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Design grid price

Design grid price






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    Design grid price Design grid price Document Transcript

    • Design Pricing Grids Feel free to leave comments using Google Docs’ nifty commenting feature! What is this? The goal of these pricing grids is to provide a range of budgets for freelance design services. These ranges are not meant to be taken as final budgets, but more as starting point to help clients and designers get the discussion started. Where do these numbers come from? I’ve based these numbers off my own experience both as a freelancer and while running Folyo. My goal in sharing these pricing grids publicly is to get input from other designers and hopefully make them a little less subjective. How to read the grids The three columns correspond to three experience levels: junior (1-2 years of professional design experience), senior (2+ years), and expert (5+ years experience or strong reputation in the industry). The grids also accounts for options such as front-end coding and responsive design. How to help If you’d like to help, you could: ● Give your opinion on each budgets (too low? too high?). ● Share your own prices (“I charged $X for the last logo I designed“). ● Suggests new project categories. ● Suggest other budget options. ● Give general feedback.
    • A few more notes ● All budgets are meant for a typical U.S.-based startup or small business (so not a 100,000 people multinational, or a local plumber in Kazakhstan). ● In all cases, consider the projects as work for hire, i.e. you’re selling all rights to your work as part of the agreement. ● The budgets do not include copywriting, research, content strategy, and other kind of preparatory work; it’s assumed that this has either already been taken care of by the client (hah!), or is budgeted separately. ● Each budget category is accompanied by a sample project story to provide more context. ● Each category also includes a sample real-world example (which is not related to the sample project story).
    • Project Categories Logo Design Full Identity Design Illustration Icon Design UX Consulting Landing Page Design Website Design Web App Design Mobile App Design Logo Design Design a logo. Small company WidgetCo hires Alice to come up with a logo. Alice first sketches 8 different concepts, then provides 4 high-fidelity variants based on the company's favorite concept. She then does 3 rounds of revisions on the chosen variation, before delivering the final result as an Illustrator source file. ● 8 concept sketches. ● 4 variants ● Final logo: 3 revisions. ● Deliverables: vector source files (EPS/AI/PDF/etc.). ● 15-20 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17202925/CoreFx-Logo-Design-Process- Junior Senior Expert $400-800 $1200-2000 $2500-3500
    • Full Identity Design Design a full identity, including a logo and supporting materials. WidgetCo needs a full identity. After coming up with 16 sketched concepts, Bob provides 8 variants and polishes the best one through 5 rounds of revisions. He then adapts the brand to business cards, stationery, truck livery, and a simple web style guide. He delivers all materials as Illustrator source files. ● 16 concept sketches. ● 8 variants ● Final logo: 5 revisions. ● Supporting materials (business cards, stickers, t-shirts, etc.). ● Style guide. ● Deliverables: vector source files (EPS/AI/PDF/etc.). ● 30-40 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/2317342/ORIGAMI Junior Senior Expert $800-1500 $2000-3000 $5000-8000 Illustration Create an illustration. WidgetCo hires Clara to illustrate a cartoon character for their homepage. After coming up with 3 different concepts, Clara then polishes the best one through 3 rounds of revisions before delivering a Photoshop source file. ● 3 concept sketches ● Final version: 3 revisions ● Deliverables: static source files (PSD/Illustrator/Sketch/etc.) ● 10-15 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17600395/Ola
    • Junior Senior Expert $400-700 $1000-1500 $2500-4000 Icon Design Design an app icon. WidgetCo turns to Dennis for their new iPhone app’s icon. Dennis provides 3 sketches, then improves the best one though 3 rounds of revisions before delivering the result as a Photoshop source file. ● 3 concept sketches ● Final version: 3 revisions ● Deliverables: static source files (PSD/Illustrator/Sketch/etc.) ● 10-15 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17551223/Osmo-App-Icon-Design Junior Senior Expert $400-700 $1000-1500 $2500-4000 UX Consulting Improve an app’s usability, onboarding, architecture, etc. WidgetCo’s customers have trouble signing up. They hire Emily to go through the onboarding process and write up some recommendations, which she delivers as a PDF document and through a 1-hour Skype session. ● 10-15 hours of consulting ● Deliverables: text documents, remote & in-person consulting. Junior Senior Expert
    • $300-600 $800-1500 $2000-3500 Landing Page Design Design a single landing page (sales page, coming soon page, etc.). WidgetCo are working on a new Widget. They hire Francis to design a responsive coming soon page. After agreeing on a preliminary wireframe, Francis designs a high-fidelity mockup in Photoshop. He then goes through 3 round of revisions before coding the design and delivering it as a set of HTML & CSS files. ● Preliminary wireframe. ● Landing page mockup: 3 revisions. ● Deliverables: static source files (PSD/Illustrator/Sketch/etc.). ● 10-15 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/16008455/Lobster-Burger-web-site Junior Senior Expert $400-600 $1000-2000 $2000-3500 + $300 + $500 + $700 + coding + $200 + $500 + $700 + responsive Website Design Design a complete website (homepage, content pages, etc.). WidgetCo want to update their web presence. They hire Gertrude, and she creates 3 wireframes for the homepage, features page, and blog. She then designs a high-fidelity mockup of the homepage wireframe straight in the browser, which goes through three rounds of revisions. Once the homepage is done, she then finishes mocking up the two other templates, before delivering the result as a set of HTML & CSS files. ● 3 wireframes.
    • ● Main template mockup: 3 revisions. ● 1 content template (blog, FAQ, etc.). ● 1 extra template (features, services, etc.). ● Deliverables: a set of HTML & CSS files. ● 30-50 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17509121/-Knives-Tools Junior Senior Expert $1000-1500 $2500-4000 $8000-12000 + $1000 + $2000 + $4000 + coding + $500 + $1000 + $2000 + responsive Web App Design Design a web app’s user interface. WidgetCo are redesigning their web app. They call on Hector to take a look at the current app, then provide 4 wireframes for the app’s main screens. Hector then mocks up a high-fidelity version of the main dashboard which goes through 3 rounds of revisions, before adapting the design to 3 more templates. He delivers the Photoshop source file, as well as a set of exported PNG images. ● 4 wireframes ● 1 main screen: 3 revisions ● 3 extra screens ● Deliverables: static source files (PSD/Illustrator/Sketch/etc.) ● 30-50 hours of work Real-world example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/14840237/Medoo Junior Senior Expert $1000-1500 $2500-4000 $8000-12000 + $1500 + $3500 + $6000 + coding + $500 + $1200 + $2500 + responsive
    • Mobile App Design Design a mobile app’s user interface. WidgetCo hires Irene to design their upcoming iPhone app. Irene first submits 4 wireframes, then polishes the main screen through 3 revisions and produces a high-fidelity mockup. Once done, she then adapts the design to 3 more screens before providing the result as a Sketch source file. ● 4 wireframes ● 1 main screen: 3 revisions ● 3 extra screens ● Deliverables: static source files (PSD/Illustrator/Sketch/etc.) ● 30-50 hours of work Junior Senior Expert $1000-1500 $2500-4000 $8000-12000