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Hodder Digital Ideas Day


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Presentation given to the Hodder Digital Ideas Day on Nov 28th 2011

Presentation given to the Hodder Digital Ideas Day on Nov 28th 2011

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  • Introduction – who we are and where we come from
  • Bit about me….. Background – Curriculum Leader of Geography in Priory School Specialist Sports College, an inner city 11-16 comprehensive 1,250 students, teach.Member of the SPC’s Secondary Phase Committee, C GeogA real person in a real classroom, balancing life, but this is also to give selected bits of yourself to students as they will respond positively to youIntroduction to Me: Teaching for just over 7 years Last 2 years as Head of Geography at Priory School in Portsmouth Part of the Geography Collective Author of some textbooks Chair of the GA’s Secondary Phase Committee Part of the GA Magazine Editorial Collective
  • Not to take this literally, but learning should be an adventure and sometimes in order to have an adventure, things need to be difficult. Our pupils struggled with the social skills, confidence, work skills
  • Aims – we wanted to address the issue that the views of one of the largest groups of stakeholders are often overlooked, or pupil voice is paid lip service. What would happen if we got young people talking directly to the decision makers?
  • BYOD, multi platform devices.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hodder Digital Ideas Day David Rogers Head of Geography @daviderogers
    • 2. d, Welshman, Teacher, Learner, Geographoor venturer, Dad, Welshman, Teacher, Learn
    • 3. @priorygeography
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6. What do we want from technology?
    • 7. Creativity doesn’t = technology
    • 8. Anywhere, anytime
    • 9. Flexible, relevant, updated
    • 10. Stuff that isn’t available ‘on Google’
    • 11. What drives adoption?Challenges and opportunities
    • 12. Raises achievement and attainmentImage credit:
    • 13. Co-constructed
    • 14. Challenging and controversial
    • 15. Linked to the school’s vision
    • 16. Policy ahead of time – innovation through osmosis EAL accessing Olympic QR trails work that they geocahing already know Phoning each Accessing other in a YouTube in Research different PHSE language Student access to WiFi
    • 17. Uses what we have, but better Photosynth
    • 18. ValuePhoto credit:
    • 19. 5 years time?• Providing subscriptions to eBooks and Apps for use on student devices. Text books by subscription• WiFi network rather than hardware.• Access to learning anywhere, anytime.• Assessment that uses the features of handheld devices.• Mobile devices fully integrated into on and off-site fieldwork