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  • 1. Interaction design is at the junction of experience designdisciplines, especially social sciences and computerscience. Therefore, we collaborate with laboratories ofthese disciplines. We’re particularly interested in studyingusages transformation and people’s motivations as wellas exploring emerging usage forms and their socializationpotential, technology being a mean.As a research group in the domain of interaction design,we’re assuming a research by design positioning (W. Gaver).Our research is conducted by the design practice, throughan abductive reasoning, in 2 positions within Fallman’striangle (D. Fallman): ‘Design practice’, real project, incollaboration with the industry, and ‘Exploratory design’,fictional projects, critical projects.The focus of this research program is on ‘social media’as an interim object in an ‘empathic society’ (J.Rifkin),as a cathalyst of our relationships with people and places.In this context, the invention of new relationship forms isan essential stake, aiming at improving the connexion qualitieslinking people to information and environment, rather thanto improve efficiency or productivity. Our approach focuseson the potential of perception, expression and reflexiontowards the development of creativity, autonomy, empathy.The applied research activity is developed with the relevantdesign methods and grounded on a theoretical curriculum,through readings and seminars introducing concepts fromsociology of ‘imaginaire’, information/communication science,semiotics, cognitive psychology, and research methods.Écolenationalesupérieuredes ArtsDécoratifsÉcolenationalesupérieuredes ArtsDécoratifsÉcolenationalesupérieuredes ArtsDécoratifsÉcolenationalesupérieuredes ArtsDécoratifsÉcolenationalesupérieuredes ArtsDécoratifs
  • 2. Our research topics include· Alternative presence and interpersonalcommunication forms· New forms of sociability of constrained environment· Empathy in education· Engagement in usage of data through data visualization· Tangible interfaces for information and social relationshipKeywords:· Interaction design, service design.· Exploratory design, design probes, design critic,reflexive practice.· Digital anthropology, observations, behavior,contextualization, societal impact.· Mobility, digital identity, sociability, presence,communication.· Workshop, prototyping, proof of conceptand field study, publication.· Perception, expression, reflexion, creativity,autonomy, empathy.· Beautiful seams.Partners· Idex Paris sciences & letters (PSL)· Telecom ParisTech (social sciences/information& communication science)· Pierre-Gilles de Gennes foundation, Paris· CEAQ.Researchers, professors, and expertsDirection and coordination· Remy Bourganel (professor/researcher, Ensad)Workshops· Etienne Mineur (professor/researcher, Ensad)Associated experts· Annie Gentes (Telecom Paris, information andcommunication science/CMU/Stanford)· Jean-Baptiste Labrune (MIT/MediaLab, computer science)· Stephane Hugon (CEAQ, sociology of ‘imaginaire’)· Samuel Grange (semiology).http://sociablemedia.ensadlab.frremy.bourganel@ensad.fretienne.mineur@ensad.fr
  • 3. SOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2013SLOWSCREEN#Trace, thermoreactive, beautiful seamsHow could we design calm technologyto enhance social interactions in theintimacy of the home?Slowscreen is a black capacitive fabric screen,reactive to the skin temperature. Embedded inthe home—furnitures, wall parts—these sensitiveareasbecomeexpressionspacesbetweenhousemates.Temperature becomes a language for interaction, asa witness of eachother traces. The ephemeral imprintevokes Rorschach inkblots, open to interpretations.This calm technology aims to integrate the usualcomplexity of information in the texture of everydaylife.Slowscreen displays information thanks to heatingresistive strings, located underneath the fabric,covered with thermo-chromic ink. The matrixcontains 750 modules, in a 40x60 cm surface.The low resolution image is slowly actuated(around 1 minute to appear and disappear).Project scopeElectronics, interface development, code developmentProject leadersLouis Eveillard, Pauline GourletURLhttp://www.beautifulseams.com/ (work in progress)
  • 4. Add transportsFJKLMNNxv11ax1bx23568x8ax8bx99L10121414L14x16x18192122232427282930317Market&WharvesChurchIngleside/ThirdStreetTaravalOceanViewJudahCaliforniaClementJacksonFultonParnassusBayshoreExpressSanBrunoTownsendFolsom/PacificMissionNoriegaExpressParkMerced46thAvenuePolkHayesFillmoreMontereyDivisaderoBryant19thAvenueSunsetStocktCaliforniaAExpressCaliforniaBExpressBayshoreAExpressBayshoreBExpressSanBrunoLimitedMissionLimitedMissionExpressMNExpress8minutes lateon averageChinese parade+4000Fine art fair+800Baseball match+1000Pop concert+2500Add commutersSOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2013BREAKPOINTS#Data viz, Engagement, Playfulness, ImmersionHow do we engage people with data?Can we use games mechanism toenhance the user’s immersion andultimately his understanding of data?The global movement of Open Data raises the questionof the usefullness of these huge datasets to the masses.Getting people to perceive the value they can find inthese data is a complicated task and one that needsto be explored at the same time as companies andgovernments distribute more and more informationsto the world. Breakpoints uses public transportationdata from San Francisco, Geneva and Zurich and enablespeople to interact with it in order to understand howa city lives and how populations flow from one area toanother during the day.Project scopeData parsing, patterns spotting, interface development,code development, photo and video editingProject leadersLouis Eveillard, Jeremy BoyPrizesHonorary prize in the Urban Data Challenge,in San Francisco.URLVideo: http://vimeo.com/63063081http://urbanprototyping.org/prototype/challenges/urban-data-challenge-zurich-sf-geneva/
  • 5. MITOYEN,LIVING TOGETHERRE-INVENTED#Design fiction, Telepresence, Close ones, Face to faceHow could we bring backa close one’s presence in the home,as if we were “face to face”?What if our close ones lived behind the neighbour’s wall?What if we could knock this wall down? Here at Dreamteckwe made this dream come true by creating Mitoyen™.It rejoins houses of families torn apart by distance thanksto the wall-screen : FullVideo™. It reinvent our way ofliving together and our interiors thanks to the tables cutin two: Halves™.Project scopeIdea generation, Concept development, Photo and videoshooting, Video editingProject leaderMax MollonIn collaboration withOrangeURLhttp://cargocollective.com/alternative-communication/mitoyenhttp://vimeo.com/maxmollon/mitoyenhttp://lecollectif.orange.fr/concours-jeunes-designers/mitoyenSOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2012
  • 6. MIME,THE RELATIONSHIPENTERTAINER#Design fiction, Telepresence, Close ones, Over timeHow could we bring back a close one’spresence in the home, using a calmtechnology, integrated to our routines andeveryday object?Have you ever changed job, changed city or country?Had enough of losing touch with your friends, lover,family? Say hello to Mime!Mime is a character that you share exclusively withsomeone who is close to you. He lives in a light bulb.His mission? To serve as go-between to maintain yourrelationship “over time”, remind you of the presenceof the person who is dear to you.Project scopeTeam leading / idea generation / concept development /chara-design / After Effects animation / photo and videoshootingProject leaderMax MollonIn collaboration withOrangeURLhttp://cargocollective.com/alternative-communication/mimehttp://vimeo.com/maxmollon/mimehttp://lecollectif.orange.fr/concours-jeunes-designers/mimeSOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2012
  • 7. SOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2012ÉC[H]O#Tangible interfaces, Calm technology, Ambientinformation, Reactive thingsHow can we make invisible informationtangible in our homes? And how do wediffuse this information without addingmore complexity? How can home-dataengage people to modify their energyconsumption habits?EC[H]O Handles suffer degradation under the effectof energy consumption. Mutations in texture,temperature, resistance and softness give the handlesa “living”feel. These changes are indexed on cyclical thresholdsthat intend to encourage inhabitants to modify theirhabits and behavior, not only towards the home, butalso towards one another.Project scopeConcept development, code prototyping, After Effectsanimation, photo and video shootingProject leaderJeremy BoyIn collaboration withMartin Le TiecURLlecollectif.orange.fr/concours-jeunes-designers/echo-poignees/Video: https://vimeo.com/58771298Interactive simulation: http://jyby.eu/simulationOrange
  • 8. SOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2012ENTRE[VUES]#Presence, Shared spaces, Tactile communicationConnecting generations with technology.Entrevue is an intergenerational experience to reducethe social distance between individuals. Communicationis done through a screen behind a frame that is showingthe same content in two places at the same time.Project scopeConcept development, rapid prototyping, team leadingProject leaderAudrey SovignetIn collaboration withOrangeURLhttp://lecollectif.orange.fr/concours-jeunes-designers/entrevue
  • 9. SOCIAL TUNING#Mobile, Friendship, Shared-spacesHow to maintain social proximity despitegeographical distance?Social Tuning project—EnsadLab / BellLabscollaboration—proposes to take an offbeat postureregarding collaboration, social proximity and friendshipin mobile devices. The topics explored concernVisualizing loose ties among friends using the addressbook, Producing a remote feeling of presence usingnon-verbalized interaction and Helping asynchronouscollaboration in online shared spaces using the tracemetaphor.The prototypes created here aim to address differentproblematics to map various dimension of this mobileexperience.Project scopeIdea generation / concept development / prototyping / Appdevelopment / photo and video shootingProject leaderAudrey Sovignet, Max Mollon, Jeremy BoyIn collaboration withAlcatel-Lucent Bell Labs(Frédérique Pain, Jean-Baptiste Labrune)URLhttp://youtu.be/JQSwvD-C6Dwhttp://cargocollective.com/alternative-communication/presensehttp://sociablemedia.ensadlab.fr/?p=2213&lang=enSOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2011
  • 10. NEEN#Mobile, Notifications, Non-verbal,How to evoke politness and subtilities inmobile communication notifications?Neen for (non-verbal emotional experience ofnotification) is a project that investigates how to enablephatic communication, and etiquette with someone indigitally mediated conversation engagement. Aimingat introducing fluidity, moods and politness, it revisitsdigital presence, non-verbal communication as well asmessages or call notifications through design probes.Project scopeIdea generation / concept development / prototyping /app development / photo and video shootingProject leaderGeoffrey DorneURLhttp://sociablemedia.ensadlab.fr/?p=1341#more-1341http://geoffreydorne.com/neen.htmlSOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2010
  • 11. HIC&NUNC,HERE AND NOW#Mobile, Notifications, AbsenceHow an application can support theprojection of an imaginary? Provide senseto a visualisation of me and the otherswithin space and time?HIC&NUNC explores the conditions for enabling/triggeringemotions we experience when we receive a postcardfrom someone important for us and aims to infuse thesequalities in the communications devices of the digital age.When we experience separation with the people close toour heart, distance is a privation. The postcard, despiteits archaism stills one of the best subterfuge we can useto reduce the feeling of absence we encounter in such asituation. Indeed, postcards have an astonishing abilityto create an affective connexion between people throughdistance and time. What is postcard today ? A kind ofnostalgia ? The pleasure to receive ?Project scopeIdea generation / concept development / prototyping /app developmentProject leaderDavid SerraultURLhttp://sociablemedia.ensadlab.fr/?p=1307#more-1307SOCIABLE MEDIA – PROJECTS 2010