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    Hashcaster business overview Hashcaster business overview Presentation Transcript

    • Business Overview Real-time Event Media Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Our Mission “To transform events intoconversations by helping our clients manage, engage, connect, and measure their event on Twitter.” Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • The Hashcaster SolutionHashcaster brings your two audiences together! #hashtag Community Live Event Audience Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • The Good & Bad about #Hashtags• #hashtags are a user driven experience.• A community tends to spontaneously form around a #hashtag.• For event organizers, managing a trending #hashtag is very challenging.• For the user, keeping up with a trending #hashtag is like drinking from a fire hose. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Hashcaster Solution• Provide a focal point for your #hashtag community online and at the event.• Capture valuable user generated content. – Tweets, stories, photos & videos• Expand the reach & engagement of your event through viral social media.• Quantifiably measure your event, your audience reach and advertiser engagement. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2011
    • Overview of theHASHCASTER PLATFORM Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2011
    • How Hashcaster Works Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Hashcaster does three things…1. Curate the Twitter stream. – Capture a stream of tweets: hashtags, keywords or lists. – Sort & catalog stories, photos & videos.2. Apply analytics. – Analyze the Twitter stream: proprietary algorithms – Figure out who and what is important. – Measure how people behave and interact at your event.3. Filter behavior. – Filter the Twitter stream for specific behaviors by members of your community. – Respond with specific actions to this behavior. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Moderation• All content captured by Hashcaster is filtered and cued for moderation.• Moderation tools provide the following capabilities: – Filter for profanity & SPAM – Block users – Favorite users Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Tweeted Notifications• The Hashcaster system automatically tweets out notification on the event hashtag using the organizer’s Twitter handle when: 1. #event hashcast update http://hashca.st/9z41m new contributions from: @xxxx @xxxx 2. #event top influencers on hashcaster http://hashca.st/9z41m @xxxx @xxxx• The frequency of each update will vary dependent upon the amount of traffic on the event hashtag.• Notifications have a strong social networking effect on the hashtag community. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Live Updates• The organizer can provide one or more users with a special hashtag they can use to elevate the priority of a specific tweets.• These tweets are then displayed in real-time in a designated section of the hashcast site, mobile app and wall display.• Organizers can communicate important messages to their audience without being lost in a busy hashtag. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Real-time Advertising• Advertisers can be provided with a special hashtag to designate which of their tweets are sponsored or promoted tweets.• These promoted tweets are then displayed in a high profile area of the hashcast site, mobile app and wall display.• Advertisers can use these tweets to drive traffic to their booth and to online resources. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Measurement• Hashcaster is the first platform that allows an event organizer to quantifiably measure their event.• Hashcaster generates two streams of data for analysis: 1. Twitter data 2. Hashcaster data Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Community Building• Each Hashcaster site is archived on the web after the event; this provides the organizer with an ongoing community retention and event promotion tool.• The Hashcaster site is SEO optimized to rank well in Google and other search engines.• Members of the #hashtag community can continue to engage content on the site, driving new follows, RTs & replys.• Event organizers can drive traffic from their Hashcaster site to a registration page for their next event. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Case Study: HRPAHASHCASTER LIVE! Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • hrpa.hashcaster.com Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Hashcaster Twitter WallHashcaster Twitter Wall @ HRPA2012 Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Twitter Metrics Approximately 3,000 users attended the 2012 showTwitter Stats 2012 2011 Change % ChangeTotal twitter mentions in the period 2,187 999 1,188 119%Average mentions per day 312 142 170 120%Total unique authors 443 184 259 120% 900 400% 378% 800 350% 700 300% 600 267% 250% 250% 500 200% 400 150% 300 134% 200 100% 98% 91% 100% 100 50% 0 0% 2012-01-30 2012-01-31 2012-02-01 2012-02-02 2012-02-03 2012-02-04 2012-02-05 Tweets HRPA2012 Tweets HRPA2011 % Change Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Hashcaster Metrics Average time on site 40 minutes per visitor! 120 95 100 92 100 513 Total Visits 80 60 50 20% post event surge 31 35 40 27 20 20 16 20 6 8 5 8 0 0 01-29-12 01-30-12 01-31-12 02-01-12 02-02-12 02-03-12 02-04-12 02-05-12 02-06-12 02-07-12 02-08-12 02-09-12 02-10-12 02-11-12 02-12-12Mobile Visits Referral by SourceApple iPhone 69 2% 1% 1%Apple iPad 53 7% t.coAndroid 24RIM BlackBerry 9700 Bold 5 158 Mobile Visits linkedin.com 9%Acer A501 Picasso 2 hootsuite.comSonyEricsson LT15i Xperia Arc 2 m.paper.liApple iPod Touch 1 74% facebook.comGoogle Nexus S Samsung Nexus S 1 hrpa.caSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S 1 Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2011 2012
    • HashcasterPRICING MODEL Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Services Provided• Each hashcast includes the following services: – Event branded hashcaster site. – Community monitoring by #hashtag & list. – Event moderation services. – Story curation and categorization. – Real-time tweets, photos & videos. – Live updates. – Real-time advertising. – Twitter and Hashcaster analytics. – 1 year of hosting of your Hashcaster site Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012
    • Pricing Model• Three components to the pricing model: 1. Service fee based on the duration the Hashcaster platform is actively curating your hash tag. 2. Access fee for implementation of real-time advertising. 3. Ad management fee based on a percentage of the ad revenue sold by the event organizer on the site. Copyright Geoff Clendenning, 2012