Local business-seo-d-websites-for-£25-per-month
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Local business-seo-d-websites-for-£25-per-month



Local business-seo-d-websites-for-£25-per-month

Local business-seo-d-websites-for-£25-per-month



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    Local business-seo-d-websites-for-£25-per-month Local business-seo-d-websites-for-£25-per-month Document Transcript

    • If we found that 100s of people are searching for YOUR business every day, would you like us to give them your number?With 100s of millions of searches made on theinternet each day, there could be 1000s more peoplelooking for you and your business than you realise!Just think, if youd contacted us yesterday and told us you run a Cheese Shop in Stoke-on-Trent, we could now be telling you that we found that on average, 2481 per month arelooking for cheese hampers, and now we are ready put your number, email, fax, facebook,twitter, website, mobile, or address in front of them :-)
    • How do we do that then?We work backwards. well its backwards to the norm, but we like that, in fact we like thata lot, and best of all....... it works very well for our clients :-)Firstly we do our research and find what people are actually looking for thats associatedwith your business/product or service.Then we seek out and look at your competitors too and see what theyre doing.From the results of this research we can identify 2 key elements we need to know about your business: 1. How many people are actually looking for your business/product or service or anything associated with it. 2. Whats your market competition.With this information we can then identify the best solution and best way forward to builda website thats specifically designed and structured to get your contact details in front ofthose people who want it.Then we can get it listed and enable it to be found on google and the other searchengines by the people who are looking for you.So whats the cost?The total cost is just £25 per month. All in, no hidden extras, no extra admin, nomaintenance, office costs or anything else for you to do, or worry about.... just £25 percalendar month.When do I pay?Once you are happy with our research based proposal, and give us the go ahead, wellemail you an invoice for £25. Once this is paid for either by paypal, debit card, credit card,or direct bank transfer well get to work and have the site LIVE in 48 hours.Then you just need to just set up a standing order with your bank for £25 per month to bepaid on the same date as the first payment was made.And thats it, Done. All up and running and putting your contact details in front of thepeople who are actually looking for your business, month after month – if you want to.It will be there for as long as you like, paying just 1 month at a time. And if you ever wantto cancel, just give us 1 months notice, and cancel your standing order.
    • So Why should I rent? 1. Cost. Many small businesses run week to week or month to month and can budget in monthly costs. Renting fits in with this pattern. Meaning that you dont need to find £100s to get this up and running. 2. Flexibility. Your not going to be tied in to a 12, 18 or 24 month contract. If you find its not working out, for what ever reason you can cancel at just 1 months notice.You do your thing, and let us do ours.Your good at whatever your business is..... making cheese, gardening, building, catering,making soap or plastering..... so it makes sense to spend your time doing it.We look at it this way... you do what you do best, run your business, and enjoy your timedoing just that, and well do what we do best, running our business, and enjoy doing justthat.If you need to get a room plastered, youll call in a plasterer. If you need to get a new cartyre, then youll go to the garage with the tyres and the equipment to do the job efficientlyin just a few minutes instead of trying to change it your self.So when it comes to websites and getting YOUR contact details in front of the people thatare looking for you, thats what we do, and we do it well.Yes, We Do Do It Well.We do it well because its ALL Because its Based on our research.First well register a brand new domain name ( usualy a .co.uk or .com ) and build aprofessional looking website on it. This will be found by people looking for what you have,week after week, month after month, and for just £25 per month, well put your contactdetails on there for as long as you like.But I have a website already (and dont want toupset the person who Im with now...)Even if you have a website already, there is nothing wrong with renting another one, twothree or more, and no, you dont need to cancel you other one.Its all about getting your details out there, but this is different, this is LASER TARGETEDto the people that ARE looking for what you have.
    • If your website is being found on google already that’s great, but wouldn’t it be good todouble your presence on the internet? If your customers are looking for your product orservice right now and they go to google to find it, they will be presented 10 search resultson the front page. If your business is on there then thats great, but if your on there twicethats even better!.But if your not on there at all, your missing out on all those potential customers lookingfor you, 24/7.How much is a customer worth?One thing I want you to think about is the “Life Time Value” of a customer.Let me give you this little example:Julie searches for a photographer in Manchester to book a portrait for her baby son.She finds one through a website that is costing the photographer £25 per month ;-)Julie books the portrait and spends £50 on the session, giving a profit of £40 to thephotographer. Now, if you take out the cost of the whole months rental for the site fromjust this one booking then the profit would be £15.However, Julie is so pleased with the photographs that she books again for a Christmassession and spends another £50 :-) . Julie is again so pleased with the photos she booksthe photographer for her Wedding the following year at a cost of £997.00. Then 1 yearlater Julie and hubby Andrew have another baby and they call in for a family portraitsession.... and on , and on , and on.So when your looking at the cost of getting customers, however you pay do it, always lookat the potential “Life Time Value” of a customer.In this case, the cost was £25 for the month (thats less than £1 for the day that Juliefound the photographer!) and just that one response generated £100s in replete business.Look at the BIGGER PictureWhat ever your business is, you should always look at the bigger picture of the cost ofgetting a new customer. Do a quick calculation to see what the potential “Life Time Value”could be for your business against the cost of getting just one customer. This could helpyou decide if the cost of getting that customer in the first place is going to be worth it.This is something that should be looked at in just about every business model, both onand off line, from Accountants to Zoos, if you can do a good job for a new customer thereis a good chance they will be back for more, and more and more....
    • But.... This Is NOT Going To Be For Everyone.With some businesses, Just one sale form a new customer can bring in £100s or £1000s,with others its £1s or £10s. You know your business, and you know what youll makefrom a getting a new customer, and more importantly if its going to be worthUsing that little example, just do a quick calculation and work out what could be thepotential “Life Time Value” of getting a new customer.If you make cakes for example, how many times could you be asked to make cakes forjust 1 customer in say the next few years if you do a great job first time... Birthdays,Anniversarys.... and, look at the customers you have already. Are they repeat customers?How long have they been using you for???So how does this all work? • Step 1. Email us with your business info and location, a brief description of what you do. Also tell us if you have a website already (and give us a link to it) so we can identify what your doing already online e.g. if your getting lots of customers already for your "hand made cheddar cheese with peppercorns" then we wont need to help you with that, and well see if there is an area of your business that we can capture more visitors for, like your special "Creamy Lancashire & Wasabi" or your "Stilton and sundried tomato pasta sauce" you get the idea...... • Step 2. Well get to work on the research....and well let you know if we can identify an area we can help with and give you the details of our proposal. • Step 3. If your happy with our proposal and want to go ahead, well email you an invoice for £25. once payment is cleared well get to work and sett it all up. Your site will then be “Live” within 48 hours. :-) • Step 4. Set up a standing order from your bank for £25 each month on the same date each month. • Step 5. We look after the website, Host it, maintain it, and ensure the site is working 24/7 pulling in visitors and giving them your contact details, month after month, after month for as long as you like.... if you do decide you no longer wish to have your details on there, just give us one months notice.Whats The Worst That could Happen?If you still not sure that this is for you or not then lets just look at the worst thing thatcould happen, I mean the really worst thing... what could you stand to loose?If you email us your details that will take a few minutes, if you go ahead with our proposal
    • and we set it all up it will cost you £25 to have your details up for that first month. If youthen decide after the first month that its really not for you, just give us 1 months noticeand thats it. Your done. So Are You In? Then Lets Do It... Lets get to work. email us now info@got2get.co.uk Or Call us on St Helens 01744 739910 or 07920091100 www.got2get.co.uk Internet marketing solutions for small businesses Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net