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About Geodosu
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About Geodosu



Geodosu is a Kyoto geocoder. ...

Geodosu is a Kyoto geocoder.

Kyoto has two address systems.
It is a “direction” rather than “address”.
There is no specific rules.
Then,It can't be searched!




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    About Geodosu About Geodosu Presentation Transcript

    • GeoDosu Kyoto Geocoder Provided by Locazing Inc. and ANNAI LLC
    • Kyoto has two address systems
      • Postal Addresses
      • Defined after World War II
      • Not used in daily bases in Kyoto
      Street based address Originally defined in 794 Used in daily bases in Kyoto
    • Can’t be Searched
    • GeoDosu Kyoto Street based Address Latitude, Longitude
    • Basics of Street Based Address
      • Shijodori Higahsiyama Nishi-iru
      • Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
      •   Shijo-dori Higashioji Nishi-iru
      Agaru means go to North Sagaru means go to South Higashi-iru means go to East Nishi-iru means go to West
    • Shijo-dori Higashioji Nishi-iru Higashioji-dori (Higsshioji St.) Shijo-dori (Shijo St.)
    • “ dori” (means “street”) suffix may be omitted
      • Shijo dori Higashioji Nishi-iru
      • Shijo Higashioji Nishi-iru
    • Order of street name can be changed Shijo dori Higashioji Nishi-iru Higashioji dori Shijo Nishi-iru
    • Street may have Alias Shijodori Higashioji Nishi-iru Shijodori Higashiyama Nishi-iru Higashiyama dori is an alias of Higashioji dori
    • Direction part can be combined Higashi iru agaru Kawaramachi Shijo(dori) Kawaramachi dori Shijo dori
    • ポイント
      • It is a “direction” rather than “address”.
      • There is no specific rules.
      GeoDosu is continuing to cover currently used street based address
    • Advantages of GeoDosu
      • 1. Focus only Kyoto’s addresses
      • Optimize algorithm to detect Kyoto addresses
      • 2. On daily bases, Collect currently used data from
      • ・ Web, Magazine, Guide
      • ・ Field Survey, Inquiry
      Advantages of GeoDosu
      • 3. Supervisors who was born and grow in Kyoto      
      • Appropriate judge and advice in ambiguous cases
      Advantages of GeoDosu
      • Kyoto is the largest city for tourism in Japan where 50 million people visit a year
      • GeoDosu will make GIS/LBS enable for Kyoto region
    • GeoDosu Web API
      • GeoDosu provides free Web API for non-commercial use
    • GeoDosu Paid Services
      • Web API Services(>50000 query/day)
      • Integrate GeoDosu system with any system
      • List of Data
    • GeoDosu Geo - Geocoding (convert address to coordinates) Dosu - auxiliary verb of assertion in Kyoto dialect