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     geog presentation geog presentation Presentation Transcript

    • •Pasir Ris Park is a beach park located in the eastern part ofSingapore. The phrase ‘pasir ris’ means ‘white sand’ in Malay.• The name is essentially a description of the sandy beaches foundin the area in the past.•This was a kampong (village) area in the old days, with a mixture ofChinese and Malay kampongs. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Pasir RisHotel was a popular place for meetings and gatherings.•It stands at 71 hectares of land, including 6 hectares of preservedmangrove forests and some reclaimed land.• This coastal park is among one of the largest in Singapore. The fulllength of the park is around 6.6 kilometres.
    • Attractions of Pasir Ris Park∗ There is a 6-hectare mangrove forest within Pasir Ris Park. Boardwalks are built into the mangrove forests to enable visitors to explore the natural surroundings easily. Mud crabs[disambiguation needed], mudskippers and mangrove trees such as Rhizophora and Bruguiera are found in this park.∗ There is a 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower in the park, where birdwatchers will be able to see birds perching on tree branches.∗ Also in this park, there is a beach. There are also many other facilities like a cycling track, barbecue pits and dining. Some resorts located near the park have gates linking to the park
    • AttractionsOne of the most popular features of Pasir RisPark is the huge playground located on thewestern end. This playground is popular withboth children and teenagers. It has featuressuch as play stations, slides, and space-netsfor the kids, as well as rope climbing,cableways, and basketball courts for theolder ones.
    • Attractions∗ Pony rides can now be seen in Pasir Ris Park! The first available in Singapore. It includes rides with handlers, riding lessons and miniature pony rides for pre- schoolers. Recreational activities including skating lesson, renting of bicycle, skate, kayaking and other water sports equipment are also available. There are also two eating outlets by the seaside in the park.
    • Natural Vegetation∗ There is a mangrove forest within Pasir Ris Park. Marvel at the botanical display of herbs and spices at Pasir Ris Park! It may seem like a simple garden on the surface, but the knowledge and insight that it can give visitors is tremendous. Well taken care of by Our VIPs, the Garden is a product of the efforts of our treasured volunteers.∗ There are also coconut trees growing close to the shore.
    • Role of vegetation in protection against floods∗ Trees and other wetland vegetation help slow the speed of flood waters.∗ Wetlands in many locations play an important role in flood protection.∗ Preserving wetlands, along with other flood control measures, can offer a degree of protection against flooding that is often more effective and costs less than a system of traditional dikes and levees. If more communities protect existing wetlands and increase the quantity of wetlands through restoration projects, we will be better protected against the consequences of floods.∗ Clearing vegetation that increase runoff can reduce flooding.
    • Roles of vegetation in protection against floods• Mangrove tree: have prop roots or kneed roots that anchor the trees firmly in the muddy soil.it also bind the loose soil, and protect it from erosion.• Coconut trees: protects against erosion. Prop roots Coconut trees
    • Coastal Protection Measures used in protection against floodsBreakwaters: it is made of granite, creates azone of shallow water between itself and thecoast so that waves will break against it beforereaching the coast.Effectiveness: unable to provide completeprotection as they still leave areas of the coastunprotected. The unprotected areas will beprone to erosion.
    • Coastal Protection MeasuresMangrove trees protect the coast againsterosion by strong waves and winds. Moreover,Planting mangroves can help to prevent erosion asmangrove trees could bind loose soil.Effectiveness: mangrove planting exercisesrequire the cooperation of the local people livingin the area.eg the local people need to be mindfulnot to let animals like goats enter and graze on themangrove plantations
    • Animals and insects mudskipperArcher Fish Crab-eating water snake
    • Current and future development plans of the areas∗ A new resort – style condominium (Ripple Bay) with greenery and sea views ,built near the breezing lifestyle of Pasir Ris beach and park.∗ Currently, there are minor waterworks construction going on in the park near Downtown East, which could possibly see a significant change in the layout of the park.