Elements of geography by Daniel Joseph Sammut, 3.1

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  • 1. Geography ProjectPhysical and Human Geography
  • 2. PhysicalGeography
  • 3. Natural HazardsVegetation Atmosphere Physical GeographyLandforms Rivers Weathering
  • 4. Rivers• River Basin(the area drained by a river).• Erosion(the wearing away).• Transportation(water transports the material eroded).• Deposition(when the water loses its energy,the material is too heavy to ‘float’ and is deposited).
  • 5. Weathering• The breaking up of rocks into smaller pieces to form the soil.
  • 6. Landforms• It is the result of deposition.• The material eroded by rivers,wind and the sea(waves) is deposited.Like a sandy beach it is formed by volcanoes.
  • 7. Vegetation• Climate and soil determine the type of vegetation cover-therefore result in different types of vegetation.• Examples include: Equatorial rainforest,Grasslands (savannas),Desert• Different types of vegetation provide different habitast for animals,different ecosystems
  • 8. Natural Hazards• Natural Hazards are desastrous results made by nature.• For examples we have: storms,hurricanes,floods,drought,volcanic eruptions & earthquakes
  • 9. HumanGeography
  • 10. • Human Geography is the study of where and how people live. Human Geography includes the following topics/areas of studies:
  • 11. PopulationEconomic Migration Activity Human Geography Communications Settlement
  • 12. Population• Distribution and Density of people over the Earth’s surface.• Population growth-birth and death rates and the resulting problems (Africa).
  • 13. Migration• People moving from country to country.
  • 14. Settlement• Where people live-rular and urban• The growth of settlement into large urban areas & the factors which enchance this growth• Land use in cities which change over time (C.B.D).
  • 15. Communications• Different modes of transport use by people to move about and for the movement of goods (trade).• Communication is the activity of conveying information.• Examples-telephone,TV programs,internet,mobiles etc.
  • 16. Economic Activity• Economic activity(types of jobs)• It includes the growth and shrinkage of the economy and all factors that affect this• Primary,Secondary and Tertiary Industry• The developed countries- the rich and the developing countries-the poor
  • 17. Made by:Daniel Joseph Sammut 3.01