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Q&A Conference - 3 A's of Online Success
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Q&A Conference - 3 A's of Online Success


Published on

Presentation on the "3 A's of Online Success".

Presentation on the "3 A's of Online Success".

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Attribution, Attention & AcquisitionThe 3 A’s of Online Success
    Geoff McQueenManaging DirectorInternetrix
  • 2. What is Internetrix?
    Full service digital marketing agency
    10 years web marketing experience nationally and internationally
    2007 Illawarra Business of the Year
    Private Sector – SMEs to ASX listed
    3 levels of Government- Federal, State & Local Govt
  • 3. What we’ll cover today
    State of the Internet: for Marketers, not Geeks
    A case study: P&O Cruises
    How to harness the 3 A’s for Online Success:
    Attribution – where’s your traffic coming from?
    Attention – what are visitors doing on your site?
    Acquisition – how to turn visitors into customers?
    Conclusion & Questions
  • 4. Some context...
  • 5. State of the Internet – Adoption
    Today, 80% of households are online
    Almost 90% of those are on broadband
  • 6. State of the Internet – Engagement
    Aussie Internet users spend 17.6 hrs/wk online
    This is almost 30% more time than TV! (13.4)
  • 7. State of the Internet – Social & Personal
    More time on social networks (almost 7 hours/month for Australians)
  • 8. State of the Internet – Mobile
    Mobile internet is finally here – are you ready?
  • 9. State of the Internet - Summary
    For almost everyone in this room, it is where your clients and customers are. Now. Today.
    Success with digital marketing is more than building a website – you need to continuously improve it and make it work for your business.
    Technology doesn’t give you competitive advantage – it is what you do with it that counts!!!
  • 10. Online Success – Carnival Case Study
  • 11. Objective: find 150,000 new cruisers
    Going from 2 to 4 ships
    More destinations
    More services
    More capacity
    Need to dramatically increase demand – need to attract people new to cruising
  • 12. Challenge: selling cruises online
    A challenging product to sell:
    Long sales cycle & planning
    Emotional buying process
    Often needs coordination
    Online plays a very special & well suited important role:
  • 13. Solution: New, Interactive Website
    Visually stunning & interactive to sell the cruising experience
    Lots of video & tours
    But is it working?
    Carnival are using the 3 A’s to measure & drive success
  • 14. Three A’s of Online Success
    Continuous improvement of the website by making decisions based on data, not guesses.
    “Actionable Insights”
  • 15. 1. Attribution
    Where’s your traffic coming from?
  • 16. Attribution – traffic sources
    How are visitors coming to your site?
    Search Engines
    Referring Websites
    Direct Traffic
  • 17. Attribution - geography
    Where are your best visitors coming from?
  • 18. Attribution - keywords
    What are your best visitors searching for?
    When you find the best keywords, you can optimise for them
    You can also buy keywords that deliver you value
  • 19. Attribution – campaigns
    Adwords Integration
    Manual Campaign Tracking
    Track performance of email, online and other campaigns to accurately measure ROI
  • 20. Attribution – other websites
    Your website is not an island, and even less so with the social web
  • 21. 2. Attention
    What are visitors doing on your website?
  • 22. Attention – top content & funnels
  • 23. Attention – visitor engagement
    New vs repeat
    Time on site
  • 24. Attention – entry & exit pages
    What are the main landing pages
    Key first impressions & clickpathsto success
    What are the main exit pages
    What is killing your visitor retention?
  • 25. Attention – video & rich media
    See where if people tune out watching videos
    Don’t TV advertisers wish they could know that!
  • 26. 3. Acquisition
    Turning visitors into customers
  • 27. Acquisition – goals and conversions
    Measuring the success of the website and knowing from where and how it came about
    P&O have several points of conversion
    Completing booking process
    Printing cruise details
    Increasing success based on data, not just ‘hunches’
  • 28. Acquisition – offline
    Online -> Offline Acquisition
    Cruisers still use travel agents
    Print their itinerary to make booking easier
    Count “Print this page” as a successful conversion
  • 29. Acquisition – other conversions
    Use of “agents” to answer questions live and online
    ‘Conversions’ based on time on site or loyalty
    Downloading white papers, viewing contact page, etc.
  • 30. Conclusions
    The market is now overwhelmingly online
    If customers aren’t looking for you, they’re finding your competitors (or will be)
    “Having a website” isn’t enough!
    You need a site that works & delivers ROI
    You need continuous improvement across all three A’s to succeed online.
  • 31. Further Information & Questions
    Contact info:
    Phone: 02 4228 6464
    Twitter: @internetrix
    Booth near the chocolate fountain on this level
    Questions welcome