Ideal key stage 3


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Some initial thoughts about implementing the 2014 Geography National Curriculum for Key Stage 3

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Ideal key stage 3

  1. 1. Ideal Key Stage 3 Key principles:  Focus on BRIC and MINT countries  Floating topicality  Driven by books and writing. Strong Maths focus and geographical data literacy  Moral dilemmas  Building skills for future success at exam level and for understanding the world. Geographical literacy Year 7 What’s in our geographical rucksack?  Amazing Places  Tour of the world’s places, exploring what geographers do and the tools we use.  Develop literacy and maths in geography.  Describing where places are.  Geographical toolkit  Research and finding information about different places.  Consolidate places and knowledge studied at KS2  Landscape and landscape in a box  Introduce the enquiry process. How well do I know my geographical location?  GIS introduction  OS Maps  Sense of Place  Onsite fieldwork ‘over the school fence’ Geographic al patterns  Coastal geography – Brighton and Beachy Head  How does place and history link?  Links to global. How do I become an explorer of the world?  Guerrilla Geography.  Onsite fieldwork.  Asking questions.  Planning link. How does my stuff make me an automatic geographer?  Industry and global connections.  Global stereotypes and location knowledge  To include Sport, Cotton, Lego Why is the Earth cracking up?  Soils, weathering  Extreme Environments  Writing about places.  Touching the Void  Adventure literature Year 8 Moving Places  Development and health. Why people move.  Exploration of migration in the UK.  USA / Mexico case study. What is the difference between weather and climate?  Underpins the Year.  Onsite fieldwork India  Extreme tourism – mountains and Everest. Clean up.  Monsoon  Flooding in Bangladesh How sustainable is Iceland’s tourism boom?  Economic activity  Stats  Bias and viewpoint What are the challenges and opportunities of living in Africa?  Physical geography of the continent. What are the challenges of living in Africa’s largest city?  How can this one minute manifesto be delivered?
  2. 2. Year 9 How does goat poo raise a country’s GDP?  Development  Measures of development  Ways out of poverty. Restless Earth Journey to the Centre of the Earth  Indonesia volcanoes.  Iceland How is geography solving crime?  Aral Sea  GIS / Local study Extreme Environments Independent ‘Geographical Investigation’ about a chosen extreme environment. Is China cleaning up its act?  Three Gorges Dam  Pollution  Incorporating River landforms and land use. Fracking Hell! Am I an eco-saint or an eco- sinner?  Energy supply and demand. Russia  2,000 shades of grey.