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A presentation by Geoff McQueen for Sydney's first Google Analytics Masterclass event.

A presentation by Geoff McQueen for Sydney's first Google Analytics Masterclass event.

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  • Wake-up feature
  • With the increase of P&O cruise fleet from 2 ships to 4, Carnival required any assistance available to fill bums on seats of the 2 new ships.Creative and Interactive assistance from Australia’s leading marketing firm – Amnesia RazorfishAmnesia teamed up with Google Analytics provider Internetrix to provide complete tracking, as well as implementing advanced features for continual improvement of the website, and optimisation of traffic sources to the new website
  • Video present on this page. Shows flash animation and P&O promo video.


  • 1. 1
    Carnival Australia – P&O Cruises
    Attribution, Attention & Acquisition with Google Analytics
    Geoff McQueen
  • 2. P&O Cruises Australia
  • 3. Introduction
    Carnival Corporation & PLC
    • Global cruise company and one of the largest vacation companies in the world.
  • 4. Introduction
    • In the last 2 years, Carnival has increased their P&O Cruise Liner fleet from two ships to four:
    More destinations
    More services
    More capacity
  • 5. Introduction
    • Business needs to build demand to fill this capacity
    • 6. Attracting new customers to cruising is critical!
    • Pacific Dawn – 2020 passengers
    • 7. Pacific Sun – 1960 passengers
    • 8. Pacific Jewel – 1950 passengers
    • 9. Pacific Pearl – 1800 passengers
  • Introduction
    • Carnival battles with a long sales cycle
    • 10. And an emotional buying process
    • 11. The web plays a very important role in facilitating:
  • 12. Introduction
    • Carnival teamed with
    Amnesia Razorfish - AdNews Digital Agency of the year 3 years running
    • Amnesia Razorfish developed a visually stunning and information rich website
  • Introduction
    • Towards the end of the Amnesia Razorfish website implementation, a formal web analytics evaluation process was undertaken
    • 13. Internetrix was selected to implement Google Analytics through the new website
  • 14. Approach
    • Internetrix GA Consultants and Developers worked closely with Amnesia Developers
    • 15. Methodology followed Internetrix “Three A’s” theory
    • 16. Internetrix encourages continuous improvement of the website through making decisions based on data.
    “Actionable Insights”
  • 17. Attribution
    Traffic Sources
    • Identifying where your visitors are coming from
    Search Engines
    Referring Websites
    Direct Traffic
  • 18. Attribution
    Geographical Areas of Interest
    Identifying where your most effective visitors come from
  • 19. Attribution
    Google Analytics provides information on the keywords used by visitors coming from search engines
    “We were able to use Keyword reports within Google Analytics to discover the ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords that could be used for our SEO and SEM efforts”
    -Brenton Jones, Carnival Australia
    Effective keywords for SEO efforts that provided increased referral of ‘conversion ready’ visitors from search engines
  • 20. Attribution
    Campaign Tagging
    • Google Analytics allowed for advanced tracking of campaign performance
    Adwords Integration
    Manual Campaign Tracking
  • 21. Attention
    Entry & Exit Pages
    • What are the main landing pages – first impressions and clickpaths to success
    • 22. What are the main exit pages – visitor retention
  • 23. Attention
    Rich Media Interaction
    • Using Events to track play, pause and at what point people ‘leave’
    • 24. Extensive use of virtual page views to correlate visitors who watch videos all the way through with visitors who convert.
  • Attention
    Click-paths & Funnels
    • Improve conversions by knowing what your visitors best react to
  • 25. Attention
    Measuring 404 error pages
    Assisted in transition from old website to new
    Insight into what users are looking for but cannot find
  • 26. Acquisition
    • Measuring the success of the website and knowing from where and how it came about
    • 27. P&O have several points of conversion
    Completing booking process
    Printing cruise details
    • Increasing success based on data, not just ‘hunches’
  • 28. Acquisition
    Transactional Acquisition – ‘Show me the money’
    Ecommerce code tracking code to apply $ values to acquisition & attention
    Powerful & Fast Return on Investment (ROI) information
    Continued marketing expenditure is backed by Google Analytics data
    e-commerce tracking code
  • 29. Acquisition
    Online -> Offline Acquisition
    Not all users are willing to book and pay for a cruise online and often print prices/details for their offline travel agent
    To track these online->offline conversions, Internetrix setup tracking code to track the “Print this page” action and setup goal funnels.
  • 30. Outcomes
    • Carnival now has detailed, actionable information about:
    Attribution – where are visitors coming from, what campaigns are working?
    Attention – what are visitors looking at, and what patterns drive repeat visits & conversions
    Acquisition – what does the funnel look like and what sources are paying the best
    • This is a dramatic improvement over counting visits or pageviews.
    • 31. Actionable insights are driving continuous improvement initiatives
  • 32. Conclusions
    • Google Analytics as a tool is now on-par with the best in the market, with events, rich media, advanced segmentations and flexible goals – all enterprise grade features.
    • 33. With the savings on the ‘tool’, Carnival was able to invest their budget on skills & people, and has seen instant ROI.
    • 34. The process of assessment and improvement is continuous, focused around the actionable insights from the Three-A’s.
    • 35. There’s a lot more to come in the future – up and to the right!
  • 36. Thank You!
    For a copy of these slides, please visit