserrat By Lily, Audrey, Holly and Sumaiya
  • Before the Eruption
    • Before the eruption in 1997 Montserrat was a pretty island that attracted many tourists.
  • Eruption
    • In 1997 the volcano erupted and pyroclastic flows destroyed most of the island. 19 were killed and the damage is still being corrected today.
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  • After the Eruption
    • After the eruption the whole island was in chaos. Plymouth was completely wiped out and all the crops were damaged. All means of communication and transport were cut off.
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  • Rebuilding
    • To rebuild the island we want to focus first on the things that will get the island back on it’s feet, so that the inhabitants can work on restoring the island by themselves.
  • Airport
    • One of the main things we will focus on is an airport for the island so that help and supplies can be brought onto the island. This will help in the rest of the rebuild of the island. An airport is needed for the inhabitants as it is a small island and it will be used to bring in tourists.
  • Power Station
    • Another of our main focuses is a power station for the island. This is key for all aspects of the rebuild, fixing the island and for the inhabitants afterwards. Energy is always a must.
  • Port
    • A new port, like an airport will help greatly in importing everything the island needs. An island surrounded by water needs a port for boats to come in and out. It will help the inhabitants greatly in getting back to their old lives.
  • Housing
    • One of the key parts of rebuilding the island is to build housing for all the inhabitants of the island that have lost their homes. The island cannot get back to normal without people living on it again. Peoples lives can also not return to normal without homes to live in.
  • Improvement to roads and bridges
    • Improvements to roads and bridges that were destroyed by mudflows and pyroclastic flows is very important. This is because the roads will be needed to rebuild everything else and for inhabitants to travel on. Roads are essential for basic travelling needs.
  • Sewage
    • For people to move back to the island, we will need to build basic things that are essential for the inhabitants. Sewage is key for basic living for the inhabitants so this is important.
  • Water treatment and Bottling
    • Water is essential for people to survive on the island. Although water can be imported at first, Montserrat cannot get back to normal before it begins to provide for itself.
  • After the rebuild.
    • After the first year of rebuild we will continue rebuilding Montserrat with the things of secondary importance. The first year has been used to build things needed for the basic survival of the island the next years will build on that. We hope that the things we have done will help Montserrat get back on it’s feet.