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An update on the mobile devices learning policy at Priory school. This pupil created policy has had sucess.

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  • Thanks to gapingvoid. The main message here is that we are looking for transformation, and that may be a slow process
  • about the potential for Digital Leaders running community and parent sessions, also the security of WiFi around the schhol.
  • Thanks to Tony Cassidy :
  • Image od SugatraMitra – put computers in poor areas of the developing world and found that children can teach themselves, so why do we need teachers? Our role needs to evolve
  • If we don’t use mobile devices as tools then are we developing children’s talents and abilities to the fullest?
  • Remember that there is no one answer to teaching – everything is a tool in the box and our job as teachers is to select the most appropriate tools
  • They can be trusted to make decisions on pedagogy. Mobile devices are not a gimmick or always appropriate
  • Recently introduced to this hierarchy. Priory is operating on Level 1 maybe 2 in some places. Aim is to reach Level 1
  • Sucess
  • Mobile at Priory Update

    1. 1. Mobile @ PrioryUpdate to Governors 12th December 2011
    2. 2. Young people who do not have accessto the internet at home or in schools —and who lack the support that comesfrom parents or teachers equipped withstrong digital skills — will not developthe necessary social, learning andtechnical skill sets for success in awired global economy. The State of the World’s Children 2011, UNICEF Thanks to John Connell
    3. 3. Creativity doesn’t = technology
    4. 4. Thanks to Tony Cassidy
    5. 5. What is the value of a teacher in the Google age? Knowledge Curriculum Values Passion Right and wrong Turning consumers into creators Resilient independent learners Critical evaluationImage credit
    6. 6. 3. Best interests of the child12. Respect for the views of the child13. Freedom of expression17. Access to information; mass media28. Right to education29. Goals of education: ‘develop each child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest.’
    7. 7. Mobile devices are a tool, not an answer
    8. 8. Teachers are professionals
    9. 9. Pedagogy
    10. 10. Unequal access to devices Collaboration Better use of capital funding Is this a technology issue or a learning issue?
    11. 11. 1. Creation of an acceptable use policy insocial time linked to Rights, Respects andResponsibilities framework. Success
    12. 12. 1.64%of negative behaviour incidents arelinked to mobile devices this term.
    13. 13. Innovation by osmosis Work handed in EAL accessingGeography using a work that they fieldwork Nintendo DS already know Phoning eachAccessing other in a Research inYouTube in different Science PHSE language
    14. 14. 2. Embeddingmobile learninginto and acrossthe curriculum(2011/12academic year)
    15. 15. ‘Unless you try to do somethingbeyond what you have alreadymastered, you will never grow.’Ronald Osborn
    16. 16. Next steps Olympic geocaching Cross QR trails DTRM, Music, Geogr Digital Leadersand Live field aphy, EAL, Induction blogging Student Student pilot Curriculum access to WiFi Leaders