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  • Health care/clinical informaticsPrinciples and methods affecting direct patient care, and informational support for healthcare consumersBioinformatics and/or computational biologyPrinciples and methods to support basic research in genomics, proteomics, cheminformatics, systems biology, and simulation/modeling of biological systemsClinical research and translational informaticsPrinciples and methods for “bench to bedside” translational research, genome-phenome relationships, pharmacogenomics, drug discovery, clinical trialsPublic health informaticsPrinciples and methods to build public health infrastructure
  • When at home in the middle of the nightWhile walking on the streetWhile waiting for the elevatorFrom the comfort of your seatOn the bus or trainAsk a question anytime, anywhere … even while attending a panel at the Medicine-X conference
  • For the first time ever, doctors are systematically reviewing and judging the opinions of other experts. Doctors on HealthTap provide a new answer to a question, or “Agree” with an existing answer. Patients see which answers other doctors agree with (and which they don’t)
  • Empowered patients want to discover the latest advances from the research literatureMedical experts publish clinically relevant articles, but in language that is impenetrable to most patientsHealthTap enables both plain language summaries of medical publications, and discussions among patients and experts on the meaning and implications of published studies
  • Consumers on HealthTap find experts:By DocScore,By “Known for” topics,By the answers they give,By publications,By distanceConsumers can request answers from specific physiciansIncluding images in their questions,And their health history
  • HealthTap has built the world’s largest and most complete consumer health ontology. The ontology enables understanding of consumer language: Find the most relevant similar questionsSelect the most relevant specialists for each questionIdentify and organize the health topics of greatest interest to experts and consumers
  • Geoff what is_medical_informatics_oct2012

    1. 1. Reflections on Medicine, Computer Science,and Clinical InformaticsGeoff Rutledge, MD, PhDCofounder and CMIO
    2. 2. 16,000 Physicians. No waiting room.
    3. 3. Medicine, Computer Science, and ClinicalInformatics Intro and background What is Biomedical Informatics? Career paths in Biomedical Informatics Lessons from Academia and Industry HealthTap University Slide 3
    4. 4. My Path to Academic Informatics Undergrad and Med School - math physics computer science, then biology, biochemistry and medicine - A med school with a strong clinical tradition (McGill) Clinical medicine - Internal Medicine residency, practice of Emergency Medicine at community hospitals - Clinical faculty at UCSD and Stanford Informatics - Stanford program in Medical Information Sciences - Faculty at Harvard Medical School Slide 4
    5. 5. What is Biomedical Informatics?Components of NLM Informatics Training Programs: •Bioinformatics and/or computational biology •Translational informatics and clinical research •Structural informatics (imaging) •Clinical informatics •Public health informatics Slide 5
    6. 6. Biomedical Informatics Biomedical Informatics Methods, Techniques,Basic Research and Theories Imaging Clinical Public Health Bioinformatics Informatics Informatics InformaticsApplied Research Molecular and Cellular Tissues and Individuals Populations Processes Organs (Patients) And Society Slide 6 From E.H. Shortliffe
    7. 7. Biomedical Informatics Research Areas Biomedical Biomedical Knowledge Data Biomedical ResearchMachine learning Planning & Real-time acquisition Knowledge DataText interpretation Data Analysis Imaging Acquisition AcquisitionKnowledge engineering Speech/language/text Specialized input devices Knowledge Inferencing Data Base System Base Information Treatment Human Image Model Diagnosis Teaching Retrieval Planning Interface Generation Dev.
    8. 8. <domain name> InformaticsThe practice of informatics, most generally, requires the presence of two components: (1) A set of skills and methodologic tools derived from knowledge of the basic informational and computing sciences; and (2) Knowledge, experience, and activity in one or more application domains. The coexistence of, and interactions between, these key components gives meaning and significance to informatics as a field (Friedman, ACMI) Slide 8
    9. 9. Clinical Informatics My motivation: - Improve processes and outcomes of clinical care, using automation There are many paths and career options to accomplish this Slide 9
    10. 10. Career Paths in Biomedical Informatics Academic - Research, teaching, administration Health-system operational roles - EG CIO, CMIO, or director for information technology - Digital library management Corporate research and development - For profit and non profit organizations Business opportunities - From startups to mid size to mega corporations • Biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies • Medical/hospital information system companies • Online/mobile - Interactive Health Slide 10
    11. 11. What I Learned in Academia Creating a credible research agenda while in a full time clinical faculty role is “challenging” - A research career requires dedicated time for gestation • Spend that time with a very smart group of researchers - The right mentor can make all the difference Research opportunities/awards come easily to those who have all their ducks lined up - Right training - Right institution - Right mentors/advisors - Right preliminary/foundational research Your measure of success is publications - Having high impact is good - But productivity is measured by quantity - Closely linked to future success in funding Slide 11
    12. 12. What I wish I had figured out sooner How to pick your research topic - First, pick your ideal next job • Where is it? • Who will interview you for that job? • Who will be in the audience at your job talk? - Make sure your job talk will be compelling for the people in that audience • If the results of your research are not interesting to your next employer, then you picked the wrong employer (or the wrong research) Slide 12
    13. 13. My Path to Industry: Internet Startups - The potential of the Internet for health was obvious 20 years ago - Healtheon was an early entrant in Internet health - Wellsphere pursued a model of wellness, and consumer health information for the healthy HealthTap - Now 2 years old, has led the new era in Interactive Health - The power of mobile Slide 13
    14. 14. Moving From Academia to Industry A well capitalized small company is an incredible opportunity • An early phase company will change it’s business plan and objectives with some regularity • You can redefine yourself regularly (you have to adapt) • Seize opportunities as they arise Starting your own company is hard - Requires a team effort, and knowledge of the hurdles - It’s best to be either naïve or brilliant - Success often depends on timing What I wish I had learned sooner - Business is business, retain your perspective - Diversify • Your personal stake in the business is already huge, maintain perspective (diversify) Slide 14
    15. 15. Observations On Working in Industry Take time to figure out how the business works Trust and respect are earned - It is lethal to expect special treatment based on your credentials or prior accomplishments Be kind, respectful, and helpful to your colleagues Put the company’s needs first - Position everything you do as essential to the pursuit of company goals Don’t ignore corporate politics - Make yourself helpful/indispensible to others - Figure out who is threatened by you – make them your advocate (and be aware you could be blindsided) Be flexible: Consider opportunities that involve work outside your areas of expertise/experience - Especially if there is no one better equipped to figure it out than you, and even more so if it is important to the future of the business Slide 15
    16. 16. MissionMeasurably prolong the life expectancyof humankind and improve people’s qualityof life by enabling immediate access to thebest health experts and their knowledgeanytime, anywhere
    17. 17. Get in touch with your health
    18. 18. What Patients Do consumers go online health searches/month (Google) fastest growing mobile category
    19. 19. But it’s Not Helpful
    20. 20. What’s missing?
    21. 21. PhysiciansSpecialtiesStates
    22. 22. of doctor visits are questions and answers
    23. 23. The 1st Mobile Health Platform
    24. 24. Publications
    25. 25. HealthTap’s Consumer Health OntologyInterprets what people ask • Best answers • Relevant specialists • Related publications • Similar topics
    26. 26. Consumer Health VocabularyA few of the observed spellings of “hemorrhoid” hemorrhoid hemoriod hemorrhoids hemeroid hemmroids hemorroid hemeroids hemorhoids hemorroides hemmerhoids hemoride hemorroids hemmoroid hemoroid hemroIds hemmoroids hemoroids hemroids hemmorroids hemorrhoid hemrroId hemmroid hemorrhoidal hemorrhoidopexy
    27. 27. How It Works
    28. 28. HealthTap UniversityInteract with and help realpatientsDiscover what patients meanwhen they ask questionsLearn from highly experienced,expert clinicians
    29. 29. What HTU Students Say
    30. 30. HealthTap UniversityTo sign up to HealthTapUniversity, send an email
    31. 31. HealthTap
    32. 32. The Future Is Finally Herebut not evenly distributed Imagine a world in which most doctors are available and accessible online And every interaction that is more efficient when done electronically is available online
    33. 33. Have Fun!