Barrak to the future what does it take to be president of the united states

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Resources to support a Geography lesson based upon recent events in the USA

Resources to support a Geography lesson based upon recent events in the USA

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  • May wish to print out 1:1 for less ableYoutube speech highlights: found on the public gallery at
  • You may wish to print this 1:2
  • Print this 1:2Wikipedia US Electoral College System: list of US states by population: the difference between population density and total population. Be critical of the data…
  • What are these people doing?Image from Guardian Eyewitness
  • FemaSpeechImage created using
  • Audio updates.
  • Images from Guardian eyewitness


  • 1. Whose speech is this?What are the main messages?
  • 2. Barrack to the future – what does it take to be Presidentof the United States?Look at the map above. It displays the results of the US election. Which colouris Barrack Obama’s? Use map evidence.
  • 3. This is the ‘popular’ vote. Is the system still fair?
  • 4. Is this system fair? Why?What could this system be based on?
  • 5. Use both maps. Suggest ways in which the electoral college system works. Refer tomap evidence.The maps suggest that the number of electoral point given toa state is….. For example…..Barrack Obama won…… electoral points and needed ……. Towin…However, Barack Obama won ….. Of the popular vote..I think that this system is fair / not fair because……
  • 6. Where? What? Why? Who? What are these people up to?
  • 7. Listen• List the hazards.• Imagine, what would you be thinking, feeling, doing if you lived in New Jersey?
  • 8. Imagine this was your house. Describe how you would be feeling.. Imagine this is yourhouse. Describe howyou would be feeling.
  • 9. 5 days later?
  • 10. Haiti• america-20177372
  • 11. • network/teacher-blog/2012/nov/04/hurrican- sandy-teacher-resources-news-round-up